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Information about Pyramids City New Capital 

If you are looking for an investment that brings you a return of up to 25% of the total amount paid and an exclusive 5-year lease, Pyramids City New Capital is your ideal choice. In Pyramids City New Capital, you can get a unique unit with an unparalleled view and location in the New Capital, and guarantee its rent with a rental value ranging from 15% to 25%.  

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Below, we provide you with the most important details and information about Pyramids City new capital, as well as the benefits, services, and prices that the company provides to its customers.

Pyramids City New Capital is one of the largest projects in the New Capital City, which was implemented by Pyramids Real Estate Development Company to rank among the top projects implemented in this new city, as the developer insisted that it employ all its expertise in this new project, resulting in an architectural masterpiece and a huge project in the heart of the New City.

Below, we provide you with the most important details and information about Pyramids City, as well as the advantages, services, and prices offered by the developer company to its customers during it.

Pyramids City Location

Pyramids Development Company has chosen the location of Pyramids City project very carefully, to integrate with all the advantages that this new project occupies in which the company invests all its expertise, as Pyramids City Mall is located in the most densely populated area in the New Capital, specifically between the plots R4 and R5 directly in front of Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.

Pyramids City New Capital project is also distinguished by its presence at the new capital southern entrance, as it represents a link between the Golden Square area in New Cairo and the New Capital.

The location of Pyramids City project, known as Pyramids Mega Mall, has many advantages, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • The project is located on the most important main axes of the New Capital, which are the Bin Zayed northern and southern axes.
  • Pyramids City Mega Mall is also located directly on the Middle Ring Road.
  • Pyramids City enjoys a direct view of the Green River, specifically the tourist area of the Green River.
  • Pyramids City is located near the famous La vista New Capital compound.
  • Pyramids City is also located near the central monorail station.

Pyramids City space

Pyramids City New Capital project was built on a huge space in the new capital city, which is one of the largest projects ever developed by Pyramids Real Estate, as the total area of the project is 152.5 acres.

This large area includes 46 buildings vary between commercial, administrative and medical buildings.

The developer company has allocated only 23% of the project total area for all the buildings and various commercial and administrative units, while the remaining 77% of the project total area includes all services, recreational activities, and wide green spaces, in addition to the wonderful landscape, and artificial lakes.

Pyramids City New Capital Design

Pyramids Development has sought the help of major engineering consulting firms to design its largest project in the New Capital, Pyramids City Mega Mall, to ensure that this huge project is produced in the best way for all investors. 

This large project is scheduled to include 10 huge commercial malls, the details of which comes as follows:

  • The whole ground floor has been allocated in all malls within Pyramids City commercial units.
  • All malls in Pyramids City vary between a ground floor and two upper floors, or a ground floor and 6 typical floors.
  • Administrative buildings in this project, i consists of a ground floor and 9 typical floors.

The most prominent projects of Pyramids City

Below we will focus in more detail on one of the most important projects that have been implemented within this large and distinguished project, Pyramids City New Capital.

  • Infinity Pyramids City Plaza Mall

Infinity Pyramids City Plaza Mall is one of the most prominent projects in the first phase of Pyramids City project, and it is one of the prominent models implemented by the company during this huge project.

The specifications of this project come as follows:

  • Infinity Mall consists of a ground floor and 6 floors.
  • Infinity Mall covers an area of 109,000 square meters.
  • The mall has more than 8 different entrances.
  • The space of each floor in Infinity Mall varies, as the area of the ground floor is 16,000 square meters, the first floor is 18,000 square meters, the second and third floors are 15,000 square meters, the fourth floor is 14,000 square meters, and the fifth and sixth floors are 14,000 square meters.
  • Infinity Mall includes 18 elevators to reduce traffic on them and facilitate the moving inside.

The division of units and services within Infinity City Plaza comes as follows: 

  • The ground floor includes a group of wonderful cafes and restaurants that have the best external views.
  • The first floor contains a number of various shops.
  • The second and third floors include food court areas, and a recreational area dedicated to children (Kids Area).
  • The fourth floor has a technological entertainment area that includes various activities, such as metaverse magic.

