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Park Lane New Capital
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Park Lane New Capital project

After more than thirty years of experience, Al-Attal Holding Company for Real Estate Development and Investment announces the opening of the reservation door for its first business in the New Administrative Capital,

The company offers a residential edifice in the R7, plot D2, on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and the Ring Road, Park Lane New Capital Compound, the New Administrative Capital, is a mini-city that includes a variety of units (apartments, villas, and duplexes) with super lux finishes and a view on the largest main street in the capital, It is designed by the largest engineering consultant, Eng. Raif Fahmy, in cooperation with senior experts and technicians.

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Park Lane New Capital

Take the opportunity now and own your Dutch-style apartment with elegant and distinctive designs offered by the company, overlooking the green spaces and landscapes, at the lowest prices in the new compound Park Lean New Capital.

The location of Park Lane New Capital

Park Lane New Capital is located in the R7 plot D2, It is the second piece of land from the southern bin Zayed axis, It features a view of a main street with a width of 70 m. Directly in front of Rose Medical.

Park Lane New Capital Compound, the new administrative capital, is also located close to the Bosco project and the Swedish University. It is minutes away from Al-Massa Hotel, the Conference Center, the Presidential Palace, and the Green River in the New Administrative Capital.

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Park Lane New Capital

One of the most important advantages of its location is its proximity to the regional ring road, the axis of hope, the diplomatic area, and the fairground area in the capital.

The most important places near Park Lane New Capital Compound

  • The compound is located on a main street with a width of 70 m in front of Tiba Rose.
  • Park Lane New Capital is located near the IL Bosco Compound and the Swedish University, next to Al Masa Hotel.
  • Just minutes away from the Green River, the Presidential Palace, and the Convention Center.
  • Park Lane New Capital is located next to the Opera House, the Diplomatic District, and the Fairgrounds.

Park Lane New Capital Compound is located in the most prestigious part of the capital. It is surrounded by all the major and distinguished projects and the most important areas in the capital. It is also distinguished by its proximity to the multiple educational and service facilities located in the capital.

We will not be able to describe the site that received great attention from the company until it was able to choose a strategic location that makes you close to all services, roads, and main landmarks in the Administrative Capital, Take the opportunity and become a client of Al-Attal Holding Company and invest in a unique and privileged location in compound Park Lane New Capital

The area of Park Lane New Capital

Al-Attal Company established that project on an area of 26 acres. This area was divided among the various services, utilities, and residential units. The compound includes luxury apartments, villas, and duplexes. With superlux finishing, The engineering consultant based on the implementation of these units is the well-known engineer Raef Fahmy.

Spaces and prices of Park Lane New Capital

The number of residential units in Park Lane New Capital is remarkably large. For the customer to find what suits him and his family, Where units are available from one room to 4 bedrooms, It is also characterized by complete finishes and designs developed by Engineer Raef Fahmy in a distinctive and elegant way.

Despite the difference between these units, they all overlook gardens, flowers, and green spaces. Whatever your location in the compound, El Attal Company guarantees you the most beautiful view and full view of your unit and your new home in Park Lane New Capital

As for the financial aspect and the prices offered for the project, it is a golden opportunity that will not be repeated again. Prices may vary according to the size, type, and location of the unit. Despite this difference, it is one of the lowest prices that you will find in the Administrative Capital.

Prices and spaces in Park Lane New Capital:

  • Park Lane New Capital Compound spaces start from 175 square meters.
  • As for the first price in the Park Lane New Capital, it starts from 3,140,000 EGP.
  • Full finishes for all units and integrated services in equal installments without interest.

Take the initiative now to book your unit at the lowest price per meter, by installments or cash, and seize the opportunity and live in one of the most beautiful new cities. Live real sophistication, privacy and relaxation after a hard day’s work, and enjoy an apartment with a view of the stunning views and green spaces in Compound Park Lane New Capital.

Payment and payment methods in Park Lane Compound, the Administrative Capital

There are many systems and facilities provided by El Attal in Park Lane New CapitalCompound, In order to suit all different levels of customers, These methods start from a down payment of 314,000 pounds and installments up to 7 years without interest. Choose the right system for you and own your unit with the lowest down payment in comfortable and interest-free installments

  • 10% down payment and facilities over 7 years without interest.

