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Information about City of Odyssia

 city of odyssia sabbour mostakbal city is one of the most luxurious projects launched in Mostakbal City on the borders of the New Capital, to include a wide range of high-end residential units with various designs and spaces to suit the largest number of customers of all social levels.

This huge project was launched by one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt, Al-Ahly Sabbour Development Company, which is characterized by its unique and distinctive projects that attract many clients who seek to invest with this pioneering company in the field of urban development in Egypt, which has the greatest degree of reliability among clients during all of its projects.

And below we will show you the most important information about this new project, the most important geographical advantages, the services and facilities it enjoys, as well as the most important information about the space and design of the Odyssia project, and finally information about the developer company Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate.

City of Odyssia Sabbour Location

the city of odyssia sabbour project enjoys a very privileged location in Mostakbal City, which has many geographical advantages, as it is considered the link between New Cairo city and the New Capital, as well as it is located near the most important places and main roads that make its location very strategic and distinctive.

city of odyssia sabbour is located in a very privileged location on the Cairo-Suez Road between Kilo 46.5 and Kilo 51. The city is also an important central point linking Cairo to the new urban communities and major cities located east and northeast of the city, including Madinaty and the New Capital city.

And the following is the most important of these location & geographical advantages that Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal City has:

  • The project occupies a strategic location directly on the middle ring road.
  • the city of odyssia sabbour is just 5 minutes away from the new capital city.
  • The project is only 5 minutes away from the Sports City.
  • The project is also located only 10 minutes away from Madinaty.
  • It is also 10 minutes away from the main axes (the regional ring road, Suez Road, and Ain Sokhna Road).
  • The project is located near the most important educational institutions, as Odyssia separates from both the Canadian University and the European University, a distance of only 10 minutes.
  • Odyssia Sabbour is only about 15 minutes away from the American University.
  • Odyssia Sabbour is also located near the most important cities in Egypt, such as Nasr City and Heliopolis.

City of Odyssia Sabbour space

 city of odyssia sabbour project was established on a large area in Mostakbal City, as the project area is approximately 500 acres, which is a huge space that the developer has planned to utilize in the best way through this new project, to offer a variety of residential units through various phases.

Al-Ahly Sabbour Company carefully planned for this project and that large area to include a group of distinguished units and services that suit all tastes and needs, to ensure a new and distinctive life characterized by more comfort, tranquility, and privacy that its clients are looking for, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

City of Odyssia Sabbour design

Al Ahly Sabbour Development Company designed the city of odyssia sabbour Mostakbal City, to be an integrated city with a different and unique lifestyle in a strategic and distinctive location in the heart of Mostakbal City.

The company took care to include many vast green spaces and stunning landscapes to include the vast area of ​​​​the compound’s design, which would bring comfort and psychological calm to all the residents of the compound, to get rid of all the pressures of life and find a new refreshing outlet to fully renew their energy. As for the residential units in odyssia sabbour, the developer has allocated only 15% of the total area of ​​the project for the construction of various residential buildings.

What is unique about it is that Al-Ahly Sabbour Company has planned to include Odyssia Compound in a different group of phases, which includes some compounds under the umbrella of this large project, each of which is characterized by an independent personality and a distinctive design independent of the rest of the phases, but they all have one thing in common, which is the multiplicity of Green spaces inside to serve as a refreshing supply line that provides all compounds with a natural positive energy source.

Services and features in odyssia sabbour 

This giant project produced by Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company, includes a huge range of services, facilities, and advantages that supported the investment value of this large project, and highlighted it among the projects established in Mostakbal City, making it the best ever.

Below we will show you the most important of these services and features provided by the developer in its new project, Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal City.

