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The North Coast of Egypt includes many coastal villages that enjoy a lot of services, recreational activities and features. You may wonder about the best tourist villages on the northern coast before making your decision to reserve your own coastal unit in one of those villages.

Here we will recommend for you the best tourist villages on North Coast Egypt at the present time according to the size of the features and services provided by each village to its residents, as well as the most important information about the Egyptian North Coast region, which has gained wide fame during the last decade after the intensification of the state’s clear orientation towards developing the North Coast region, and encouraging the construction of many coastal villages in it.

Information about the North Coast

The Egyptian North Coast is the largest coast on Africa, with a length of approximately 1050 square kilometers, and it is the closest coastal tourist destination to Cairo City, as they are an hour and a half apart from each other after the distance was estimated at more than three hours before the construction of the new Fouka Road. 

This new Road has shortened the distance to only an hour and a half, which made the city more popular today among other tourist destinations in Egypt.

The North Coast of Egypt is also characterized by many other advantages that made it the first summer destination for anyone who wants to spend their vacation in one of the quiet and beautiful coastal cities and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and among those advantages that the North Coast enjoys are the following:

  • North Coast Egypt extends over a wide area that enjoys the beauty of the enchanting nature of soft white sands and attractive crystal waters. It extends from the west of Alexandria City, passing through the city of El Alamein and Marsa Matrouh City, to Al Salloum City.
  • The North Coast of Egypt is characterized by its mild summer climate, which makes it a destination for everyone who wants to get away from the heat of other cities at this time of the year.
  • The North Coast is also distinguished by its paved roads compared to the other Red Sea cities, which greatly facilitates the process of moving to and from it.
  • One of the most distinctive features of the Egyptian North Coast is the multiplicity of tourism and recreational activities it offers to its residents and visitors, including water and entertainment activities that include various commercial centers, including the latest cinemas, malls, and the most famous local and international restaurants.
  • The North Coast includes a group of the best beautiful and paved beaches in Egypt, such as Flamingo Beaches, Amwaj Beach, and Al-Yashmak Beach.
  • The Egyptian northern coast also includes the most famous coastal tourist areas in Egypt, such as Ras al-Hikma Bay, Sidi Abdel Rahman area, and Sidi Hanish areas.

Ras al-Hikma Bay area

Ras al-Hikma Bay is the most famous tourist area in the Egyptian North Coast region, and it enjoys the rare nature of white soft sands and blue crystal waters.

Ras al-Hikma region belongs to Matrouh Governorate, and its beaches extend from El Dabaa region on the northwest coast at kilometer 170 to kilometer 220 in Matrouh city, to combine the natural beauty of both the northern coast and the eye-catching beaches of Matrouh.

Ras al-Hikma is the most investments promising area in the northern coast, which the Egyptian government has focused its efforts towards developing to be the most important coastal tourist destination in Egypt, as this region includes the most famous villages and tourist resorts, which established with huge investments and global and local financial flows to be a coastal icon that competes with the most famous tourist areas in the world.

Sidi Abdel Rahman area

Sidi Abdel Rahman is one of the most beautiful areas on the Egyptian northern coast, which includes the most prestigious coastal resorts in Egypt.

Sidi Abdel Rahman area belongs to the city of El Alamein in Matrouh Governorate, and it is famous among other areas for its unique and distinctive beach, which made it the choice of the largest international and local investors to launch their coastal projects on.

Sidi Abdel Rahman is located 132 km west of Alexandria, 30 km west of El Alamein, and 190 km east of Matrouh.

Sidi Hanish area

Sidi Hanish area is one of the most prominent coastal areas that the Egyptian northern coast includes, because of the many wonderful advantages it possesses, such as the beauty of the picturesque nature, the pure water, and the tranquility that reassures the soul.

​​Sidi Hanish area is located specifically at kilometer 247 of Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road, near both El Alamein City and Matrouh City. It is a destination for tourists from everywhere in the world due to its charming and beautiful nature and its proximity to many services and the best villages and resorts located on the North Coast.

How far is the North Coast from Alexandria City?

North Coast Egypt is located 248 kilometers away from Alexandria City, with only two hours separating them. It is located on the distinctive Egyptian coastal tourist strip, which starts from Alexandria City in the east to Marsa Matrouh City in the west.

North coast chalets

North Coast Villages and Resorts includes a variety of categories of residential units, which vary between chalets, studio units, twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas, to meet the various needs and requirements of clients, However, the demand for the chalet type prevails over other types of units. 

The North Coast chalets are often characterized by its direct sea view, which makes the demand for purchasing it more than other units, in addition to their acceptable and suitable prices, which make it the ideal choice for those wishing to reserve their own coastal unit in one of the huge and distinguished North Coast villages.

El Alamein city

El Alamein City is located along the North Coast of Egypt, specifically in Matrouh Governorate, and includes a group of the finest villages located on the northern coast. 

The area of ​​ El Alamein City is approximately 48,000 acres, and its depth reaches more than 60 square kilometers. The Egyptian state has greatly developed it during the last decade to take advantage of the great natural and heritage advantages that the city includes.

The best coastal villages in the North Coast

As we mentioned earlier, North Coast Egypt includes a group of the finest resorts and coastal villages in Egypt, which includes a huge range of services and recreational activities that integrate with the beauty of the charming nature, to make it a wonderful place to spend holidays and get rid of the tensions of life.

Below we list for you a group of the best coastal villages located on the North Coast, which we strongly recommend to you to reserve your coastal unit in.

  • D Bay North Coast.
  • Mountain View North Coast.
  • Azzar North Coast Resort.
  • Dose North Coast.
  • Telal North Coast Village.
  • Bianchi ilios North Coast.
  • Azha North Coast.
  • June sodic North Coast.
  • Amwaj North Coast.
  • Jasmine Gaia North Coast.
  • Seazen North Coast.
  • The Latin Quarter in New Alamein.
  • Direction White North Coast.
  • Cali Coast North Coast Village.
  • Bo Island North Coast.
  • GAIA Camilla Lagos North Coast.
  • Marassi North Coast.
  • Evia Mountain View North Coast.
  • Gaia North Coast Resort.
  • Salt North Coast Village.
  • koun Ras El Hikma village.
  • Solare North Coast.
  • Silver Sands North Coast.
  • Alura North Coast.

In the end, make sure that your purchase of your own coastal unit in one of North Coast Villages, whether for the purpose of entertainment or investment, is a very ideal decision that gives you many advantages in various investment and entertainment aspects, so we strongly recommend you to take the initiative to reserve your coastal unit in one of these distinctive villages.

Just contact us now at 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will respond to you as soon as possible to provide you with all the details about the best tourist villages on the North Coast, and choose the most suitable one according to your requirements.

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