Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We are pleased to honor you by entering our distinguished website “Abyat Real Estate Marketing” https://abyatproperty.com/, a site that was established specifically for everyone wishing to collect information related to the real estate market to facilitate the search process in order to make a decision regarding the sale or purchase of units in the form of Real estate, whether apartments, villas or shops in the Arab world.

“Abyat Real Estate Marketing” or Abyat Real Estate Marketing Company provides digital content in the field of real estate that provides a smooth user experience and reflects to a great extent what housing and investment projects seek to present in a simplified manner, whether for the purpose of obtaining general information or buying or selling residential and investment units.

By using the Abyat Real Estate Marketing website, You agree to abide by and be bound by the following terms and conditions, Therefore, please read carefully the provisions set forth in these provisions, If you do not agree to the provisions set forth in these Terms, Therefore, you should not view the information available on the site.

All information on the Abyat website for real estate marketing is displayed “as is” without any attachments in other places or guarantees that the information mentioned will represent real estate projects at the very moment the reader sees it. Your use of any of the information mentioned on the site in any way, or your application of any of the information mentioned on the site, and taking it as a reference, is at your own risk only. Also, Abyat Real Estate Marketing and its management are not obligated by any responsibility or compensation for errors resulting from your use of the site, its content, or one of its services. And disclaims any responsibility for any agreements that may take place between the user and the real estate companies directly, even if it is because of information mentioned on our site, As long as the Abyat real estate website is not the only mediator during this agreement process.

the use

Temporary permission is granted to view, download and copy the content and information of the site as long as it is for personal purposes only, and non-commercial. This is a temporary license. not an outright transfer of ownership, Or it is possible to address the management of the “Abyat Real Estate Marketing” company to obtain a documented authorization regarding the transfer of existing information, in cases that the administration determines the extent of its validity, Without that authorization, You may not:

  • Copy the content in whole or in part for the purpose of displaying it again on the Internet publicly or on any other site whether for commercial, non-commercial or informational purposes.
  • In the event that the management of the Abyat Real Estate Marketing website accepts and certifies the copying of its content for reuse, The other party must undertake to show the copyright by citing that the Abyat Real Estate Marketing website is the reference for that cited real estate information, With no right to dispose of the transfer of content to another person or entity, or display the transmitted content on other media or channels for oneself or for others without the agreed media and channels.

When you enter or use the Abyat Real Estate Marketing website, You acknowledge and undertake that:

Not to use any software or means to access, copy or index the contents of our website.

not use any software, or means to interfere or attempt to interfere with the operation of our website.

Not to perform any work that constitutes any burden or causes an increase in traffic requests on the site.

Use any content or data on our website for any of the following purposes:

Filling out a database related to real estate search in one way or another.

build a database of information related to our content, or compete with us in any way that we do not accept.

Errors and revisions

The content appearing on our site could include typographical, technical or typographical errors, or errors in the images. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or currentness of any content on our website. We may make changes to the contents of the Site at any time without prior notice.

Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The “Abyat Real Estate Marketing” website has the full right to update, change, modify or replace any part of the content on the site or the terms of use and privacy policy by publishing updates and changes on our website.

In the event that you continue to use the “Abyat Real Estate Marketing” website before or after updates, changes or replacements are posted to the content of the site or to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, this will express your express acceptance of all those changes.

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