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The best compounds in the New capital Capital

Many people and investors have the passion to know the best compounds in the New capital Capital, due to the great interest the government and developers have in it.

Since the government announcement during the support and development of the Egyptian economy conference, the new capital has received tremendous attraction from major real estate investors in the world, due to its unprecedented success opportunities, in addition to its planning, design and implementation mechanisms.

In the following article, we show you the best compound in the New capital Capital, and all the features and services provided through it.

Features of the New capital capital

The New capital Capital is a huge real estate development and investment project with a large budget exceeding $45 billion, which has been allocated for the implementation of three phases over a period of 7 years. Below are the most prominent features of the New capital Capital:

  • The new Capital’s location has been placed in the state’s priorities to ensure that this new capital is linked to the old capital and all government facilities.
  • The location of the new capital was chosen after a careful study of the global standards and criteria to achieve the goal of representing Egypt globally.
  • The government established the new capital on a vast area of ​​170,000 acres, and services, facilities, roads and infrastructure were designed at the highest level of quality similar to the most prestigious international cities. 
  • The new capital provides an integrated and luxurious living environment for citizens and visitors, including many services and entertainment.
  • The first phase accommodates more than 7 million people, and includes one million separate housing units in the most prestigious projects in the New capital Capital.
  • The New Capital is characterized by wide streets and roads of up to 120 meters wide to accommodate the expected increase in population density, and is being developed by the leading real estate development companies in Egypt.
  • The major government institutions are set to be relocated to the new capital.
  • The new capital is completely fed by solar energy, as solar panels cover 70% of the roofs of buildings, providing clean and cheap ways to generate permanent energy and maintain it when needed.

Because of the above listing advantages of the New Capital, you will find that the only flaw in the administrative capital is summarized in the intense competition between investors to implement projects in the best locations of the capital.

The best compounds in the New capital Capital

If you want to buy a distinctive residential unit and are looking for the best compound in the New capital Capital, you are in the right place, as you will find that all the New Capital’s residential projects are characterized by its sophistication and luxury, in addition to modern designs, and all of them have a view of wide green spaces, a wonderful and distinctive landscape, and many others advantages that it enjoys. 

And next are the best compounds located in the New capital capital:

  • Il Bosco Misr Italia New Capital.
  • Park Lane New Capital.
  • The Curve New Capital.
  • Light City New Capital City.
  • Kardia New Capital.
  • Compound Oro New Capital.
  • Venia New capital city.
  • De Joya New Capital.
  • Capital Heights 2 New Capital.
  • Talah New Capital.
  • le ciel new capital.
  • Scenario New Capital.
  • MidTown Sky New capital.
  • Suli Golf Residence New Capital.

Seize the opportunity now and reserve your own unit in one of the best compounds in the New capital Capital, just contact us on 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will reply to you as soon as possible to provide you with all the details, and answer all your inquiries about the best compound in the New capital Capital.

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