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Maspero Triangle City Edge location

The Maspero City Edge triangle is located in the heart of Greater Cairo, in the Tahrir area. Maspero Business Tower features a view of the 6th of October Bridge and Abdel Moneim Riyad Square.

It is also steps away from Ramses Train Station, It is minutes away from the Italian Consulate and the Foreign Ministry building. Among the site’s advantages is its proximity to 26th of July Street, the Egyptian Museum, and the Ramses Hilton Hotel.

Your place in the Maspero Triangle is offered to you by the leading national companies in Egypt. Own your shop or administrative headquarters and enjoy a vital and exceptional place in the center of the country, City Edge offers you a successful investment opportunity and a guaranteed return through Maspero Business Tower Maspero Business Tower.

The area and design of the Maspero Triangle, City Edge

The Maspero Triangle project was designed on an area of 77 acres of land, It was designed to include 14 connected towers, and the link between them is the Maspero Business Tower businesstower.

Reservations have now been opened in that offering and receipt will be within one year only. The Maspero Business Tower project, or the so-called Nile City Edge Towers, includes 15 upper floors.

The tower deals with administrative units only. Where there are 8 administrative offices on each floor. As for the ground floor, it includes two units for the commercial sector.

City Edge also indicated that each commercial unit has its own entrance. As for the level of finishes included in the Maspero City Edge triangle project, here the company indicated that only the external facades have been finished and glass doors have been installed for offices with electricity and water connections. All units are delivered on red bricks.

As for the engineering designs witnessed by the Nile City Edge Towers project, it is carried out by the United Consultants Company by Dr. Sahar Attia. It was also used with Arab Consultants, which is owned by Eng. Muharram Bakhoum.

Services in Maspero Triangle Business Tower

Among the officials who are supervising the Nile City Edge Towers project is Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, And he explained in a press conference he held a few days ago that this edifice was designed to serve as a civilized shift in Greater Cairo.

It includes a huge group of towers with integrated services and important and recreational facilities. City Edge was keen to provide these services in an elegant and distinctive manner, in order to befit the tourist site it is located in and the facade it enjoys directly on the Nile River. Among the services at Maspero Business Tower City Edge are:

  • 3 elevators.
  • Entrance to each store.
  • Air purification and central air conditioning.
  • places for storage.
  • My service roof.
  • Large parking garage.
  • security cameras.
  • Guard and security.
  • Fire fighting system.

Enjoy all these services and more and live in luxury and sophistication in a privileged location near the most important squares and main streets in Cairo, Maspero City Edge is a global offering designed to become a landmark in the history of managerial investment in Egypt. Take advantage of this opportunity and do not hesitate to reserve your private place with City Edge in the Maspero City Edge triangle businesstower.

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