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Information about Eclipes Mall New Cairo

Eclipes Mall New Cairo One of the strongest projects for real estate development companies, Which is located in a distinct and lively area in the heart of New Cairo, between North and South Teseen Streets in the Fifth Settlement.


Eclipes Mall New Cairo is a mixed-use commercial center, as the mall was built to include a number of medical, commercial, and administrative units, and the units were offered in it with different sizes and competitive prices, to suit a large number of investment-loving groups in the new cities.

Manassat was keen to provide an ideal model for the commercial mall through this project. Where the units are designed with a variety of spaces for commercial, administrative activities, various medical, It also paid attention to the availability of all basic and recreational facilities and services. Below we show you the most important details of the Eclipse Fifth Settlement project.

Location of Eclipes Mall New Cairo

Manassat Real Estate Development Company was interested in choosing a very privileged location to construct the Eclipes Mall New Cairo, and the mall has a very wonderful location, as it is located near all services and main roads, and the following is a description of the geographical location of the mall, and the most important vital areas surrounding it.

  • The Eclipse Mall, New Cairo, enjoys a privileged location in Plot No. 49 between the Arab Holding Company and the Administrative Prosecution Building.
  • It is also located on North Teseen Street. And with a view of southern 90th Street.
  • The mall also enjoys being located near the Orouba axis.
  • In addition, Eclipes Mall New Cairo is Minutes away from Cairo Festival City, the air force hospital, and Bank Center Street.
  • The mall is also located near Petrosport Stadium. And the Canadian International University in Fifth Settlement.
  • Eclipes Mall New Cairo is also located near many important residential compounds in New Cairo, such as Bloomfields, brooks new Cairo, And Kattameya Gate Compound.

The area of Eclipes Mall New Cairo

Manassat Real Estate Development Company has chosen a vast area on which to build its new project. In order to integrate with its distinguished location in the Fifth Settlement, In the framework of complementing the success of the projects carried out by the company, The following is a presentation of the project area and its engineering division.

The area of the Eclipes Mall New Cairo is about 9000 square meters, It extends over an area of 4360 square meters.

The mall’s space has been optimally utilized, as the mall consists of a ground floor in addition to 5 upper floors. In addition to two floors underground as a garage for cars, It includes a variety of units that meet all tastes.

Units Space in Eclipes Mall New Cairo

The developer was keen to offer different spaces at premium prices. Where units are established Eclipes Mall New Cairo  at a reasonable price and suitable for all commercial, administrative, and medical activities. The units’ space in the mall is as follows:

  • Commercial spaces start from 47 square meters.
  • While the clinic spaces start on the fourth and fifth floors, with an area starting from 45 square meters. and up to 85 square meters.
  • As for the administrative units’ space, it starts from 53 square meters.

As part of Manassat’s interest in attracting customers, the units were offered at competitive prices. In addition to offering multiple payment systems, Follow the next paragraph for prices and more details.

Prices for Eclipes Mall New Cairo

Manassat Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide a wonderful investment opportunity for all entrepreneurs at a competitive price and a flexible payment plan.


The following is a presentation of the prices of the commercial units in the Eclipse New Cairo Mall:

  • The price per meter in medical units starts from 54,000 EGP up to 74,000 EGP. The units are delivered completely finished, in addition to the presence of central air conditioners that cover the entire mall.
  • The price per meter in the administrative units ranges from 53,000 EGP up to 73,000 EGP. The units will be delivered fully finished. In addition to air conditioning as well.
  • In a related context, we find that the price per meter in commercial units in Eclipse Mall, Fifth Settlement, ranges from 104,000 EGP up to 205,000 EGP. The units are to be delivered on red bricks.
  • And the company announced that the seriousness of the reservation in the administrative and medical units is 50,000 Egyptian pounds. While the seriousness of booking in commercial units is 100,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems for the Eclipse project, Fifth Settlement

Manassat Real Estate Development Company has provided a number of payment systems suitable for all groups wishing to purchase commercial units in Eclipes Mall New Cairo The following is a presentation of the most prominent payment systems.

With Eclipes Mall New Cairo you can choose the most suitable for you from different payment systems, And you start your investment in the most prestigious malls in Fifth Settlement, The following is a presentation of the payment systems provided by Manassat Real Estate Development Company.

The first system: You can pay 10% downpayment and the remaining installments over 5 years.