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Services of the Park Lane project, the administrative capital

Services and facilities are indispensable in any residential city, whatever its location. But what is unique about Park Lane New Capital Compound is the services provided by the company. It is close to the most important service areas in the capital, such as universities, major hospitals, the commercial district, and Downtown in the New Administrative Capital. That is what makes you guarantee a strategic and service location. As for the services provided by El Attal in the compound, they are innumerable.

Landscapes and green spaces surround each unit within the compound in a way that makes you enjoy complete privacy, and fresh and healthy air, in addition to a charming view. Artificial lakes and attractive waterfalls have also been made, in harmony with gardens and greenery, in a dazzling and striking image.

The Club House has also been implemented in a huge area to include many recreational activities that help you spend an enjoyable weekend with your family in Park Lane New Capital Compound, the New Administrative Capital.

In addition to the guard and security unit and the surveillance cameras that were distributed throughout the compound, For more luxury in the compound, the company has implemented gymnasiums, sports fields, and a health and sports club for the residents. It also allocated an area for restaurants and cafes that provide distinguished service to Park Lane New Capital customers.

As for barbecues, special places have been allocated for them to enjoy a barbecue party with your family freely in the compound. And if you are asking about commercial services, they are available next to a hypermarket that works around the clock to serve you throughout the day.

As for garages, they are widely available to avoid crowding inside the compound. A space has also been allocated to design a tourist walkway for running and biking away from the car tracks in the compound. The project also includes a cinema complex, spa, sauna, jacuzzi and all the full amenities.

Enjoy integrated services and a new life offered by the company for lovers of tranquility, privacy, and luxury. Park Lane New Capital Dutch designs with a distinctive civilized touch, Complete finishes, various services and facilities, Live the life you dream of for yourself and your children in a city that carries everything you can imagine and what you can’t imagine.

Park Lane New Capital is a lifestyle and luxurious housing offered by the largest real estate companies in Egypt and the Arab world. Take advantage and book your place now in this distinguished edifice.

Information about El-Attal Holding Company and its previous work

It is an old company in the real estate market, as it was established in 1987 AD. It has implemented a number of different projects. It also contributed to making the largest government agencies and institutions and various embassies in more than one country.

El-Attal Holding Company contributed to the construction of Ain Shams University, Alexandria University, and the High Dam. It also implemented embassies in several different countries, including, Malaysia, Bahrain, Qatar, Angola, uganda, In addition to some constellations in Lotus, Anfal, Beit Al-Watan and Andalus.

As for Park Lane New Capital Compound, the New Administrative Capital, Al-Atel Holding sought the help of a huge consulting office that has a special weight among the consulting companies in the Egyptian real estate market. And the engineer in charge of the implementation of this edifice, starting from the design of the housing units and the external facades, to the design of the complete services and facilities, is:

Engineer / Raef Fahmy.

During his career, Engineer Raef Fahmy has done a lot of distinguished work, which has been implemented with the highest quality and paper, He was also distinguished in his designs by combining modernity and modernity with the Pharaonic and ancient Egyptian civilization, with a distinctive touch that he was able to be unique to alone.

Among the works for which Engineer Raef Fahmy designed the Waterway Village, and Ein Hills project, and Bloomfield, and the Skyline project, And the Arkan project.

As for the Park Lane New Capital in the New Administrative Capital, Engineer Raef Fahmy explained that the design of the compound was designed to be in the Dutch style for lovers of classic designs in the distinctive and elegant Dutch way. He also announced that the most quality materials were used in building construction, and this is what distinguished Al-Attal Company in every edifice it has made so far.

So take advantage of the opportunity and own your apartment or villa on a main street and the view of the green spaces and gardens in Park Lane New Capital, the new administrative capital, and enjoy a new life and luxury in all its meanings, offered by the largest real estate companies in Egypt, in convenient and interest-free installments, in the Compound Park Lane New Capital

Project details

You can reserve your unit in Park Lane New Capital by contacting us at 00201011564040.

El-Attal Holding Company is the owner company of Park Lane Compound.

The prices in Park Lane New Capital start from only 3,100,000 EGP.

The payment system in Park Lane starts with paying a 10% down payment, and the rest in installments up to 7 years without any interest.

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