Jaya patient is the head of wisdom

Jaya patient is the head of wisdom An upscale and service location on the North Coast is what every customer who wants to own his own place on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is looking for. This is what Al Ahly Real Estate Company was keen to present to customers through Gaia Resort, Ras El Hikma, North Coast.

Gaia Sabbour Ras El Hikma The village is located at kilometer 194 Alexandria Matrouh Road on Ras El Hikma Bay near it. It is also distinguished by its proximity to several roads and the largest tourism projects established in the Ras El Hikma area.

Prices and areas of Gaia Sabbour, Ras El Hikma

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company in the Gaia Sabbour project, Ras El Hikma, offers a variety of tourist units overlooking the sea, Where the village provides chalets, standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses with various sizes, in order to find the right space for you with ease and complete finishes on the key.

It also offers customers reasonable prices for everyone and is considered competitive compared to the number of advantages that the village embraces. In addition to these prices, the company offers a range of installment systems and huge facilities, up to 9 years without interest. And that is the beginning of prices and spaces in Camilla Lagoon, the latest phase of the village of Gaia, North Coast.

  • Gaia offers chalets of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, starting from an area of 91 square meters, and its price is 2,300,000 pounds.
  • It also includes chalets of 100 square meters consisting of 2 bedrooms, starting from 2,500,000 pounds.
  • There is also a two-room chalet, starting from 108 square meters, and its price starts from 2,790,000 pounds.
  • There is also a chalet on an area of 103 m with a garden of 100 m at a price of 3,235,000 pounds.
  • Gaia also includes chalets of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with an area of 122 square meters and a price of 3,0450,000 h.
  • In addition to 3-room chalets of the first area of 131 square meters, and the price starts from 3,240,000 pounds.
  • In addition to chalets of 126 m with a garden of 100 m at a price of 3,830,000 pounds.

Places near Gaia Sabbour, Ras El Hikma

  • Gaia Sabbour, Ras El Hikma, is located only 20 kilometers from the new Fouka Road, which is the road that connects the North Coast directly to Greater Cairo.
  • The village is also located near the village of Marassi, where they are separated by 70 km. It is also located 55 km from Amwaj North Coast.
  • The village is also distinguished by its proximity to the city of Alexandria, where they are separated by 88 kilometers.
  • Among the roads close to it are also the Dabaa axis, the new city of El Alamein, El Alamein Airport, and the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

These are some of the important places near Gaia North Coast, Take your chance now and invest in an integrated village offered to you by the largest real estate companies in Egypt. Gaia Ras El Hikma North Coast Landscapes Sandy beaches Entertainment services and activities A full life awaits you with your family on the most beautiful beaches of Ras El Hikma Bay North Coast.

Gaia Sabbour area, Ras El Hikma, in the North Coast

Gaia Sabbour, Ras El Hikma , was built on an area of 300 acres. The company explained that this space includes a number of chalets and villas with international designs. Where it cooperated with major companies to create this edifice in a distinctive way, It is also indicated that the village enjoys a bouquet of multiple services and green spaces. It is also considered one of the tourist villages that enjoy a large beach width and a full view of all its tourist units.

Designs by Gaia Sabbour Ras Al-Hikma

Among the important points that attracted the attention of Al-Ahly Sabbour Company in the village of Gaya Sabbour are the engineering designs of the village. Where it was cooperated with experts in the arts of architecture to create and design the village, The company also stated that the engineering design came to include more than one terrace to enjoy a view of the sandy beaches in Ras El Hikma Bay. She added that the green spaces occupy more than 70% of the area of Gaya village. In addition, the village includes several stages, most of which have already been completed.

Services in Gaia Sabbour, Ras El Hikma

The services and features that have been designed within the village of Gaya Sabbour are endless. Where the owner company was keen to provide all means of comfort and luxury for you and your family in an integrated manner, Enjoy all these services now and own your own place on the beaches of Gaia Sabbour, Ras El Hikma, North Coast, Among the services available in the village are:

  • Land scape.
  • Artificial lakes.
  • swimming pool.
  • Kids Aria.
  • Aqua park.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Tennis, football and basketball courts.
  • Gym and gym.
  • security cameras.
  • Guard and security.
  • golf car.
  • Garage for cars.
  • Mosque and medical clinics.
  • entertainement.

Reservation and payment methods in Gaia Sabbour, Ras El Hikma

If you are looking for an opportunity to own a chalet with the lowest down payment and convenient installments up to 9 years without interest, Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development is now offering you a golden opportunity through Gaia North Coast Resort, Where the company announces the opening of the reservation door with great facilities and easy installment systems that do not make you feel a burden in repayment, in an effort to reach this edifice to the largest number of customers and the public.

  • 5% reservation down payment, in installments over 9 years

About Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company

Al-Ahly Sabbour Company is considered one of the largest shareholding companies in the real estate arena, which includes a partnership with the National Bank. The company has made many achievements since its inception, as it was established in 1994 AD and offers the public everything new and different to this day.

Company owners:

  • Eng. Hussein Sabbour (owns 60%).
  • National Bank (owns 40%).

Over the past years, the company has carried out many tourism, residential and commercial projects in strategic locations. The village of Gaia, North Coast, is not the first success story owned by the company on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, but it has carried out previous tourism projects, among its achievements are the following:

  • Layan Compound in New Cairo City.
  • Piacera village located in Ain Sokhna.
  • Laventer project in New Cairo.
  • And Green Square Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  • L’Aventur New Cairo.
  • Amwaj North Coast Village.

Gaia Sabbour, Ras El Hikma , are some of the distinguished projects that bear the name of Al Ahly Sabbour for Development and Real Estate Investment. The company completes that success through an integrated tourist resort that it will launch directly on Ras El Hikma Bay, North Coast.

The company offers a miniature tourist city on an area of 300 acres, specifically at kilo 194 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road, This village is characterized by the availability of services. Also, all units have sea views, due to the unique and distinctive design carried by Gaia, Ras El Hikma, North Coast GaiaNorth Coast.


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