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Mall Shifa Capital new capital
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Medical units, commercial units
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Starting from 43 m²
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20% down payment, up to 7 years
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Information about Mall Shifa Capital new capital

Mall Shifa Capital new capital project

Regency for Urban Development gives investors in the medical and commercial sectors an irreplaceable golden opportunity through its new project Mall Shifa Capital new capital is a medical investment mall and is the first of its kind in the New Republic.

Mall Shifa Capital new capital is located in the most vital location in the capital, on the first piece of land in the medical city in the capital, on the axis parallel to the southern axis of Bin Zayed, and next to the sixth district.

Mall Shifa Capital new capital from the Regency Urban Development Company, provides a variety of investment units, including clinics, pharmacies, and shops, at prices that compete with all malls in the Administrative Capital. All this with multiple spaces and integrated services that meet all customer needs. Below is all the information and details about Shafa Capital Hospital new capital .

Location of Mall Shifa Capital new capital

Regency Company placed its clients in the appropriate area that matches their investment aspirations. As a result, it was chosen for the most distinguished place in the medical city in the capital.

This makes Mall Shifa Capital new capital serve a large residential sector, Also, the location of Shafa Capital Mall, the Administrative Capital, guarantees easy access to it from many roads and main axes, including the regional ring road.

Places near Mall Shifa Capital new capital

  • Mall Shifa Capital new capital is located next to the Sixth District, R6.
  • It is 15 minutes away from the government district
  • Only 10 minutes away from the capital’s central park
  • Mall Shifa Capital new capital project, the administrative capital, is also located near the diplomatic area

Design and space of Mall Shifa Capital new capital

Mall Shifa Capital new capital  will be built on a huge area of 13,000 square meters. And that large area was the main factor in creating an important and great diversity in the mall units and their area.

Mall Shifa Capital new capital includes clinics, pharmacies, and shops of the highest standard, designed with the finest designs. It is equipped with glass facades that add luxury to the building, as well as choosing the finest raw materials in the finishes so that it is as desired by customers and investors.

The areas of the units of Mall Shifa Capital new capital

The total area of Mall Shifa Capital new capital Hospital, the administrative capital, has been optimally utilized. This is what appeared in the areas of the units that were carefully chosen. To accommodate the various investment activities and clients’ needs, Each customer can easily choose the appropriate space for him, and the spaces start from 43 square meters.

Unit prices in Mall Shifa Capital new capital

Mall Shifa Capital new capital project prices were very competitive compared to the size of the services and feature it enjoys. As the company gave the opportunity to the largest number of clients and investment seekers in the Administrative Capital, The prices of Shafa Capital, the administrative capital, are as follows.

  • The price per meter in the units of Mall Shifa Capital new capital starts from 52,200 Egyptian pounds.
Payment and installment systems in Mall Shifa Capital new capital Hospital

Not only did Regency for Urban Development offer the best price per square meter in the capital, but it also granted its customers excellent payment systems that made it the first choice for customers. It starts with the lowest down payment and extends to the longest repayment period without trouble or pressure. And it came as follows..

  • 15% and installments over 7 years.
Services of Mall Shifa Capital new capital

The project provides many integrated services that are not available in many other projects. For the Shafa Capital project, the administrative capital, to be the best service for its visitors and employees, The project services included the following…

  • Shiva Capital includes a group of restaurants and cafes.
  • Providing all branches of banks and exchange machines to practice all financial transactions.
  • 24-hour security and guarding services.
  • There are also periodic teams for the cleanliness and maintenance of the project units.
  • There are 5 elevators on each floor for easy movement within the building.
  • Units are delivered fully finished and air conditioned with internal control.
  • Meeting rooms equipped to the highest standard.
  • Shafa Capital, the administrative capital, also provides a high-speed internet network that makes it easier for investors to conduct their business.
  • The units of the Shafa Capital project have wonderful views of the large green spaces and natural landscapes. Allowing you to work in an environment of comfort and psychological peace.
  • The project embraces a children’s area with many safe and favorite recreational activities.
  • fire extinguishing systems, There is also central air conditioning for the entire project.

When you book in Shafa Capital Hospital from Regency Real Estate, you own a unit among the best projects that are characterized by many indispensable services and exclusive advantages that you will not find in any other project.

Features of Shafa Capital Hospital new capital:

The project carries a large number of features, the most important of which is the location of Shafa Capital Hospital new capital At the medical city entrance, in the very first row, On the axis parallel to the southern bin Zayed axis, Directly on the regional ring that connects the medical city with all governorates and near the largest residential blocs, which are the fifth, sixth and seventh districts. The company has contracted with Al-Shifa Hospital to provide all medical specialties.

Disadvantages of Shafa Capital Hospital new capital

Finding defects or problems in the Shafa Capital Administrative Capital project is very difficult. This is due to the developer’s keenness to make it an integrated project. However, some believe that the Administrative Capital is far from the vital areas in New Cairo and the city center, but on the contrary,

new  capital will turn into the most important investment area in the Arab world. The Egyptian government has provided a network of roads and transportation linking the administrative capital to all places and fields.

Information about the regency that owns the project:

Regency Real Estate Company is one of the most important real estate companies that has been able to prove its worth through a strong portfolio of projects within New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Regency Real Estate Company was established through an alliance of many large real estate entities, which has more than 30 years of experience, Which made it one of the best real estate developers in Egypt.

Previous Regency projects: –

Regency Business Tower project, the new administrative capital

  • It also implemented New Cairo Mall, New Cairo.
  • Crown Mall 220 New Cairo.
  • Also, Five Stars Mall, 6th of October.
  • Wooden Bakery Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Project details

You can reserve your unit in Mall Shifa Capital new capital by contacting us at 00201011564040.

Regency Urban Developments Company is the owner company of Mall Shifa Capital.

The prices in Shifa Capital Mall start from only 3,700,000 EGP.

The payment system in Shifa Mall starts with paying a 10% down payment, and the rest in installments up to 7 years without any interest.

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