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Information about Garnet Residence New Cairo

Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound is a wonderful opportunity provided by Jadir Development Company for those looking for sophistication, luxury, and ideal housing in one of the most prestigious areas of New Cairo

Jadeer Development chose the best strategic geographical locations in the Fifth Settlement to build Garnet Compound, as it is located close to road networks and main axes. 

Jadeer has offered the compound units at very competitive prices with payment plans extending over many years for all its clients.

In the next lines, we’ll show you all the details of this new project and how to reserve your unit in Garnet Residence New Cairo.

Garnet Residence Location

Jadeer Development Company was keen to choose a strategic location in New Cairo that guarantees residents a distinguished life experience for its new project Garnet Residence New Cairo

The following is an overview of the most prominent features of Garnet Residence New Cairo in the Fifth Settlement:

  • Garnet Compound is located in a very strategic location in New Cairo, making it a main base for its success.
  • The compound is only two minutes away from the American University, which provides easy access for all.
  • It is distinguished by its proximity to CFC, which gives residents the luxury of shopping and entertainment just a few minutes away.
  • It is also located close to Al-Rehab and Madinaty Cities.    
  • Garnet is located close to the Ring Road and Mohamed Naguib Axis, which makes transportation easy and convenient for its residents.
  • Garnet project is very close to Cairo International Airport, enhancing accessibility and convenience for residents.
  • Garnet Compound is distinguished by its prime location, which combines proximity to educational institutions, commercial centers, and major transportation means, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and easy life. 

For reservations, call us now on 00201011564040.

Garnet Fifth Settlement Design

Jadeer Development Company was distinguished by its seriousness in presenting Garnet Compound as one of the most prominent real estate projects in New Cairo, distinguished by the highest standards of quality and unique design.

The units in Garnet Residence Compound are characterized by a unique balance between luxury and simplicity, as the designs were carefully chosen to embody sophistication and elegance in every detail.

The project is characterized by allocating a large percentage of the space to green spaces and landscapes, which gives the place exceptional attractiveness and creates a lively and comfortable environment for residents.

Thanks to this combination of high quality and exquisite design, Garnet Compound enjoys its status as an iconic real estate project in the region, offering investors and residents a unique opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a stunning natural environment.

Garnet New Cairo compound Space

The space of Garnet Compound is approximately 13 acres. This space has been invested with great care to achieve an ideal balance between charming green spaces and modern buildings, making it a project of distinction and sophistication.

The largest percentage of the compound’s area is allocated to green spaces, creating a calm and sustainable environment that enhances the well-being of residents.

This great interest in the natural spaces of the compound gives the compound a unique character and creates a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. 

The project includes a variety of residential apartments designed in the latest modern styles, providing residents with multiple options that meet their needs and aspirations. The designs of the residential units combine comfort and elegance, making them a community ideal for modern life in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. For reservations, call now on 00201011564040.

Garnet Compound’ Spaces

The unit spaces in Garnet New Cairo Compound are considered an attraction for those looking for a unique and comfortable residential experience, and this project demonstrates excellence in providing diverse and superior spaces, enabling investors and residents to choose a unit that fully meets their aspirations.

  • Unit spaces in Garnet Compound start from 80 square meters and vary to include a wide range of options for all clients.

This diversity allows customers to choose from luxurious and ideal first-class units, giving them a unique opportunity to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and living in a compound characterized by sophisticated design.

With these diverse spaces, Garnet New Cairo offers an exceptional opportunity to obtain a residential unit that combines elegance and luxury in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, adding a special and unique touch to the luxury residential experience.

Garnet New Cairo Prices

Garnet Compound stands out as a distinguished investment destination in the Fifth Settlement area thanks to its competitive prices that reflect an ideal balance between value and quality.

The price per meter in this wonderful project starts from 50 thousand Egyptian pounds, which makes it an attractive option for investors and buyers alike. It is an irreplaceable investment opportunity in the increasingly competitive real estate market. 

Below is the average unit prices in the compound:

  • One-bedroom apartment prices start from only 4,240,000 EGP.
  • Two-bedroom apartment prices start from 6,477,000 EGP.
  • Three-bedroom apartment prices start from 8,370,000 EGP.
  • Four-bedroom apartment prices start from 12,155,000 EGP.

Enjoy the opportunity to own your luxury residential units at affordable prices in one of the most prestigious areas in New Cairo. Call now on 00201011564040for reservations and more details.

Garnet New Cairo Payment Plan

Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound gives customers a unique opportunity to own their apartments easily and affordably through a convenient installment system.

  • You can get your ideal residential unit by paying a down payment of only 10% of the total unit value and paying the rest of the amount over 8 years.

This flexible payment plan gives you the ability to achieve your housing dream in a comfortable way, where you can benefit from installments that suit your budget.

