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There are many Advantages of investing in Salt North Coast, the new coastal project launched by Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company as its latest coastal project in the North Coast, as this new project comes in succession to the great success achieved by the company in its latest coastal projects in Fouka Bay North Coast 2022.

Salt North Coast project carries many investment advantages for all the company’s clients, who wish to acquire their own coastal unit during it. In this article, we try to monitor for those interested in this new project presented by Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company all these investment advantages, and the following are the most important advantages offered in this new project, which carry a great investment value for anyone interested in coastal real estate investment.

Salt North Coast Location Advantages

Salt North Coast by Tatweer Misr is located at a very special location on the north coast, specifically at 185 km on Alexandria-Matrouh Road. 

This new project is located in a very special and strategic location, close to the North Coast’s most famous attractions and highways, giving you the great advantage of easy access to this large-scale project from anywhere. The most notable geographical advantages it enjoys are:

  • Salt North Coast Project is close to some of the most famous attractions such as the famous Kattameya Coast Resort.
  • The project is also close to popular villages such as Marassi North Coast.  
  • Salt North Coast is just steps away from Fouka New Road.

Salt North Coast Space Advantage

Salt North Coast Project is located in a very large area of ​​300 hectares on the North Coast and consists of various accommodation facilities. Most units have direct views of the crystal clear Mediterranean beach and beautiful crystalline sands.

The developers aimed to support the area of ​​this new project with the maximum amount of services and entertainment activities, so the village would occupy more than 80% of its area for all services and entertainment activities, and the rest of the area, Approximately 20% of the village, comprises all the facilities and accommodation units of the project, and all of which enjoy uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea with its beautiful crystal clear waters and soft white sandy beaches.

Salt North Coast Design Advantage

Tatweer Misr Development Company designed its new project Salt North Coast to support most of the project units with a direct sea view.

Tatweer Misr designed the village using a style of terraces with different heights, giving most of the units in the village the common advantage of facing the sea. You can enjoy this beautiful view without limiting this feature to just front-row units.

Salt North Coast Price Advantage

Tatweer Misr Development Company also announced its new project on the north coast at a very special price. Competes with the largest neighboring coastal projects on the North Coast.

Through one of Tatweer Misr’s projects on the North Coast, Salt North Coast Project, Tatweer Misr has targeted the largest category of clients looking to purchase their unit in one of its flagship Projects with unit various prices that suits the all.

Tatweer Misr offers Salt North Coast units with very special prices starting from:

  • The coastal unit price for Salt North Coast Project by Tatweer Misr starts from 3.750.000EGP only.

Great Previous Projects

One of the best advantages that make you take your decision to invest in Salt North Coast by Tatweer Misr is the great record for Tatweer Misr’s previous projects. And next, we’ll mention to you some of these highlighted projects:

  • IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Project

IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is one of the most important projects undertaken by Tatweer Misr in Ain Sokhna City. Located 25 km from Sokhna Gate and 11 km from Porto Ain Sokhna, it is an outstanding large-scale project that the company wanted to present in the best possible way, Only 60 minutes away from Cairo city.

This prestigious resort occupies an area of ​​530 acres or approximately 2.2 million square meters and offers all distinctive services and leisure activities, as well as sophisticated and distinctively designed residential units that are unique among Ain Sokhna’s other projects. 

  • Di Bay North Coast Project

It is one of the projects carried out by Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company on the North Coast in 2021, which particularly enjoys its excellent geographical position of 165 kilometers on the Alexandria-Marsa Matruh Road, and is located near La Vista and Telal villages with an estimated distance of just 15 minutes, and it is also 46 km from the famous Fouka Bay North Coast village.

Di Bay North Coast occupies an area of ​​about 200 acres and its beach is about 800 meters long, accommodating all water sports activities. The village is Located at a depth of 1100 meters, and divided into six phases in the form of terraces of different heights, to support all units of the village with direct views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

  • Fouka Bay North Coast Project

Fouka Bay north coast village is characterized by a multitude of services, and by its international and elegant design combined with the highest degree of privacy offered by the village. This unique project was implemented on 194 acres of land.

Fouka Bay is located in the Ras El Hikma district, specifically at 211 km on Alexandria-Matrouh Road. The project is located on a sandy beach 800 meters wide and 1100 meters deep. 

  • Bloomfields Mostakbal City project

Bloomfields Mostakbal City project is one of Tatweer Misr’s flagship and largest projects, this project is located in an area of 410 acres near American University.

Units within the compound vary to suit most customers and were known for their unique pricing with the best payment system in the region, lowest deposits, and longest payback periods. 

  • Marina Residence Ain Sokhna

Marina Residence is one of the most important projects in Galala and Ain Sokhna City. The village covers an area of ​​530 acres, with a total of 177 households.

And now, are you convinced of the importance of this new project brought to you by Tatweer Misr Development in the North Coast, and the magnitude of the return on investment you can gain by owning your own unit in this project?

Just contact us now at 01011564040 to know more details about Salt North Coast project, and one of our sales representatives will respond to you as soon as possible to answer all your inquiries.


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