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Summer Ras El Hekma Al-Ahly Sabbour

Summer Ras El Hekma is a new coastal project that is considered the largest of its kind on the Egyptian North Coast, implemented by Al-Ahly Sabbour Development, and launched to include a distinctive package of wonderful services and benefits that befit the size of this huge project and professionally meet the needs of customers in the Egyptian real estate market.

Through its new project, Summer Ras El Hekma Village, Al-Ahly Sabbour Development aims to provide a distinctive and exceptional coastal experience to all customers and investors looking for their coastal units in the most prominent coastal projects implemented by Al-Ahly Sabbour.

Below we provide you with a comprehensive overview of Summer Ras El Hekma Village so that you can have a comprehensive look of this new project, and make your ideal decision to invest and reserve your coastal unit during it.

Summer Ras El Hekma Location 

Al-Ahly Sabbour Development is implementing its new project, Summer Ras El Hekma, in a very distinctive area on the North Coast. It is located specifically at kilometer 222 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road in a distinguished location that occupies many geographical advantages, which make it a destination for many investors and clients wishing to reserve their coastal units in one of the latest distinctive coastal projects on the North Coast.

Among the most important of these geographical advantages that Summer Ras El Hekma enjoys is the following:

  • Summer Ras El Hekma Village is distinguished by its location in Ras El Hekma area, known for its natural beauty and wonderful beaches.
  • The village is distinguished by its location close to the most prominent coastal projects nearby, such as Silver Sands Village presented by Ora Development, Smeralda Bay Village presented by Cleopatra Development, White Bay presented by Pact Properties, and Naya Bay provided by Jumeirah Egypt.
  • The project enjoys a strategic location near the new Fouka Road, which was implemented by the Egyptian state to significantly shorten the distance between Cairo and the north coast.
  • Summer Village is distinguished by its shortened distance from Ras El-Hekma area, which has witnessed significant development recently thanks to the Egyptian government’s cooperation with the UAE in developing it to be one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world.

Get your coastal unit in the best locations on the North Coast and be within walking distance of the most important landmarks of the North Coast and the most important tourist destinations, just by contacting us on 00201011564040.

Summer Ras El Hekma Design

Al-Ahly Sabbour Development paid great attention to the design of Summer Ras El Hekma, through its keenness to cooperate with the largest engineering consulting companies in the field, whose merit and uniqueness are attested by the real estate development market through its previous diverse real estate projects.

This fruitful cooperation resulted in a very distinct and unique design that gives this new coastal complex its special character and high attractiveness, making it the premier coastal destination for investors and tourists alike.

Al-Ahly Sabbour Company took into account during the design of Summer North Coast Village that all units in the project have a direct and clear view of the Mediterranean coast, so that all units in the village have an equal share of the direct distinctive view of the sea, without being limited to units near the sea.

To learn more about the design of Summer Ras El Hekma Village, please contact us on 00201011564040.


Summer Ras El Hekma Space

Summer North Coast Village is located in a very large area, as it is considered the company’s largest Project in the North Coast City, if not the largest at all, compared to the rest of the resorts and other tourist villages. The project extends over a large area of about 864 acres and includes different phases within.

The project’s phases include a group of distinctive coastal units that are available in different spaces and a distinct set of services, benefits, and recreational activities that give the resort’s residents the greatest amount of coastal luxury in the heart of the North Coast.

During this project, Al-Ahly Sabbour Development took into account the ideal distribution of space, focusing on the size of basic and entertainment services and landscapes to constitute the largest percentage of the project area, approximately 80% of the total area of the resort, while the rest area includes all the coastal units provided in the village.

Summer North Coast Features and Services

Summer North Coast Village offers a very distinctive package of features, services, and facilities, all of which aim to provide a very distinctive tourist experience on the most beautiful beaches of the North Coast, to be the ideal place to get rid of the stresses of city life in one of the most important coastal areas in the world, the Egyptian North Coast.

