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De Joya New Zayed
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De Joya Sheikh Zayed project

De Joya New Zayed is a new residential compound in which Taj Misr Development and Real Estate Investment Company is completing its projects on the 6th of October City, A few days ago, the company announced the opening of reservations for its seventh project in Sheikh Zayed.

The compound includes a large group of various villas and luxury apartments, in which the company offers the latest international and innovative designs. Taj Misr also offers a large number of spaces and different prices in the project, with facilities for up to 10 years without interest.

De Joya Sheikh Zayed space

De Joya New Zayed Compound is a new residential edifice in the Sheikh Zayed area, offered by Taj Misr Real Estate Company, near the main roads and important axes in October City, Where De Joya New Zayed was built on a vast area of about 132 acres divided into two projects (De Joya Villas – De Joya Residence), and the company offers De Joya New Zayed Compound on an area of about 132 acres of land, It is an area that includes various apartments and various villas, between townhouses, twin houses, and stand alone.

different prices and sizes, In addition to an entertainment services area that meets all needs.

The company also offers in De Joya New Zayed compound a wide range of different and distinctive spaces and prices, and guarantees for each residential unit a full view of the green spaces and landscapes, As for the facilities available and offered in the project, they are up to 10 years without interest only in the Taj Misr New Zayed Compound.

  • The spaces in De Joya New Zayed Compound start from 70 square meters.
  • The prices in De Joya New Zayed Compound start from 1,900,000 pounds.
  • Facilities over 10 years.
  • Super Lux finishing.

De Joya site North Coast

Taj Misr Real Estate Company was distinguished in all its activities in October City by choosing the best strategic locations. Where the company was interested in the service site, which provides the customer with the highest selling value, And that excellence is complemented by the company through the De Joya Sheikh Zayed project.

Places near De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed:

  • De Joya New Zayed Compound is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, close to several roads such as the Ring Road and Dabaa Axis.
  • De Joya New Zayed Compound is also located near the Central Park in Zayed and the Mall of Arabia.
  • De Joya New Zayedin Sheikh Zayed Moments away from Sodic West, Minutes from Sphinx International Airport.
  • The De Joya Sheikh Zayed project is located near Media Production City, Mall of Arabia, and Hyper One.
  • The compound is also 12 minutes away from Arkan Plaza Mall.
  • Among the advantages of De Joya New Zayed Compound is its proximity to distinctive residential projects such as Swan Lake Compound and Palm Parks.

The space of De Joya New Zayed Compound

De Joya New Zayed Taj Misr compound is being built on an area of approximately 132 acres of land. It is an area that includes different housing units with a large differences in areas and prices. As well as a large number of distinctive services and amenities.

It is worth mentioning here the engineering companies that Taj Misr cooperated with to design and build De Joya New Zayed Compound innovatively and internationally. And all this to become the most beautiful residential city in Sheikh Zayed bearing the name of Taj Misr Real Estate.

Designs of De Joya Compound Sheikh Zayed

The engineering design in the De Joya New Zayed Compound, the new Taj Egypt Zayed project, includes several features. It guarantees each residential unit, whether apartments or villas, a charming view of the landscape, artificial lakes, and landscapes. The company was also keen to put distances between the units to give complete privacy in De Joya New Zayed Compound.

The design also includes both important services and various entertainment means, so that you are not forced to leave the compound to meet any of your requirements.

Services and facilities in De Joya New Zayed Compound, the new Taj Egypt Zayed project

The name Taj Misr has always been famous for service projects that take into account the service and entertainment needs of customers, and the De Joya New Zayed company continues that success in the New Zayed project, Where more than two-thirds of the compound’s space has been allocated for the construction of services, and among the most prominent and important of these services are the following:

  • Land SkiB is cool and attractive, Through the vast and scattered green spaces throughout the compound.
  • Artificial lakes balance the green landscape of the compound and add beauty to it.
  • Swimming pools (Infinity Pools Area) located around the compound with different depths and sizes suitable for all ages.
  • The compound includes a clubhouse.
  • family complex, To hold barbecue parties.
  • A complex that includes a group of restaurants and cafes. To serve the most delicious and delicious drinks and local and international dishes.
  • The compound includes an outdoor gym to maintain physical fitness.
  • Quiet area for yoga and reading.
  • A mall and a large commercial center on an area of 15 acres that includes a group of the largest local and international brands.
  • Cinemas equipped with the latest technology for family entertainment.
  • De Joya Compound includes a health club.
  • De Joya New Zayed also includes a social club suitable for all family members.
  • A distinctive tourist walk.
  • A track for walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Jim, Courts for football, basketball, And other sports.
  • High-quality surveillance cameras throughout the compound to reach the highest level of security inside.
  • De Joya Villa Sheikh Zayed enjoys the greatest amount of privacy so that its residents can enjoy more comfort and tranquility in their units.
  • Hypermarket and commercial shopping area, Buying all daily necessities.
  • Guard and security personnel on duty 24 hours a day.
  • A group of pharmacies distributed throughout the compound. Which works to deliver medicines and orders 24 hours a day.
  • The use of clean energy in lighting the compound and generating electricity. Through solar panels to preserve the environment.
  • Periodic maintenance and cleaning services for all phases of the project.
  • Providing the compound with all educational services within it. In order to guarantee the general idea of the project to be an integrated city, its residents do not need to leave it to search for anything.
  • Children’s entertainment area (Kids Area).
  • Garage for cars below the units.

