Privacy Policy

privacy policy

We, “Abyat Real Estate Marketing” company, seek to make a qualitative leap that changes the traditional thinking in the real estate field in particular. Among our most important rules: privacy, Below you will find all the data, what types of data are collected and kept, and how they are used.

Collect your information

The information collected and mentioned here on the site “” mainly contributes to the development and improvement of the user experience of “Abyat Real Estate Marketing” day after day.

This information is mainly summarized in the following:

The type of browser used.

IP address.

The history of your browsing our site.

The number of clicks on topics and articles.

Write down information such as your personal name, private phone number, or your email address. Under private protection, fully insured, encrypted and not traded under any circumstances, And they are not used until after they are sent to us by you with your motivation in order for us to communicate with you.

Information provided to us by you

You can benefit from all the services available on our site, including viewing everything on the site, including content, information and images, without the need to identify your personal identity or register on the site. We do not seek or attempt to identify you because visitor privacy is our highest priority and of particular importance.

If you want to communicate with the management of Abyat Real Estate Marketing, We may ask you for some personal information such as your name and phone number, email, With the aim of communicating with you and fulfilling your desire for that no more, While ensuring the confidentiality and protection of the information provided by you, Under no circumstances will such information be intentionally disclosed or disclosed.


This website, like most other real estate websites, uses cookies that can be set and read by third-party companies. Including, for example, Google Analytics. They are files that collect data and store information on your hard drive. Cookies are used for purposes including but not limited to allowing the user of this information or website, keep track of new users, and record session information, Which generally contributes to improving the user’s experience and makes it easier for him to deal with the site more time after time.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can actually turn off cookies from your browser, However, disabling this may affect some functions of the site.

For more information on these files, you can refer to the following link:

Transfer and copyright to our site

The Abyat Real Estate Marketing website owns all the intellectual, copyright and publishing rights, and all rights are reserved. On this basis, we follow a strict policy as follows:

Abyat real estate website does not allow transferring, stealing or requoting any content from other websites to it. or from it to other sites, Where it is considered an infringement and breach of intellectual property rights that our site or the law does not accept.

With the exception of some real estate development sites that provide their content to us in order to be marketed to them in the first place, Providing this information falls within the responsibilities of our site to reflect the nature of the real estate project presented, With the addition of some elements that may allow for better clarification of the information.


Your use and browsing of the Abyat real estate website constitutes an explicit agreement to its privacy policy and its terms of use and provisions.

The use of tips and instructions on the Abyat real estate marketing site is considered wrong by visitors, whether they are represented in the form of articles or within content. Not loaded with any legal follow-up to our site, Therefore, we advise our valued visitors to visit this page periodically to check for changes that have occurred or may occur on this page or other pages on the site.

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