Thanks to this opportunity, living in Garnet Residence Compound becomes more possible and accessible to various investors and buyers who want to experience a luxurious life within an elaborate environment suitable for families and individuals alike. 

Do not hesitate to reserve your unit now and enjoy the launch prices with only 50,000 EOI, just call us now on 00201011564040 to own your residential unit in Garnet compound.

Garnet Compound Services and facilities 

Garnet Compound is distinguished by providing a comprehensive package of services and facilities that make the living experience there beyond expectations. 

The following is an overview of the most prominent services and facilities available in the compound:

  • The compound includes multiple garages under each building, which prevents traffic congestion and improves the arrival and exit of cars.
  • The compound offers a Kid’s Area for children, equipped with many games to ensure their entertainment.
  • There is also a group of the best restaurants and cafes within the project, providing a distinguished dining experience.
  • To ensure safety and protection, there are surveillance cameras throughout the project, and a highly trained security staff works to ensure the safety of residents.
  • Entry and exit from the compound is facilitated through electronic gates.
  • There is a specialized breakdown maintenance team that works regularly to ensure the good condition of the facilities, and emergency exits have been provided to deal with any emergency cases.
  • The compound includes a clubhouse, which gives the compound residents the greatest amount of luxury.
  • There are swimming pools with various sizes to suit all age groups.
  • There is also a special barbecue area to enhance family gatherings and create an atmosphere of harmony and interaction among the compound’s residents.

Garnet Fifth Settlement Features 

Jadeer Development Company offers its customers a wonderful opportunity to own a distinctive residential unit, as Garnet Compound gives all the residents a wide range of advantages, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Garnet Compound shines with a group of features that give the residents a unique environment, as the project features wide green spaces and picturesque nature extending throughout the compound, providing a comfortable and sustainable environment for residents.
  • There are Crystal lakes that add a magical touch to the landscape, enhancing the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the place.
  • The wonderful location is one of the compound’s features, as it is located in a privileged area in New Cairo ensuring easy access to vital services and facilities.
  • The architectural designs in the compound are characterized by luxury and innovation, giving the project a unique identity and residential appeal. 
  • Prices are competitive, making investing in Garnet an excellent choice for those looking to combine luxury and versatility with the best prices.
  • The flexible installment plan contributes to providing an easy financial solution for investors, as they can pay a down payment starting from 10% and pay the rest over a long period extending to 8 years.
  • In addition, the proximity to services and road networks enhances the ease of living and transportation in this exceptional compound.

Living in this upscale place is an irreplaceable opportunity. Take advantage of this opportunity and own your residential unit in the most prestigious areas of the Fifth Settlement. For reservations, call 00201011564040.

Garnet Fifth Settlement Compound Disadvantages 

Despite the beauty and quality of Garnet Residence project in the Fifth Settlement area, it is noted that there are no villa units available within this compound.

This is considered a shortcoming for some people who may prefer to live in private villas due to their need for additional space or privacy.

However, the disadvantages of Garnet Fifth Settlement Compound can be eliminated because it has distinct residential apartments with luxurious architectural designs, which makes it an attractive option for those looking for luxury in the Fifth Settlement.

About Jadeer Development 

Jadeer Development Company is considered among the leading companies in Egypt, as it is always striving to achieve new standards in the real estate industry.

The company is characterized by a modern vision that is consistent with the needs of modern societies, and it constantly seeks to provide integrated residential and investment solutions.

The company’s projects reflect uniqueness and creativity in the field of real estate development, where the primary focus is on selecting strategic locations that meet customers’ needs.

All its projects are executed at the highest levels of quality, with a strong focus on achieving clients’ aspirations.

Jadeer Development Company adopts an innovative approach at all stages of its development, as evidenced by clear communication with customers and providing everything they need to achieve their hopes.

The company provides competitive and flexible prices and payment plans, in addition to providing diverse spaces to meet different needs.

Through its proven track record, Jadeer Development Company has established its position among the leading companies in Egypt, and its previous work includes prominent projects such as Obex Business Mall New Capital and Code Mall New Capital, in addition to implementing many large residential projects in distinct areas such as New Cairo and 6 October.

Own a residential unit in the latest projects of Jadeer Development Company, Garnet New Cairo Compound. For reservations and inquiries, call 00201011564040.

Project details

Garnet Residence New Cairo project is located in New Cairo City, 2 minutes away from the American University

The space of Garnet Compound is approximately 13 acres.

Garnet Residence Fifth Settlement offers apartments that vary between one-, two-, three-, and four-room.

The unit prices in Garnet start from only 4,240,000 EGP.

Garnet Compound provides a distinctive payment plan by paying a 10% down payment and then paying the rest in equal installments for up to 8 years.

The owner company of Garnet project is Jadeer Development. 

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