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Jadeer Real Estate Development Company It is one of the leading companies in the real estate market in Egypt, Founded in 2006 AD, Since its inception, it has been able to contribute to the establishment of a number of successful major projects. All of its projects were characterized by high taste and very impressive designs. Which simulates the sophistication of international buildings.

Jadeer Real Estate Company offers a number of services and advantages in all the projects it implements, In order to attract customers and investors, It was also able to achieve remarkable success by offering very competitive pricing and payment plans and payment systems.

The company’s board of directors is chaired by Mr. Mahmoud Abu Al-Khair. He has long experience and a successful career. It is one of the leading names in the field of investments. He owns a number of international companies, It also contributes to a number of major real estate projects.


The most prominent projects of Jedir Real Estate Development Company

Jedir Real Estate Development Company owns a number of wonderful investment projects, The success of the company will not be limited to implementing investment projects only. Rather, it was keen to cooperate with engineering design and finishing companies, making it one of the best real estate development companies in the Arab world. Among its most prominent projects are the following.

  • executed Company 35 projects in New Cairo, Specifically in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Implementation of five projects in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Code New Capital project .


Advantages of Jadir Real Estate Development Company

Owns Jadir Real Estate Development Company A journey full of successes and achievements. By providing a number of advantages in its projects that make it the best, The main ones are as follows.

  • Implementation of all units in its projects with the best quality and best architectural styles.
  • Delivering units with their projects on time without any delay in order to gain the trust of customers.
  • Offering very convenient payment and payment systems, In addition to offering project units that are being implemented at very competitive prices.
  • Choosing the best materials in construction and following advanced construction and finishing methods.
  • The company’s management includes a group of experts and specialists in the real estate field.
  • In its projects, the company provides all basic and recreational services and facilities.
  • The company is interested in choosing very strategic geographical locations.
  • Providing units in its projects with a variety of spaces that suit the needs of various categories of customers.
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