Prices and spaces of De Joya New Zayed

Through the De Joya New Zayed Compound, Sheikh Zayed, Taj Misr Real Estate tried to provide a wide range of residential units suitable for different customers, as the project includes townhouses, stand alone, twin houses, and luxury apartments, In each category, many spaces are available, starting from one room to large spaces in De Joya New Zayed Compound.


As for the prices offered within the Taj Misr New Zayed Compound, it is an opportunity for investment and housing together. As the company seeks to reach all different segments through these prices with a distinguished group of installment systems that help you book your place with facilities up to 10 years and without interest.

De Joya stages North Coast

I) Villas de Joya

The first 5 acres are located precisely in De Joya New Zayed Villas Dejoya directly on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, As for the total area of that stage, it is 52 acres. to include within it a variety of twin-house villas, palaces, and standalone villas, and that came Their number is as follows:

  • 70 twin-house villas.
  • 18 palaces.
  • 195 independent villas.

Spaces and prices of De Joya villas

Twin House Villas : The twin house villas in the Villas De Joya stage consist of 4 floors, including (basement + ground floor + first floor + penthouse), and are available in the following areas and prices:

  • Twin house type A with an area of 250 square meters. At a price ranging from 7,500,000 to 7,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin house type AT with an area of 275 square meters. It is available at a price of 9,250,000 EGP.

Standalone villas : The standalone villas in De Joya Sheikh Zayed also consist of 4 floors (basement + ground floor + first floor + penthouse), and are available in the following spaces and models:

    • Type A standalone villas with an area of 250 square meters. It is available at a price of 8,800,000 pounds.
    • Type A standalone villas with an area of 275 square meters. It is available at a price of 10,200,000 EGP.
    • Standalone villas, type B, with an area of 277 square meters. This model is completely sold out.
    • Standalone villas, model B, with an area of 302 square meters. It is available at a price ranging from 11,100,000 to 11,400,000 EGP.
    • Standalone villas, Type C, with an area of 328 square meters. It is available at a price of 11,300,000 EGP.
    • Standalone villas, Model C, with an area of 354 square meters. It is available at a price ranging from 12,300,000 to 12,700,000 EGP.
    • Standalone villas, Type D, with an area of 381 square meters. It is available at a price of 12,700,000 EGP.
    • Standalone villas, Type D, with an area of 406 square meters. It is available at a price of 13,800,000 pounds.
  • Standalone villas, model E, with an area of 480 square meters. This model is completely sold out.

ii) De Joya Residence

De Joya Residence Compound is Sheikh Zayed One of the most luxurious projects of Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company, As the company has continuously accustomed its customers to present the best projects and gain their trust through its keenness to make its projects an integrated residential city and not just a residential complex.

The Dejoya Residence phase is located on an area of 80 acres. Where the second of 10 acres is precisely located near Al-Dabaa Road, It includes 66 residential buildings consisting of 4 floors. They are the ground floor, the first floor, and the second floor. And the third.

Spaces and prices of De Joya Residence

one room two rooms three rooms
space the price
76 m 2,432,000 EGP
76 m 2,508,000 pounds
space the price
105 m + 40 m garden 3,022,500 pounds
109 m + 39 m garden 3,122,500 pounds
space the price
from to
120 m + 34 gardens 3,084,000 3,204,000
124 m + 34 gardens 3,006,400 3,093,200
130 m 3,250,000 3,315,000
131 m 3,615,600 3,668,000
135 m 3,145,500 4,056,000
141 m 3,666,000 4,144,500
145 m 3,842,500 4,250,500
158 m 3,792,000 4,266,000
163 m 4,075,000 4,655,500
165 m 4,372,500 4,672,500
169 m 4,478,500 4,772,500
170 m 4,505,000 4,859,000
175 m 4,637,500 4,725,000
178 m 4,717,000
185 m 4,625,000 4,902,500


And with Taj Misr’s interest in providing various spaces for its residential units in De Joya Residence, However, it also distinguished all of these units with attractive views of many wide green spaces, water features, With plenty of luxury amenities and facilities.

