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City Hall Mall New Capital is the latest project launched by Serac Development Company in the New Capital City, after the great success it achieved in City Hall Mall New Cairo, As part of its new expansion plan in Egypt for the year 2023, According to the CEO Karim Mamoun, during a statement to the “Arab Investment” newspaper.

City Hall Mall New Capital Location

City Hall Mall New Capital is specifically located in investors’ area in the new capital City. The project comes within the framework of the company’s new expansion plan to expand its activities in Egypt for the year 2023.

City Hall Mall New Cairo is located at a very privileged location near many of the main roads and landmarks in the New Capital, as it is located near the following:

  • City Hall Mall is located near IL BOSCO New Capital Compound.
  • It is located near the Green River (the largest public garden in the world).
  • It is also located between both the northern and southern axes of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • City Hall Mall New Capital is also located near the Diplomatic Quarter, Stella Park, and the golden square.

City Hall New Capital Space and Design

City Hall Mall New Capital by Serac development, is located on a large area of about 13,000 square meters in the New Capital City. It was designed with a magnificent façade of a high degree of sophistication that extends to 380 meters. 

City Hall Mall New Capital consists of 6 separate buildings, each of which has 5 floors, which are the ground floor in addition to 4 upper floors.  

The Mall was designed to include a group of commercial, medical, and administrative units that suit different business sectors. 

The ground and first floors in City Hall New Capital City are allocated for all commercial units within the mall, as for the second, third and fourth floors, including all the administrative and medical units. 

In designing the mall, the company relied on following the modern European style that combines tranquility, simplicity and sophistication at the same time, and this is what the company generally adopts in all projects it implements. 

City Hall New Capital Unit’s Spaces

City Hall Mall New Capital includes a variety of spaces for all commercial, administrative, medical units that suit the different needs of its customers and the needed space of their commercial activity.

The spaces in the project come as follows:

  • ground floor: The commercial units’ spaces on the ground floor start from 62 square meters.
  • First floor: While the spaces on the first floor start from 31 square meters.
  • Administrative and Medical unit’s spaces: As for the administrative and medical spaces in City Hall Mall start from 32 square meters.

City Hall New Capital Units’ prices

Serac Development Company presented all the units of City Hall Mall New Capital at very competitive prices compared to the size of this giant project and the features it offers to its customers. 

Of course, the unit prices in the project vary according to their area and location inside the mall. 

The price per square meter in the project for each floor comes as follows:

  • commercial units

Ground floor: The price per commercial meter in the ground floor starts from 150,000 EGP.

First round: The price per commercial meter on the first floor starts from 60,000 EGP.

  • Medical units

As for the meter price for medical units in the project starts from only 39,000 EGP only for the semi-finished level.

  • Administrative units

The prices of the administrative units in City Hall Mall New Capital also start from 39,000 EGP per square meter for the semi-finished level.

The client needs to pay 100,000 EGP at the first to reserve his commercial unit in City Hall New Capital Mall, and pay 50,000 EGP to reserve his medical or administrative unit within the project, just to guarantee their contract seriousness.

City Hall New Capital Payment Plans

Payment systems provided by Serac development in City Hall Mall New Capital are very diverse and flexible to suit everyone interested to reserve his own unit in this project. As you can choose one of the following payment plans provided by Serac Development: 

  • First system: in this plan the client will pay 10% down payment of the total unit value, and the rest installments over 6 years.
  • Second system: 20% down payment of the total unit value, and the rest over 7 years.
  • Third system: 30% down payment of the total unit value, and the rest over 8 years.

City Hall New Capital Services and features

The developer company made sure through this project that this commercial center includes all services and commercial categories, as its services cover the following:

  • A group of pharmacies.
  • The highest-level Restaurants and cafes.
  • Shops.
  • Hypermarket.
  • Banks and banking services.

In addition, it has focused on providing all services, facilities, and recreational activities that ensure the highest traffic in the mall. These services and facilities include:

  • City Hall Mall visitors will find the most famous cafes and restaurants that serve the most delicious foods and beverages.
  • City Hall Mall provides 24-hour security, guarding and surveillance cameras.
  • The mall has a garage that accommodates a huge number of cars to accommodate customers and visitors of the mall.
  • The mall serves for unit owners and visitors a high-speed internet.
  • It also offers central air conditioning.
  • All units within the mall enjoy charming views of green spaces and wonderful landscapes.
  • The project operates by smart systems such as alarms and lighting.
  • City Hall Mall is an environmentally friendly project, as it is powered by solar energy.
  • There are generators in City Hall to avoid power outages.
  • For effortless shopping, there are many ATMs all over the mall.
  • Your children can also have fun in the Kid’s Area in City Hall New Capital Mall.
  • There are elevators everywhere in the mall.
  • City Hall Mall also provides regular maintenance and cleaning services throughout the week.

About the Developer Company

SERAC Development is one of the largest real estate development companies in the Egyptian real estate market, that has succeeded in launching several successful real estate projects in a short time since it began its activity in Egypt by launching its first commercial projects, City Hall New Cairo Mall.

Serac Development Company is distinguished by its distinctive design for its various projects, by relying on the most important modern technologies and providing all elements of sophistication, and all the services that its customers may need in one place.

The company also has a very distinct vision that helps it to select and launch projects in very wonderful ways. The most prominent of which is its tendency to analyze customer requirements, conduct market studies, and choose the best vital locations for its various projects.

Architectural Engineering Companies

The developer has sought the help of a group of prominent consultants, contractors, and architectural designers to establish the City Hall New Capital Mall project at the highest level of quality. Among the most prominent companies and offices that were partnered with during this project are:

  • New Speco Contracting company.
  • Architectural designer: Hani Saad Consultant Office.
  • Electromechanical Consultant: Icon company.

Advantages of SERAC Development

Serac Development Company offers a set of wonderful advantages and privileges to its customers, which contributed to the formation of mutual trust between the two parties.

The company also has many advantages and features that contributed to ease the accessibility to reach audiences and gain the confidence of all its customers that it has today. 

Serac Development Company has a group of successful projects in the New Capital and the North Coast, which vary between commercial, administrative, and residential projects, in order to meet the desires and needs of the largest segment of customers in the Egyptian real estate market.

The most important features of the company:

  • The company commits the delivery dates that it promises its customers.
  • Studying and analyzing the locations chosen by the company to establish its projects in. Thus, focusing on choosing the best vital sites for each project.
  • Reliance on providing all that customers’ needs in one place.
  • The company pays a strong attention to the infrastructure of all projects by creating upscale urban communities that refuse to be affected by the external environment.
  • Choosing the best materials when finishing the various units.

One of the most important projects of Serac Development Company is City Hall New Cairo Mall which is an administrative commercial mall located near the most important traffic axes in the Fifth Settlement area.

Seize the opportunity and reserve your own unit in one of the best Malls in the New Capital City, City Hall New Capital Mall.

Just contact us now on 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will reply to you to provide you with all the details of City Hall New Capital.

Project details

You can reserve your unit in City Hall New Capital by contacting us on 00201011564040. 

Serac Development is the owner company of City Hall Mall.

The prices in City Hall mall New Capital by Serac start from only 39,000 EGP per square meter.

The payment systems in City Hall New Capital Mall start with paying a 10% down payment, and the rest in installments up to 8 years without any interest.

City Hall includes different unit types and spaces starting from 31 SQM.

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