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Maspero Business Tower
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Maspero Business Tower project for City Edge

Maspero Business Tower is a huge edifice that came during the urban development carried out by the Minister of Housing, Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, and it is an investment project offered by the National Real Estate Company, City Edge Maspero Towers.

Maspero Business Tower is built on an area of 77 acres and was built in a way that makes it a cultural and cultural shift that directly overlooks the largest waterfront, which is the Nile River. The minister also indicated during a press conference that the Maspero Towers project, which he is supervising, will witness several phases. City Edge stated that the first phase, which has been completed by 80%, will be received within one year, which is the Maspero Business Tower.

Maspero Business Tower includes an administrative and commercial mall with a distinctive view and different areas. It has the lowest prices compared to the many advantages it contains. It also offers a package of facilities and payment systems for up to 7 years without interest

Maspero Business Tower for City Edge project, which is owned by City Edge Real Estate, is located in the downtown area, directly on the Nile Corniche. It is close to 26th of July Street, Abdel Moneim Riad, and El Galaa Street. It is also minutes away from the train station in Ramses, Tahrir Square, and the Foreign Ministry building, and directly overlooks the Nile River.

Places near Maspero Business Tower

  • The mall faces 26th of July Street from the north side.
  • It is also distinguished by its proximity to Al-Galaa Street from the eastern side and Abdel Moneim Riad Square from the southern side.
  • The Tahrir Corniche, where the project is located, has a view of more than 900 m on the Nile River.
  • Maspero Towers are only 10 minutes away from Ramses Station.
  • It is also 6 minutes away from the Egyptian Museum.
  • It is 6 minutes away from Tahrir Square.
  • Steps separate it from the Italian Foreign Ministry and Consulate building.
  • It is also very close to the Hilton Hotel in Ramses and Dar Al Maaref.

Those in charge of Maspero Business Tower or Nile Heights project explained that it was designed not only to become a distinctive landmark overlooking the Nile. However, it is a tourist, heritage, and civilization interface supervised by the largest Egyptian cadres, headed by the Minister of Housing and Construction

Maspero Business Tower project space

Maspero Business Tower was announced by the officials of the Maspero Business Tower project that the area that the towers will witness is about 77 acres of land, and it was designed to include several tourist towers dealing with different sectors, including residential, administrative, commercial, and various entertainment places.

Maspero Business Tower Mall consists of a ground floor and 15 upper floors, On each floor there are 8 administrative offices with glass facades on the Nile, and there are a number of shops. The spaces vary in order to suit all customers within this edifice.

Maspero Business Tower project prices and spaces

All spaces were provided in the first phase in Maspero City Edge Towers, and the company explained that the level of finishing is semi-finished only, which is the only defect that some customers may face, but the exterior and interior facades have been finished and glass doors have been installed for all units with air conditioners in every administrative office within Maspero Business Tower, all at reasonable prices and various installment methods.

Also, Eng. Nassim Selim, who occupies the position of implementation manager of the Maspero Triangle Development Project, stated that the project witnesses several different areas in any of the categories it deals with. As for Maspero Business Tower, it includes administrative offices and shops.

He also added that the finishes were done for the external and internal facades, and glass doors were installed for the units with air conditioners for each unit.

The company that owns the project indicated that the prices offered in it are not commensurate with its real value, as you own a unit in the heart of Cairo, and next to you are the most important heritage and cultural bodies and monuments in Egypt. She also added that the project enjoys a package of installment systems for up to 7 years without interest.

Administrative offices :

  • The administrative office space in Maspero Towers starts from 70 meters.
  • The price per square meter in administrative offices starts at 43,000 pounds.


    • The commercial store space in Maspero Towers starts from 250 square meters.
    • The price per commercial meter in Maspero Business Tower starts from 160,000

Maspero Business Tower services and facilities

Maspero Business Tower the size of Maspero Towers, which is offered by City Edge, with huge investments, is expected to become an investment and service mark. The vital location made you surrounded by all the services that meet your needs. Among the most prominent services in Maspero Business Tower Mall:

  • Landscape.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Conference rooms.
  • Air filtration system.
  • Central air-conditioning.
  • 3 elevators.
  • Garage for cars.
  • security cameras.
  • Guard and Security

All of the above makes you guarantee the number of advantages that the name Maspero Business Tower bears, Your place in the heart of Cairo is the most vital and important place.

About City Edge Real Estate Development Company

In a partnership that brought together the most important Egyptian and governmental names and bodies, a huge real estate entity was established under the name City Edge Developments.

City Edge includes successful cooperation and partnership, Where it was established in the year 2017 AD, Despite its modernity, it has a great weight in the real estate market and has offered entire cities such as New Alamein City, The company consists of:

  • New Urban Communities Authority (60%).
  • and the Housing and Development Bank (38%).
  • and the Holding Company for Development and Investment (2%).

These companies and organizations cooperated in making a unique imprint that presents everything that is new and distinguished, and indeed, it was able to present several successful projects. Today, it is sufficient for the company to announce the start of a new edifice that bears its name, so that everyone hastens to reserve their places with it. Among its most important previous achievements:

  • New Alamein City, North Coast.
  • Etapa Compound, Sheikh Zayed.
  • New Mansoura City Project.
  • The destination is the new administrative capital.

And through Maspero Business Tower project, the company takes the meaning of the word investment in Egypt towards a great development, as it offers in the heart of Cairo and the center of the country tourist and residential towers overlooking the Nile and gives the greatest amount of luxury and creativity.

City Edge, in Maspero Business Tower project, provides opportunities for all investors and businessmen. All those in charge of this edifice confirmed that it reflects a major cultural shift that Egypt has not witnessed before

Take the opportunity and be one of the skyscrapers offered by City Edge on the largest waterfront, Own an administrative office directly on the Nile and enjoy the luxury Complete and true sophistication of Maspero Business Tower.

For more information, you can contact the sales manager of Maspero Business Tower City Edge Towers 01069210222

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Project details

The price per commercial meter starts from 160 thousand. And administrative 43 thousand pounds

It starts with a 5% down payment and up to 7 years.

City Edge Real Estate

77 acres.

Administrative, commercial.

The administrative area starts from 70 square meters. and commercial from 250 m.

You can contact us at 01069210222

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