  • A wonderful and attractive landscape for all phases of the project. It contains wide green spaces that give a charming and distinctive view of Odyssia Mostakbal City.
  • A group of beautiful water fountains and water forms that add aesthetic value to the design of Odyssia Compound.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes and depths to suit all age groups, as well as a group of covered swimming pools for women.
  • Private parking spaces to organize cars to prevent crowding inside the compound.
  • Commercial areas include a group of shops and commercial centers to purchase all the necessities that the residents of the compound may need constantly.
  • The compound has a group of supermarkets to serve the residents and buy all daily necessities.
  • A group of local and international restaurants and cafes serving the best dishes and drinks.
  • A large sports club to include all sports, such as football, tennis, basketball, handball, and other sports.
  • The compound also includes specialized sports academies for educating and training in various sports.
  • Dedicated areas in the compound to make barbecue parties for family and friends.
  • Gymnasiums (gym) are distributed to maintain physical fitness.
  • Entertainment areas for children (Kids Area) that include a variety of activities to entertain and develop children’s skills.
  • The village also includes a large clubhouse for entertainment.
  • Dedicated and safe tracks for walking, jogging, and cycling enthusiasts.
  • The compound has the highest levels of medical care, through a group of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies scattered throughout the compound to serve its residents 24 hours a day.
  • The compound also includes all educational services, through a group of international schools dedicated to serving the residents of the compound.
  • Guarding and security services at the highest level, provided by a professional guard staff working 24 hours a day.
  • High-quality surveillance cameras work to monitor and enhance security within the odyssia sabbour compound.
  • All units of the compound are designed in a modern and luxurious manner, in a way that provides the greatest possible privacy and comfort for all residents.

city of odyssia master plan

The City of Odyssia Ahly Sabbour
Odyssia Sabbour master plan

city of odyssia phases

As we mentioned earlier, Odyssia Sabbour Compound includes a variety of phases that are launched sequentially, each of which is characterized by a distinctive character and unique design from other phases, and among the most important phases launched by the company are the following:

Alaire phase

This phase includes a distinguished group of luxury villas and apartments for lovers of luxurious and distinguished housing projects.

The Alaire phase includes a variety of apartments, townhouses, and twin houses available in a modernistic design, with a variety of spaces to suit the largest segment of customers, and all of them are available with distinctive views so that all the residents can enjoy their share of the beautiful landscapes.

اوديسيا صبور مدينة المستقبل city of odyssia
اوديسيا صبور مدينة المستقبل
city of odyssia


The Ridge – Lavish Villas phase

This phase of odyssia Al-Ahly Sabbour Compound includes a group of modern villas, which were brilliantly designed by one of the major engineering design companies in Egypt, Alchemy, which is famous among real estate developers in the urban development market in Egypt.

During that phase, the developer provides a group of villas with a unique and distinctive design, aiming to provide its residents with a new experience of a unique life full of all means of luxury and attractive landscapes.

Rare stage

It is the latest phase launched by Al-Ahly Sabbour Company during this new project, Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal City. This phase includes a group of distinguished townhouse villas with a unique and wonderful design that was implemented by one of the most famous engineering offices in Egypt, which is the office of the engineering designer/ Yasser El-Beltagy.

The townhouse villas in the Rare phase were designed in a unique design from the other phases of Odyssia Compound, with a variety of spaces and multi-functions to suit the various needs of customers and their various financial capabilities.

latest phase in Odyssia Sabbour

Al-Ahly Sabbour recently announced its latest launching in the city of odyssia sabbour  Compound, the Rare phase, where the company announced the launch of a new and diverse group of townhouse villas for those who are interested in investing in the Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal City project, and the following are the most important details about Rare phase.

  • The space of Rare Compound is approximately 12 acres, which is large and sufficient to include a group of distinctive residential units and various services.
  • The Rare phase includes a distinguished group of residential units of villas and townhouses, with varying sizes and prices.
  • The stage includes a large recreational clubhouse on an area of ​​8,400 square meters.

Rare Compound Units Spaces

Rare Compound contains a variety of spaces of townhouse villas, which suit the different requirements of customers, and the spaces during the phase were as follows:

  • Middle townhouse villas: their spaces range from 170 square meters up to 200 square meters.
  • Corner townhouse villas: range from 172 square meters up to 202 square meters.

Rare compound unit prices

As for the prices of residential units in the Rare phase of the city of odyssia sabbour Compound, it is competitive and distinctive prices compared to the size of the advantages provided by Al-Ahly Sabbour. the prices in this phase start from 7,400,000 EGP, and gradually increase according to the space and location of the unit within the compound.