The second system: You can pay 15% down payment and the remaining installments over 6 years.

The third system: By paying 20% downpayment, and the remaining amount is installed over 7 years.

The fourth system: Pay 25% and the remaining amount via installments over 8 years.

Fifth system: Pay 30% of the amount and install the rest over 9 years.

Manassat Real Estate Development Company offered discounts of up to 30%. To everyone who pays the full amount in cash, The company also announced that maintenance expenses are only 9%.

The company announced that the date for handing over the commercial, administrative, and medical units, At Eclipes Mall New Cairo is in the year 2025 AD.

Services of Eclipse Mall, Fifth Settlement:

Manassat Real Estate Development Company took into account the establishment of the Eclipse Mall project, Fifth Settlement To have all basic and recreational services available. In order for it to become the first choice for people wishing to buy distinctive commercial units, It is the most important service Eclipes Mall New Cairo  includes:

There is a security and guarding system in Eclipes Mall New Cairo  trained at the highest level.

The mall also provides security by containing a large number of high-quality surveillance cameras. Which contributes to providing a measure of privacy.

The mall has electric elevators designed at the best level to facilitate shopping and purchasing.

The entire Eclipes Mall New Cairo is fed by central air conditioning.

The mall includes a series of international restaurants and cafes.

The Eclipse Mall provides meeting rooms with suitable sizes.

In the mall, you will find fast internet service that works at the highest performance throughout the day.

All floors of the mall have bathrooms.

In Eclipes Mall New Cairo  there is a garage in the building area to organize cars in the mall.

The mall is surrounded by many green spaces. which provides amazing landscapes, Besides there is a water fountain.

The availability of outdoor spaces, open spaces, and a rooftop garden in Eclipse Mall New Cairo.

The mall has a cycling track. Where you can enjoy your favorite sport without any obstacles.

The mall provides an ATM center for many banks, This is considered one of the most important services that many investors are looking for.

The mall has many recreational facilities for all age groups.

The mall building is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The mall provides warehouses for rent in the garage of different sizes and competitive prices.

Designed by Eclipse Mall, New Cairo

The design of the mall is unique and wonderful, which is suitable for lovers of sophistication and good taste, as the developer has taken care that the design of the mall is suitable for a number of commercial, administrative, and medical activities, in addition to taking into account that the mall has many basic and entertainment services.

As the company that designed the mall is LDP Partners, Which has an experience of up to 11 years in the field of engineering designs, This company has designed a number of major projects in the Middle East and Africa, including the following:

Sun Capital Compound.

Galleria Moon Valley.

Riyadh Hospital, Saudi Arabia.

Plaza Stadium, Jeddah.

In a related context, we find that the engineering company took into account when designing the project that all spaces be optimally utilized. As we mentioned, the units’ space in the mall starts from 45 meters.

Projects near Eclipse Mall, Fifth Settlement

Eclipes Mall New Cairo is surrounded by many major projects, which makes its location distinct for investors wishing to purchase commercial and administrative units, Among the most important projects near Eclipse New Cairo are:

The Venue Mall.

Hyde Park Compound.

Centric Mall New Cairo.

It is also close to Granoy Mall, Fifth Settlement, Granoy New Cairo.

G7 Mall, Fifth Settlement, G7 Mall New Cairo.

Stone Park, Fifth Settlement, Stone Park New Cairo.

American International Schools.

Akhenaten International School.

Modern English International School.

Canadian International College

American International Schools.

Future university.

Flowers Club.

And close to Petrosport Club.

New Cairo Club.

If you want a successful start to your business, Book your commercial unit in Eclipes Mall New Cairo . And enjoy the privileged location and competitive prices provided by Platforms Real Estate Development Company, In addition to offering multiple payment systems, It is suitable for all groups.

Advantages of Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo is one of the cities that has a privileged location. This is due to the fact that its establishment is based on sound architectural and engineering foundations. In addition to the wonderful infrastructure.

New Cairo is also characterized by the presence of very large green areas, Real estate companies are also keen to build all buildings in an architectural style at the highest level.

In addition to the above, we find that the Fifth Settlement has been linked to all major road networks, And is interest in providing all needs, facilities, and basic and recreational services in New Cairo.

You also find that one of the most important features of the Fifth Settlement and the new cities is the irrigated smoothness. low population density, The presence of road and bridge networks that make it easy for you to reach all areas easily.

