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Taj Misr Real Estate Investment Company is characterized by a huge investment volume, as it enjoys a financial mantle that enables it to own a series of projects and invest in more than one sector, Indeed, Taj Misr Real Estate was able to implement tourism, residential and commercial projects. It also carried out finishing works on several other projects.

Owners of Taj Misr Real Estate Company

  • Landmark Tourism Company.
  • And United for Agricultural Investment.
  • And the Egyptian Company for Hotel Services.
  • And Lone Star Company in the State of Qatar.

As for the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors in Taj Misr Company, it is assumed by the businessman / Mustafa Khalil. He is also considered one of the important names in the company, and to whom also owes its success is Mr. / Mohamed Saeed, Mr. Alaa Al-Arbi and Mr. / Bejad Fares.

The previous work of Taj Misr Company

The company was famous for achieving the highest sales rates during the past years. As soon as a project launched by Taj Misr is announced, all investors and customers rush to reserve their private places with the company. This success is due to its high quality and competitive prices. Among the previous works of Taj Misr are the following: –

Information about Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company:

The De Joya project, the administrative capital, belongs to the Taj Misr Development Company. It is one of the subsidiaries of the Egyptian International Group for Reconstruction and Development.

This company was established in 2006 AD, It has carried out many successful and distinguished projects in more than one field. Here are some of the companies that carry their flag:

  • Landmark Tourism Company.
  • And United for Agricultural Investment.
  • And the Egyptian Company for Hotel Services.
  • And Lone Star Company in the State of Qatar.

The company targeted service and residential projects that provide a sophisticated and civilized standard of living. And in every project she carried out, whether in Egypt or abroad, she was distinguished by creative and modern designs at the hands of experts who contribute to launching this project for clients and investors in different countries.

Previous work of Taj Misr Company

  • Taj Misr built the court complex south of Cairo.
  • It also established a social club dedicated to workers in the Central Bank.
  • Among its projects is the Dyar Compound of the General Intelligence in New Cairo.
  • It also constructed the Greens project for M/ Hassan Dora Company in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Among its previous works is also the building of the American School in Sheikh Zayed.
  • In addition to building the main center of Blom Bank Egypt.
  • Also, one of Taj Misr’s previous achievements is The Study Compound for M/ Hassan Dora Company.
  • The company is responsible for the construction of more than 23 buildings belonging to the armed forces in the R1 area in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Taj Misr was also able to build more than 15 housing towers, which belong to the New Urban Communities Authority in the R3 area, also in the New Administrative Capital City.
  • In addition to the commercial projects in the capital, it has built 3 commercial, administrative, and residential malls in the R5 area of the administrative capital.

These works are nothing but a simplified overview of the various achievements that bear the name of Taj Misr Real Estate. It owns a large series of commercial and residential projects, some of which are governmental and others are private projects. The achievements and projects of Taj Misr Real Estate did not end here, but rather it carried out several projects in some Arab countries, the most important of which is the Arab State of Qatar.

Previous work of the company in Qatar:

  • Taj Misr owns the Panasonic Tower in Qatar
  • In addition to Showroom Hyundai cars.
  • It is also referred to as the Markhiya Mall.
  • And the Baker Twin Towers project in Qatar
  • Among her previous works in Qatar are Al-Attiyah Tower and Al-Saliya Tower.

There are also some projects in which Taj Misr Real Estate Company carried out finishing works inside Egypt, among these projects:

  • Sheraton Dreamland
  • Mövenpick complex in Luxor
  • In addition to designing the Sultanate of Oman Tower in Zamalek
  • And the finishing of Samih Sawiris’ villa in Zamalek, in cooperation with Orascom Real Estate.

Problems of Taj Misr Company

During the past years, the company faced some problems and difficulties. For example, some believe that one of the most important problems of Taj Misr Company is that the prices offered by the company are rather exorbitant. However, this is not true. Every project offered by Taj Misr carries reasonable prices that cannot be compared to a level of quality and strategic locations that are unique to the company. In addition, each of its projects includes a range of different installment systems for clients and investors.


Taj Misr project in the administrative capital

Now, there is a new edifice presented by Taj Misr Real Estate Company in the New Administrative Capital, to complement its successful projects, and this edifice has been called De joya New Capital .

The site of the Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company project in the New Capital

Taj Misr for Investment and Real Estate Development has carried out the De Joya project in the heart of the New Republic, specifically in R8, specifically Plot No. B2, The compound features a distinctive view of 3 main streets. It also directly overlooks the tourist walkway and the diplomatic neighborhood in the New Administrative Capital.

The area of the Taj Misr project in the Administrative Capital

The De Joya project, the new administrative capital, is being built on an area of 24 acres of land, and that area has been worked on to include residential units and a wide range of basic and recreational services in the compound, As for the residential units within De Joya, the New Administrative Capital, they are limited to a group of apartments and duplexes of different sizes.

Each apartment offered by Taj Misr Real Estate in the De Joya project, the new administrative capital, is characterized by a global design that makes it overlook natural landscapes, green spaces, and distinctive facades. The company also provides customers with multiple and different spaces, so that each customer finds the right space for him and his family in his new home in the compound.

Unit spaces and prices in the Taj Misr project, the administrative capital

The advantages of this edifice did not end here, but the prices offered in it are considered the biggest competitive point offered by Taj Misr. Where the company offers the lowest price per square meter, especially in the R8 area. The De Joya project is an opportunity not only for those looking for high-quality and high-end housing, but also for real estate investment, as prices in the Administrative Capital are increasing every day due to the advantages it includes, making it one of the most beautiful new cities in Egypt.

  • The spaces of De Joya, the Administrative Capital, start from 70 square meters.
  • The prices of De Joya Compound, the capital, start from 1,650,000 pounds.

These were some lines about Taj Misr Real Estate Company and the last edifice it presented to the public in the real estate market. The company continues to amaze us with everything new, unique designs, and projects that bear a distinctive imprint that only Taj Misr Company owns.

Do not miss the opportunity and contact us to find out all the details about the Taj Misr Company’s work, its achievements, and its latest launch in the New Administrative Capital, the De Joya Taj Misr project.

Taj Misr Sheikh Zayed project

In one of the most important steps taken by the company at the present time, it started launching a huge project in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City and on the most important axes in 6th of October City. De Joya Residence Sheikh Zayed project near Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound and Al Ahly Club in Sheikh Zayed Arkan Plaza, Hyper One, Americana Plaza, Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt

The total area of the Taj Misr Sheikh Zayed project is 123 acres. As is customary in Taj Misr Real Estate, it offers many payment methods and payment periods of up to 10 years, which makes it easy for many groups so that they can reserve their units in the most prestigious places in Sheikh Zayed.

The units’ spaces in the Taj Misr Sheikh Zayed project start from 70 square meters, and the units’ price starts from 1,900,000 Egyptian pounds only.

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