Apartments in the De Joya project, Sheikh Zayed

  • The apartments‘ spaces start from 70 square meters.
  • As for the prices, they start from 1,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

Villas in the De Joya project, Sheikh Zayed

  • The villas’ spaces in De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed, start from 200 square meters up to 400 square meters.
  • The unit prices in De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed, start from 6,300,000 EGP.

Payment systems in De Joya Sheikh Zayed

After a study of the clients’ requirements and knowledge of the different levels in the real estate market, the De Joya Sheikh Zayed project was launched with a range of facilities and various installment systems up to 10 years without interest. That is, you can now easily reserve your private place in this edifice only with the lowest down payment and installments over 10 years. Among the available systems are the following:

The first system: 10% down payment of the unit value. And the remaining installments up to 10 years in the form of equal installments.

    • The second system: 5% down payment of the total unit value. And the rest in equal installments up to 8 years.
    • The third system: without advance, The total unit value will be paid over 7 years.
    • A maintenance deposit of 8% of the unit value is paid.
    • Units will be delivered after 3 years.

Advantages of investing in De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed

There are many advantages that you can obtain when investing in the De Joya Sheikh Zayed project , and of course it will represent an added value for you that decides your decision to invest in it, and the most prominent of these features are the following:

  • Ease of renting the unit and achieving a fixed monthly return from it, This is due to the interest of many people in this distinguished project by being in it by renting a residential unit in it to enjoy their stay in it.
  • Putting your money in a residential unit in De Joya Sheikh Zayed is very rewarding. Especially in light of the continuous rise in prices, especially in the distinguished projects that are comparable to the size of the De Joya project.
  • Preserving your money from inflation and the deterioration of economic conditions by placing it in a housing unit that guarantees you the actual value of your capital without being affected by the state’s economic situation and climate.

About Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company

Tag Misr Real Estate Development Company is one of the companies of the Egyptian International Construction Company, which is a group of investment companies that was established in 2006 AD. Tag Misr owns several other companies, including:

  • Landmark Tourism Company
  • United Agricultural Investment Company
  • The Egyptian Company for Hotel Services
  • Lone Star Company in the State of Qatar

Over the past years, Taj Misr has been able to launch more than 6 projects in October City and 4 projects in the Administrative Capital and New Cairo. In its investments, it targets new cities in Egypt. The company offers a new meaning and style of luxury, high-end housing, and the best investment through all those projects that bear its name. Within a short period of time, it became an indispensable name in the real estate arena inside and outside Egypt.

Previous work of the crown of Egypt in Qatar
  • Panasonic Tower in Qatar.
  • Showroom Hyundai Motor Company.
  • Markhiya Mall, State of Qatar.
  • Baker Twin Towers, Qatar.
  • Al-Attiyah Tower and Al-Saliya Tower in the State of Qatar.
Egypt’s crown business inside the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Building a complex of courts south of Cairo.
  • Building a social club for the employees of the Central Bank in Heliopolis.
  • Construction of the General Intelligence Diyar Compound in New Cairo.
  • And the Greens project for M / Hassan Dora Company in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Building the American School in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Badr Gardens project.
  • Developing the main center of Blom Bank Egypt.
  • The Study Compound for M/Hassan Dora Company also in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Building 23 buildings belonging to the armed forces in the R1 area of the New Administrative Capital.
  • Constructing 15 residential towers belonging to the New Urban Communities Authority in the R3 area in the New Administrative Capital.
  • More than 3 housing projects in the capital.
  • And building 3 commercial malls in the administrative capital.
  • Taj Tower Mall, New Administrative Capital
Taj Misr works in the field of finishes
  • Sheraton Dreamland
  • Movenpick complex in Luxor
  • Sultanate of Oman Tower in Zamalek
  • Samih Sawiris villa in Zamalek, in cooperation with Orascom Real Estate Company.
Project details

Prices in De Joya New Zayed start from 1,900,000 pounds.

For reservations and installments in De Joya New Zayed a 10% downpayment is paid and installments up to 10 years.

To contact the sales manager of De Joya New Zayed 01069210222

The owner company of De Joya New Zayed, is Taj Misr Real Estate Company.

The location of the De Joya New Zayed in the Sheikh Zayed district

The units available in De Joya New Zayed are apartments, Villas.

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