Real estate development platforms

Manassat Real Estate Development Company is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market since its inception. This is because it is the result of the alliance of the eight largest companies in one investment group. Manassat includes a group of the most important names in the world of investment in Egypt and the world. Among the most important of these names are the following:

  • Amin Masoud, who is considered one of the most prominent founders of “Manassat”, is a member of the House of Representatives and secretary of the Housing Committee.
  • Engineer Adly Al-Qai’i, Contracting and Investment Consultant at Al-Ahly Club.
  • Engineer Sherif Selim, CEO of Pinnacle Company and designer of the New Alamein Towers and the iconic tower.

Manassat Real Estate Development Company aims to present a new real estate concept, And through integrated and luxurious projects, In the same context, we find that Manassat has launched a number of projects that have achieved great success. achieved massive sales such as Podia Tower is a new administrative capital.

It is worth noting that Manassat has 130 years of experience in the real estate field. And she obtained many certificates that distinguish her in this field, including the following:

  • ISO 45001 certification.
  • ISO 9001 certification.
  • ISO 14001 certification.

Manassat also made sure that Eclipes Mall New Cairo was of the highest quality. As a continuation of its series of successful projects, Therefore, it chose the company responsible for management, operation, and rent to be the Emirati company “Etizam”. Which is known for its excellent reputation in this field.

Eltizam has more than 12 years of experience in the field of project management in the Middle East. It is also the company responsible for managing a number of mega projects, the most important of which are the following:

  • Majid Al Futtaim
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank FAB
  • LinkedIn building in the United Arab Emirates.
  • JLL Building in the UAE.

One of the most important interests of the platform company

When implementing various projects, Manassat seeks to achieve a set of objectives through it, The most prominent of which are:

  • Presenting huge projects that suit different categories of audiences, It is keen to ensure that these projects are at competitive prices, in addition to the availability of basic and recreational services.
  • It is keen to choose areas with distinct geographical locations, Where the proximity to the main roads and axes.
  • Platforms, in cooperation with the most prominent engineering companies, In order to design their projects beautifully, This also helps her to make the best use of all spaces.
  • The company provides a range of payment and reimbursement systems in all its projects. Which makes it the best among its competitors in the real estate market.
  • Luxury designs are also a top priority for the company. It is concerned with providing projects characterized by style and good taste.

Platforms projects for real estate development

Manassat Real Estate Development Company owns a number of projects that caused a stir in the Egyptian real estate market. This is due to the fact that the company is the result of an alliance of a large number of investment companies. One of the most prominent projects of Manassat real estate development is Podia Tower New Capital.

Boudia Tower is the most important platform project in the Administrative Capital. It is a commercial, administrative, and medical mall. It is built on an area of 19,782 square meters. It is the first technology investment tower on the Green River.

Boudia Tower consists of a ground floor and 29 typical floors. Each role includes a different investment activity. The units’ space in Boudia Tower starts from 30 meters, There are many advantages that the investor finds in this project, like other projects of real estate development companies.

The most prominent platform projects in the Arab countries:

Manassat Real Estate Development Company also owns a number of distinguished projects in Arab countries, Among these projects are the following:

  • Damac Dubai.
  • Jewel Tower.
  • Versace Tower.
  • Sharjah Airport.
  • Bada Tower Qatar.
  • Grand Hyatt Doha.

Project details

What is the location of the Eclipse project?

Eclipes Mall New Cairo is located in the most exclusive area of Fifth Settlement, Where it is located in the last plot of land in the first sector, which directly overlooks North Teseen Street, It also overlooks Southern Teseen Street.

What is the founding company of the Eclipse Mall project?

Manassat Real Estate Development Company, It is the founding company for the Eclipes Mall New Cairo , which has established a number of major projects, and has extensive experience in the field of real estate and urban development.

What are the unit prices in Eclipse Mall?

  • The price per meter in the medical units ranges between 54,000 EGP up to 74,000 EGP.
  • While the price per meter in the administrative units ranges from 53,000 EGP up to 73,000 EGP.
  • The price per meter in commercial units ranges between 104,000 EGP up to 205,000 EGP.

What is the level of finishing of the units in Eclipse Mall, Fifth Settlement?

The developer company announced that the medical units will be delivered completely finished. In addition to having central air conditioning, Also, the administrative units are delivered completely finished. In addition to having air conditioners, it is also scheduled to deliver commercial units. on red brick.

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