Rare payment systems

Al-Ahly Sabbour Company provides flexible and easy payment systems to all its customers in this new phase, to suit the largest segment of the clients, as the payment systems offered by the company range between the following:

  • Down payment starts from 5% of the total unit price, and the rest in installments extends up to 9 years.
  • Paying 7% maintenance expenses of the price of each unit separately.Own your unit now with Best payment Plan , Call us 01069210222

Benefits of investing in Odyssia Sabbour

Your investment in the city of odyssia sabbour  Mostakbal City project carries many advantages that make it the ideal choice for you to invest in, and the most important of these investment advantages are the following:

  • You will invest in a project that has a privileged location that can be reached from everywhere and near the most important new cities, making it a source of attraction for many who want to live near the city and move easily to other cities.
  • Real estate investment is one of the best types of other investments to keep your money from inflation and potential economic crises.
  • The many services and benefits provided during this project make it a source of attraction for many investors and those interested in luxury, recreational, and distinguished housing.
  • One of the most important guarantees of the investment value of your residential unit in Odyssia Sabbour is its presence within an integrated residential community that includes all the educational, medical, and commercial needs that residents may search for constantly, thus eliminating them from going outside the walls of the compound to search for and receive them outside.

Disadvantages of Odyssia Sabbour 

Some of those interested in investing in projects presented by Al-Ahly Sabbour have some reservations that they may see as a clear defect in his new project in the future city, the city of odyssia sabbour , and these defects can be monitored in the following points:

  • The unit prices in the Odyssia Sabbour Mostakbal City project are relatively high, as a result of the many services and features that the company provides to its clients during it, and therefore some believe that it may not suit some segments of customers with low financial capabilities.
  • Many people are waiting for any announcements by the company for the launching of the latest phases of the city of odyssia Compound who were unable to reserve their units in the previous phases, which disturbs many as they eagerly await each announcement, to take the initiative to reserve their own unit and own it before it runs out and sells it completely.

    Own your unit now with Best payment Plan , Call us 01069210222

About the Developer Company

Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company was established at the beginning as an Egyptian shareholding company according to Egyptian Law No. 159 of 1981, in partnership with the National Bank of Egypt Al-Ahli Bank, and that partnership has continued to this day with a rate of 60% for the share of the Sabbour family, and 40% of the shares for the other partner, the National Bank of Egypt.

Since that moment, Al-Ahly Sabbour Development Company has become one of the leading real estate companies in this field as a result of its efforts and dedication throughout those years, through a group of projects that the company has undertaken to implement throughout the Republic to cover all distinctive areas such as Downtown, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, 6 October, as well as in coastal cities, such as Sharm El-Sheikh, Ain Sokhna, and the North Coast.

Al-Ahly Sabbour Company is also distinguished in all its projects by providing the highest levels of luxury and the highest level of quality and comfort, Considering the highest environmental standards.

Information in numbers about Al-Ahly Sabbour Company

Below we’ll show you the most important information and achievements that Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company has achieved since its establishment in clear numbers:

  • 28 years of credibility that Al-Ahly Sabbour has gained with many clients.
  • More than 45,000 acres of space that Al-Ahly Sabbour Company has developed in its various projects.
  • More than 60 projects have been implemented by the company since its inception.
  • More than 40,000 happy families are living in all the units developed by the company.
  • More than 11,700 housing units were delivered by the company.Own your unit now with Best payment Plan , Call us 01069210222
Project details

the city of odyssia sabbour project is located in Mostakbal City, specifically on the Cairo-Suez Road between Kilo 46.5 and Kilo 51.

The prices of available units in the city of odyssia sabbour Compound start from 7,400,000 L.E.

The available spaces in the city of odyssia sabbour start from 170 square meters up to 202 square meters for townhouse units.

The company that owns the project is Al-Ahly Sabbour Development Company.

Al-Ahly Sabbour offers ( the city of odyssia sabbour )a flexible system for its client starts from a 5% down payment, and installments extend up to 9 years.

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