Below we present to you a group of the most important advantages and services offered by Summer North Coast:

  • Distinctive Landscape: Summer North Coast Village has a very distinguished landscape consisting of wide green spaces and beautiful artificial lakes that constitute the largest percentage of the village’s area.
  • Various swimming pools: The resort includes some distinctive swimming pools with various depths and sizes that suit different age groups.
  • Car Parking: The village includes designated parking lots to organize parking and reduce traffic congestion inside.
  • Security service: The resort provides advanced security service by a security team that works to protect the resort around the clock, in addition to several high-quality surveillance cameras that guarantee the safety of individuals and properties within the village.
  • Vehicles: The resort provides internal transportation, including vehicles designated for transporting village residents from one place to another within the village.
  • Sports fields: The village includes sports fields for practicing various sports for amateurs and athletes alike, such as football, tennis, handball, basketball, and other sports. 
  • A social club: There is a large social club within the village, suitable for all family members and friends to have a wonderful entertaining time.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: There is a group of upscale restaurants and cafes within the village that offer the best local and international drinks and cuisine.
  • Health care services: The resort provides comprehensive medical services and pharmacies to meet all residents’ health needs.
  • Commercial areas: There is also a distinctive group of shops and commercial centers within the village that embrace the most famous brands.
  • Health Club: The village has a health club for fitness, which includes a gym, spa area, and jacuzzi.
  • Kids Area: There are recreational areas designated for children (Kids Area) that work to entertain them and develop their special skills and abilities.

Reserve your coastal unit now in the largest coastal and entertainment projects on the North Coast, implemented by Al Ahly Sabbour Development, Summer North Coast, only by contacting us on 00201011564040.


Summer Ras El Hekma Units’ Spaces

Al-Ahly Sabbour Development, through its latest coastal project on the North Coast for the year 2024, Summer Ras El Hekma, offers a distinguished group of coastal units, all of which have a direct view of the sea, and are available in different types and spaces to suit all the customers’ special tastes and requirements in their coastal unit that they wish to acquire.

Summer North Coast Units’ Prices

Al-Ahly Sabbour offers Summer North Coast Village at very competitive prices that do not match the size of the features included in this distinguished and upscale project, through which the company targets the largest number of investors and clients to be their ideal destination for tourist investment in the North Coast.

Summer Ras El Hekma Payment Plans

During Summer North Coast project, Al Ahly Sabbour provided distinctive and long-term payment plans to facilitate the payment process for customers without carrying any financial pressure or bearing any additional financial burdens on them. The payment plans provided in the project come as follows:

  • Pay a 10% down payment of the total unit value, and pay the rest unit price over a repayment period of up to 8 years.
  • Pay a down payment of 10%, and the rest in installments over the longest payment period of up to 9 years.

Reserve your coastal unit now in the latest coastal projects on the North Coast, and enjoy the longest repayment period, up to 9 years.

Contact us on 00201011564040, and we will immediately provide you with all the details and help you reserve your coastal unit in Summer North Coast Village.

Information about Al Ahly Sabbour Development

Al-Ahly Sabbour Development is one of the leaders of the real estate industry in Egypt, whose name enjoys a good reputation and trust from many investors and real estate industry experts.

 Al-Ahly Sabbour Development Company was established in 1994 as a result of a strong partnership between Sabbour family and the National Bank of Egypt Al-Ahli, as Sabbour Company owns 60% of that partnership, while the National Bank of Egypt holds 40%.

Al Ahly Sabbour projects are distinguished by their distribution over a wide geographical scope in Egypt, as the company presented more than 60 residential, commercial, and coastal projects, exceeding more than 20 thousand units, all of which were designed with Modern Designs and characterized by providing all necessary services and facilities.

The company is known for its focus on ensuring that all of its projects are at the same level of distinction and modernity, with an emphasis on providing diverse units’ spaces at competitive prices that meet all the needs and aspirations of various clients. 

Get your coastal unit now in the latest coastal projects of Al Ahly Sabbour Company in the North Coast area, Summer North Coast Village, and enjoy a distinctive view of the most beautiful beaches of the North Coast.

Contact us on 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will respond to you immediately to provide you with all the information and assist you professionally in reserving your unit in Summer Ras El Hekma Resort.

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