Pyramids City Services and Features 

Pyramids City New Capital includes a variety of services, benefits, and facilities, which the developer company was keen to highlight during the project to provide all means of comfort and entertainment for all beneficiaries, and among the most prominent of these services and advantages are the following:

  • There are a wonderful and distinctive landscape that contains wide green spaces and bring calm and reassurance to the soul.
  • A variety of recreational activities are scattered throughout the mall, which are suitable for all age groups.
  • A variety of local and international restaurants and cafes, which serve delicious dishes and delicious drinks that suit all tastes.
  • Cinema halls showcasing the latest Arab and international films.
  • The project includes a large open theater to display all theatrical works, and an elegant wax museum.
  • The project also includes many distinguished commercial centers for shopping freely, by supporting it with a wider choice of international and local brands.
  • The mall also includes a delightful recreational snow area to enjoy and take souvenir photos.
  • pyramids City new capital includes a large theater that works using modern hologram technology.
  • The project buildings also include a group of administrative and financial towers.
  • The developer company supports the project with internal transportation.
  • The mall has a car racing area.
  • Pyramids City has a unique Museum of Illusions for entertainments.
  • Pyramids City also offers a parachute jumping (Sky Diving) activity.
  • A wonderful forest area that supports the distinctive landscape. 
  • City Plaza new capital offers a wonderful aquarium area to see various marine creatures.
  • The mall has the highest level of security and guarding service that operates 24 hours a day.
  • All the project corners contain surveillance cameras to provide the highest levels of security inside.

Units’ spaces in Pyramids City

This giant project provides a variety of commercial, administrative, and medical units, which the company provides in 46 separate commercial and administrative buildings, that supported by a large number of services and advantages to serve as an integrated and distinguished project at the entrance of the New Capital.

The company also provides these units in different and varied sizes to suit the needs of customers, who wish to own their own commercial and administrative unit in this huge project.

  • The spaces in Pyramids City start from a small space that suits the largest number of customers, which is an area of ​​25 square meters. 

Units’ prices in Pyramids City

Pyramids Development provides all units with different prices to suit the needs of all segments of customers.

The price per meter in Pyramids City starts from 150,000 EGP, and increases gradually according to unit type, and its location within the project.

Below is a brief about unit prices in Pyramids City new capital:

  • Units’ prices on the ground floor of the mall start from only 250,000 EGP per square meters, and reach up to 295,000 EGP.
  • Units’ prices on the first-floor in Pyramids City start from 210,000 EGP up to 240,000 EGP.
  • The prices per meter in the second-floor starts from 170,000 EGP and goes up to 190,000 EGP.
  • The price per square meter in the third-floor ranges between 160,000 and 180,000 EGP.
  • The price per square meter in the fourth-floor starts from 150,000 EGP and goes up to 170,000 EGP.

Take advantage of Pyramids City units’ prices now and reserve your own unit in the New Capital most prominent projects, just contact us at 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will respond to you as soon as possible to provide you with all the details, and answer all your inquiries about the prices of Pyramids City Units.

Pyramids City Payment Plans

Pyramids Development offers a wide and very flexible range of payment plans, which suit each person’s need and capabilities, as the payment plans provided by the company come as follows:

  • First Plan (Regular Plan)

Through this plan the customer pays a 5% down payment, and the rest in installments over 8 years.

  • Second Plan (Investment Plan)

The client through this payment plan needs to pay installments from the beginning of the contract, in which the down payment starts from paying 10% to 20% of the total unit value, and the rest in installments up to 8 years, and this plan characterized by providing an annual return starting from 10% on the down payment. 

  • Third Plan (Deferred Payment Investment Plan) 

In this plan the client pays his first installment after the receipt of the unit, and he need firstly to pay a 20% to 35% down payment of the total unit value, and the rest in installments over 8 years.

This plan also provides an annual return on the down payment starting from 12%.

  • Fourth Plan

Through this payment plan the client need to pay his first installment after receiving the unit.

The client will pay a 40% down payment of the total unit value, and the rest is paid over 8 years. 

This plan gives an annual return to its customers starting from 20% on the down payment.

  • Fifth Plan

This plan includes paying a down payment starts from 35% up to 50% of the total unit value, and the first installment will be paid after receipt, and then the rest in installments over 8 years.

Finally, this system gives its customers an annual return starting from 18% on the down payment.

