Dbay North Coast project

 Dbay North Coast Village guarantees you a luxurious life completed with services and facilities, as the resort includes units that vary between chalets and villas that have very impressive views. These units combine the sea with its wonderful turquoise color, green spaces, picturesque landscapes, and fresh healthy air that inspires calm and reassurance.

Dbay North Coast project is affiliated with Tatweer Misr Development, and it comes as a continuation of the overwhelming success the developer company achieved in Fouka Bay North Coast. It also guarantees you the greatest degree of security and privacy. 

D-Bay North Coast 

Tatweer Misr has chosen a distinct and wonderful geographical location to implement the village of D Bay North Coast, as it is located specifically at the 165 kilometers of Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

DBay North Coast has a direct view of the Mediterranean Sea, and in addition to the distinguished location that the project enjoys, many services make D Bay The first choice for those who love investing in real estate or those who love owning distinctive residential units on the North Coast.

Seize the opportunity and own your unit on the sea in the village of Dbay North Coast, and enjoy the green spaces, swimming pools, and everything entertaining and enjoyable provided by Tatweer Misr, at the lowest price and with various payment systems and without any interest. 

Below is an explanation of the most important advantages that Dbay North Coast location has.

is its proximity to the most vital places on the North Coast. It is also characterized by its soft sandy beaches, and its proximity to various roads such as the Dabaa axis, Fouka Road, and Wadi Al-Natrun, which made it a distinctive interface for anyone who wants to own their place on the North Coast.

D Bay North Coast Design

Tatweer Misr Development Company has been interested in adding more privacy, beauty, and green spaces to the design of Dbay North Coast Village. And the following are more details of the village design:

Tatweer Misr implemented Dbay North Coast  project on a very large area and was keen to make optimal use of that space that contributes to making it one of the best villages on the coast, and the following are more details about the area of ​​D Bay:

  • The space of ​​​​D-Bay North Coast is 201 acres, which is a very large area that the company was keen to exploit wonderfully, to provide it with all the basic entertainment services and facilities that meet the needs of customers and investors.
  • The length of the beach of D Bay Resort extends to about 800 meters, while the depth of the village is approximately 1100 meters.
  • The village includes different housing units for which the company allocated 18% of the total area of ​​the project, while the remaining space was allocated for services, utilities, and entertainment because the company was keen to make the village a place where you can go throughout the year, as it’s an integrated city designed to be your home and not just to be your summer unit.

Among the most important features of Dbay North Coast village, is the vast area allocated by the developer company for landscapes, and the crystal lagoon, through which the company guarantees you the greatest sense of comfort and complete privacy for you and your family, in addition to supporting the project units with the wonderful view that you dream of. 

DBay Services

The developer company has given more attention to services and facilities in Dbay North Coast village, as it has allocated more than two-thirds of the village’s area for services, facilities, and recreational activities, to make the village the largest service and entertainment edifice in the North Coast, which guarantees you a unique unit to enjoy in throughout the year, not only during the summer season. And below we will show you the most important services and features of D-Bay Sahel:

  • One of the most important features that will attract your greatest attention within the village is the natural landscapes and green spaces that penetrate between the units, giving you a space for privacy, and supporting you with more fresh and healthy air, in addition to the distinctive view that the village gives you.
  • There is also a Crystal Lagoon in large areas spread within the village, in addition to swimming pools of different depths and spaces that are suitable for all age groups.
  • Tatweer Misr offers within this village a large number of famous restaurants and distinguishing cafes overlooking the sea.
  • The village offers many recreational places that you can visit throughout the day, using golf cars, which are carts that transport you to any place you want in D-bay North Coast.
  • The village contains a group of surveillance cameras distributed in every part of the village to ensure the highest level of security.
  • Highly trained guards and security staff to keep all residents of the village safe.
  • There are also medical clinics and pharmacies operating throughout the day to serve all emergency cases.
  • Dbay North Coast also includes a commercial area that contains a group of commercial centers and the most famous international brands.

All of the above is just an overview of the services that Tatweer Misr was keen to provide in an integrated and distinctive manner in the village for all its clients, to enjoy the greatest sense of comfort, relaxation, and luxury.

D-Bay Sahel unit’s spaces

Dbay North Coast includes various units, to ensure that each customer or investor finds the right unit for him. All of these units are characterized by varying sizes that suit the needs of the largest number of customers, whether from chalets, villas, townhouses, and loft houses. 

  • Lofts unit space starts from 75 square meters up to 95 square meters.
  • The village includes chalets with spaces ranging from 100 square meters to 125 square meters, consisting of two or three rooms.
  • Twin-house villas are also available, with spaces starting from 200 square meters.
  • While the spaces of stand-alone villas that enjoy a distinctive view of the sea, and have a private beach, start from an area of ​​280 square meters, up to 360 square meters.

Among all those units that Dbay North Coast Resort North Coast offers you, choose what suits you from these spaces, and own them at a competitive price, and a distinctive view of the sea directly with a super luxe finishing level, and with European and modern designs.

Finally, all units will be delivered with a super luxe finishing level, including all appliances and air conditioners.

Flaws of D-Bay North Coast

Tatweer Misr provided D-Bay North Coast with a large number of features and services that make it the best among other North Coast villages, and when searching for D Bay’s flaws, we find that it is not mentionable compared to the number of advantages offered by it.

The owner company of D Bay

The credit for building this edifice goes to a successor entity in the Egyptian real estate market, which is Tatweer Misr for Reconstruction and Development, which was able to offer everything different and new with the highest degree of quality, sophistication, and luxury until it became one the biggest competitor ever in the real estate field.

Tatweer Misr was established in 2014, and its investments amounted to more than 1.7 billion pounds. It is considered one of the most important and largest Egyptian joint stock companies. Tatweer Misr came as a result of successful and joint cooperation between a group of major real estate companies in Egypt, including the following companies:

  • Arafa Group Company.
  • Dawood Group.
  • Pyramids Group.

Previous projects of Tatweer Misr Company:

Tatweer Misr has a record full of achievements, as the company has implemented many distinctive coastal and residential investment projects.

Following is a set of the most prominent projects implemented by Tatweer Misr company: –

  • Village il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna.
  • Foka Bay North Coast.
  • Bloomfields New Cairo Compound.
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