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Serac Development Company is one of the best real estate companies that has become famous in the recent period and has attracted the attention of many real estate industry experts since it started its activity in Egypt.

Sirak Real Estate Development Company comes as a result of an important partnership between businessman Tariq Suleiman, owner of Glamor Jewelry Group, And some other brilliant names working in the same field, In addition to a number of Emirati partners, This great partnership came in order to achieve one goal, which is to provide everything that the real estate market needs in Egypt.

Seerac Real Estate Development Company During the coming period, we will implement many new projects that serve the Egyptian real estate market. Through its clear focus on conducting periodic studies of customer requirements accurately, And providing everything they could need during their projects.

It is affiliated with Serac Developments The most accurate standards and good planning to ensure the sure success of the targeted investors, This reflects the expectation of industry experts that Sirac will be one of the best real estate development companies in Egypt and the Arab world during the coming years.

The company is also keen to establish its new projects in unique cities, keeping pace with all changes in the field of real estate. By adopting the finest modern and contemporary designs, In order to follow the latest international technologies, taking into account the maintenance of all standards of sustainable development in all commercial sectors, which, in turn, guarantees the success of investing in them, As well as the luxurious residential sectors selected in the best strategic locations, specifically in the new Egyptian cities, like new Cairo, And also the new administrative capital (the largest development project in Egypt during the current period).


Previous business of the company

At Sirak Real Estate Development Company Successful projects that achieved the highest revenues during her career in real estate development. Which resonated widely in the market of real estate developers targeting the development of new cities, Among the most prominent of these projects are the following:

  • City Hall Mall, New Cairo.
  • City Hall Mall, New Capital.
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