Investment Advantages in Pyramids City

Pyramids City New Capital has many features that make it an ideal choice for investing in real estate. The following is an overview of Investment advantages in Pyramids City:

  • The company offers 15 different payment plans to suit the needs of all investors.
  • Pyramids Development also offers a 10% discount on all units in City Plaza New Capital Mall, and this makes investing in this project more attractive and valuable.
  • The company also offers three limited-time offers for immediate reserving, which encourages customers to reserve early and take advantage of these offers.
  • Pyramids Mall City Plaza is the largest commercial, administrative, and medical city in the New Capital, making it an ideal destination for business and investment.

So, if you want a guaranteed investment opportunity, we recommend to reserve your own unit in Pyramids City New Capital, just contact us now at 00201011564040.

Information about Pyramids Development

Pyramids Development Company is one of the leading companies in the real estate development field in Egypt, as the company has a huge experience since it was founded in France in 1999.

Pyramids Development started its activity inside Egypt in 2013, and since that time the company has implemented many successful and prominent projects, which were well received by many industry experts and investors.

During the last few years, the company has been distinguished by large investment projects, especially its distinguished projects that it launched in the New Capital City.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Pyramids Real Estate Company is chaired by the famous engineer Hisham El-Khouly, who distinguished in the Egyptian real estate market through a group of amazing projects that he implemented in Egypt, specifically in the New Capital City.

His extensive experience in the field of real estate development exceeds more than thirty years, helped distinguish those projects that he implemented, which was clearly evident through all the successful and distinguished projects he produced all over Egypt.

Pyramids city Previous projects 

Pyramids Development enjoys the highest degrees of respect and distinction among real estate companies in Egypt, due to its honorable record that it has developed from distinguished development projects in the Egyptian real estate development market. 

The following is a small excerpt from the most prominent of these projects that Pyramids Development implemented:

  • Sky City El-Galala Resort in Ain Sokhna.
  • Some of the finishing works at Louvre Museum in France.
  • A group of residential projects in France.
  • Supervising on the European Parliament’s finishing.
  • Grand Square New Capital Mall.
  • Pyramids Business Tower New Capital.
  • La Capitale Suite Lagoons New Capital.
  • Pyramids Mall New Capital.
  • Champs Elysees New Capital Mall. 

New Capital’s Investment Advantages 

Your investment in the New Capital carries many investment advantages that bring you the greatest amount of benefits from owning your residential, commercial, or private administrative unit within this new development city. These investment advantages that the New Capital enjoys are represented in the following points:

    • The first investment feature of the New Capital is rolling around the state’s attention on the city, and its attainment to the greatest amount of fame among the most important residential areas in Egypt, as many real estate experts predict the success of any investment made in this area during the coming years.
    • Within the framework of the state’s efforts to support this new project, the Egyptian government has been keen to provide the new capital with the most important services necessary for the success of any project.
    • The new capital represents an effective political, cultural, and economic center in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa, due to its possession of the most important governmental, cultural, and financial institutions that highlight its value among the most important international cities.
    • The new capital’s geographical location is among the most important advantages it enjoys, as the Egyptian state has allocated an area of 170,000 acres east of Cairo City in a very strategic and distinctive location near the most important regional roads and main axes, and near the Suez Canal, one of the most important investment projects in the Republic of Egypt.
    • The first phase of the New Capital was implemented to be able to accommodate about 5 million people on an area of 10,5 acres, in addition to 50,000 government employees who were transferred from their old headquarters to the New Capital, and the capacity is scheduled to be increased to reach about 100,000 government employees within 3 years of operation.
  • One of the most important investment advantages offered by the New Capital is its introduction to a variety of huge investment projects, which vary between the commercial, residential, administrative, political, economic and cultural sectors, which make it a fertile ground for real estate investment.

Take the opportunity and reserve your own unit in one of the best projects in the New Capital city, Pyramids City New capital.

Just contact us now at 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will reply to you to provide you with all the details of Pyramids City New Capital.

Project details

Pyramids Mall New Capital is located in the administrative capital At the southern entrance to the new administrative capital, Specifically, between plots R4 and R5, directly in front of Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.

Pyramids Mall New Capital  covers an area of approximately 152.5 acres.

In Pyramids Mall New Capital there is a wide range of commercial, administrative and medical units.

The price per meter in Pyramids Mall New Capital starts from 150,000 EGP per meter.

The units’ spaces in Pyramids Mall New Capital start from 25 square meters.

The company that owns the Pyramids Mall New Capital is Pyramids Real Estate Development Company.

To reserve your unit in Pyramids Mall New Capital  call us at 00201069210222.

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