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Mall Code New Capital
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Mall Code New Capital project

Mall Code New Capital is a new project that joins the business series carried out by Jedir Real Estate Development and Investment Company.

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Code New Capital مول كود العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

Today, the company presents an investment edifice that includes administrative offices and shops of varying sizes and reasonable prices. The project is strategically located on 3 facades of the central park, specifically in the heart of the Downtown area. It also offers a package of payment and reservation systems for up to 7 years without interest.

Mall Code New Capital  location

Mall Code New Capital is located in the Downtown area and features a direct view of the central park. It is also close to the financial and business district, the government district, and the monorail. Steps separate it from the residential neighborhoods, the gold market, and the ministries complex in the Administrative Capital.

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Code New Capital مول كود العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

Space and design of Mall Code New Capital

Mall Code New Capital is being built on an area of 7,202 square meters. Memaar Engineering Company cooperated to design that space. The units in the mall also differ between the administrative and commercial sectors. In addition to the many services it enjoys and the many amenities.

Prices and areas of Mall Code New Capital

Prices vary according to the unit size, type, and location in the mall, but they are all considered reasonable. The spaces vary in each of the categories available in the mall. The owner company was keen to facilitate the matter for customers, as it launched a package of different installment systems for up to 7 years without interest.

code new capital jadeer
Code New Capital مول كود العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة
  • The spaces in Mall Code New Capital start from 33 m.
  • The price per commercial meter starts from 80,000 pounds.
  • The administrative meter price in Mall Code New Capital starts from 30,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • 10% down payment and installments over 7 years.

Mall Code New Capital website

Mall Code New Capital is located in plot (mu4.40) Downtown, and it is the first plot in central park, and it has 3 distinct facades, The mall is the main entrance to the capital’s Central Park. It is also surrounded by a major and important road network in the capital.

Places near the mall

  • Mall Code New Capital is located near People’s Square, the Ministries Complex, and the Financial and Business District.
  • Steps separate it from the gold market, the parliament, and the government district.
  • Mall Code New Capital  is also close to the Grand Mosque, the Cathedral, the Opera House, and the Medical City.
  • Among the advantages of the site is its proximity to the residential area of the capital, monorail, universities, and international schools.
  • As for the roads near it, the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the central axis, and the regional ring road.

The New Administrative Capital code space

Jadeer Real Estate Company stated that Mall Code New Capital project will be built on an area of 7202 square meters. The investment units vary between administrative offices and commercial stores. Next to the services and recreational activities part of the mall.

  • The Administrative Capital code consists of 3 basements + ground floor + 12 upper floors
  • There are shops on the ground and first floors.
  • And starting from the second floor until the 12th floor, there are administrative offices.

A large part of it was allocated for services and luxuries. The administrative units have been fully finished and air conditioners have been installed. One of the most important features of the mall is the glass facades, which offer you a charming and attractive view of all units in the Code new capital.

Designs of the new administrative capital code

Jadeer Real Estate Investment Company cooperated with Memaar Engineering Consultancy Company to design Mall Code New Capital . It is a major engineering company with more than 24 years of experience and has designed more than 150 projects over the past years. It also owns a series of projects in the New Administrative Capital.

Services in the new administrative capital code

The company that owns the Mall Code New Capital project offers a range of complete luxury means, in addition to many services that help you spend an enjoyable time inside the mall, All to fully meet your needs and requirements, Among the services and luxuries in Code Mall are the following:

  • Designed by the landscape.
  • 7 panoramic elevators.
  • The mall also includes 20 rooms for meetings and conferences.
  • It also provides 5 storage rooms.
  • In addition to two prayer rooms.
  • Plaza Square 2605 m.
  • 3 floors for the garage.
  • A group of outstanding restaurants.
  • Cafes and Kids Area.
  • Surveillance cameras system.
  • Electronic portals.
  • Various electronic entries, some for the administrative sector and the other for commercial
  • Reception service and central air conditioning.
  • Guard and security.
  • Display screens.
  • All offices are open view.

Prices and areas of the New Administrative Capital code

Among the important features offered by Mall Code New Capital  is the diversity of its investment categories, Which guarantees you the largest number of customers inside the mall, in addition to its vital and strategic location. The spaces vary from the smallest to the largest.

As for the prices that are offered in Mall Code New Capital  is a unique opportunity for real investment and for the largest return that can be obtained. Where the prices of this edifice are considered appropriate and are not compared to many of the features that it embraces.

Spaces and prices of administrative offices

  • The administrative office spaces in the Administrative Capital Code start from 33 meters.
  • The price of an administrative meter starts from 30,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds (and these are prices before discounting the launch).
  • The level of finishing in the administrative offices is super lux with air conditioners.

Shop spaces and prices

  • The shop space in Code Mall starts from 33 square meters.
  • The price per square meter on the ground floor starts from 120,000 pounds to 160,000 pounds (before the launch discount).
  • The meter price for the first floor starts from 80,000 pounds up to 120,000 pounds.
  • The unit is received semi-finished.

There is no need for hesitation. Book your private place now and invest in a vital location Downtown and enjoy a view and direct view of the central park and the Green River. Mall Code New Capital  is a real investment, with a guaranteed return, and a quick profit, offered to you by Jedir Real Estate Company, at the lowest price per square meter, and in convenient installments.

Reservation and payment methods in the Administrative Capital code

Jadeer Real Estate Company has taken care to provide all amenities in the mall. It was also keen to facilitate the purchase order for customers, through a group of installment systems and facilities for up to 7 years without interest. Choose what suits you from among these systems and book your unit within the New Administrative Capital code.

  • 10% down payment and installments over 7 years.

Cache text system

  • 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 4 years (20% discount).
  • 25% down payment and the rest of the value is paid up to 4 years (25% discount).

About Jedir Real Estate Development Company

Jedir Real Estate was founded in 2006 by several important leaders and well-known businessmen in the real estate market, Throughout the previous period, the company has carried out many distinguished projects to become today one of the most important leading companies in Egypt.

Jedir Real Estate Development has important and well-known names and experiences that contributed to the success and development of the company in the past period, which made it possess a unique mark and imprint carried by the most important residential, investment, and tourism projects in Egypt, These names include:

  • Mr. Mahmoud Abu Al-Khair (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company).

He is an investor who owns a group of national and international companies in various sectors. This is the main reason for the transformation that Jedir Company has undergone in recent years because it carries many years of experience in this field. Mr. Mahmoud Abu Al-Khair also contributed to many well-known real estate and tourism projects, prior to establishing Jadeer Real Estate Company.

  • Mr. Muhammad Abu Al-Khair (Chief Executive Officer of the company).

Mr. Mohammed Abu Al-Khair has undertaken many projects and obtained a degree in International Business Administration from the University of the Netherlands, He also holds a master’s degree from the University of Amsterdam. During his career of more than 14 years, Managed more than 900 stores in European countries, He was also the director of Format International magazine until he became a major name in the investment sector in Egypt and European countries.

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Project details

It starts in Mall Code New Capital  from 80 thousand commercial, 30 thousand administrative

Reservation systems start with Mall Code New Capital  with a 10% down payment and up to 7 years.

To contact the sales manager in Mall Code New Capital  is 00201069210222

The owner of Mall Code New Capital  is Jedir Real Estate Development Company.

The area of the Mall Code New Capital  project is 7202 square meters.

The units available in Mall Code New Capital are commercial stores, and administrative Offices.

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