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Bo Island North Coast
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Chalets – standalone villas – penthouses – twin houses
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Bo Island North Coast is an integrated entertainment city offered by Maxim Real Estate Company for everyone looking for recreation, enjoyment, and complete privacy on the most beautiful beaches in the North Coast, A new offering launched by the company at kilo 124 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road, Specifically in the heart of Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay,

Bo Island North Coast includes distinctive and diverse residential units with a direct view of the sea. With complete finishes and international designs, Bo Island North Coast is the fun, relaxation, and tranquility you are looking for on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Below we review the most important information about Bo Island North Coast.

Bo Island North Coast is located on the 124th kilometer of the Alexandria/Matrouh road. It is located specifically in the Sidi Abdel Rahman beaches area. It is also about 15 km from Marina Resort. It is distinguished by its proximity to the new city of El Alamein, the new Fouka Road, and Ras El Hikma Bay.

The area of the village of Bo Island North Coast

Bo Island  village occupies an area of 600 acres. The depth of the village is 1200 meters. The village has a beach length of 800 meters. All residential units have a direct view of the sea. This is because it is designed on a tiered terrace system. These units vary between:
Ground chalets in Garden
Chalets and rehearsals
Independent villas
Twin House
The company provides all this with complete finishes, entertainment, and living facilities and services.

Spaces and prices of Bo Island North Coast

The units’ spaces in Scenario Village start from 70 meters, The company offers them at competitive prices starting from 600,000 pounds. Prices vary according to the area, location, and type of unit

Installment methods in the Bo Island North Coast project

Maxim Real Estate offers clients a large number of different payment systems, It starts with a 5% down payment, and the repayment period reaches up to 8 years, without interest. These are some of the systems available in the Bo Island North Coast project:

  • 5% down payment and facilities up to 8 years.

Maxim Real Estate Development Company

It is an old real estate company in the real estate market. It has carried out many projects in New Cairo and October City, And owns a business precedent in the North Coast, The Bo Island project was one of its latest works on the coast, which was launched by Maxim Company in Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, specifically at kilometer 120.

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Project details

Bo Island is located in Sidi Abdel Rahman, kilo 120, Alexandria Matrouh Road.

Prices start from 3,500,000

Maxim Real Estate Company.

Maxim Real Estate Company offers you in that village a range of various facilities and services, including entertainment and fun, Including the important and essential, Among these services is the Crystal Lagoon on a huge area that makes you on an island surrounded by green spaces and artificial lakes on every side.

There is also a tram that runs around the village all the time. It is a means of transportation anywhere in the village. It takes you from your chalet to the beach, restaurants, cafes, and any area you want with ease.

And the swimming pools that are located in front of the chalets in the village, Some of them are for children. Next to swimming pools for ladies only, And also water games (Aqua Park) that make you enjoy directly on the beach.

As for the security and safety component, the company used one of the largest security companies to provide a complete system of cameras and security and guard personnel 24 hours a day.

Also, among the advantages that this island includes is the splendor of restaurants and cafes designed with a panoramic view on the most beautiful landscapes. And commercial areas available for shopping and buying lovers.

There is also a clubhouse and a health club for practicing all kinds of sports, and it includes a spa, sauna, gymnasiums, and multiple sports fields.

The great advantage is the soft and sandy beach that Sidi Abdel Rahman enjoys. It is one of the beaches that are paved for swimming and enjoy the bumpers of the waves, It is also characterized by the absence of any rocks.

The Bo Island North Coast project provides you with the opportunity to find the right space for you and your family freely and easily. By offering multiple and varied spaces in different styles, The thing that the company provided in each unit among them is the view and the direct view of the sea in Bo Island North Coast, These are the types and areas of Bo Island North Coast:

  • Ground chalets in Garden.
  • Chalets first proof.
  • Villas.
  • Penthouse and Twin House.
  • The spaces in the village start from 70 meters up to the large spaces.

Do not miss the opportunity and book your unit with the lowest down payment in an integrated and distinguished edifice presented to you by Maxim Real Estate Company in the most beautiful beaches of Sidi Abdel Rahman, A different life, joy and luxury offered by the company, So leave behind everything you know and enjoy the summer in the most prestigious strategic and service location on the North Coast, in the Bo Island North Coast project.

Prices vary in the village according to the area, unit type, and location in the resort. These prices provide you with the opportunity to choose a unit of a suitable size for you and at a price commensurate with your financial capabilities. Choose the chalet space you want and enjoy a full view of the sea and the landscape at the lowest prices, with different payment methods and without any interest. Prices in Bo Island North Coast start as follows:

The prices in the chalets of Bo Island North Coast start from 1,600,000 EGP.

Any customer who wants to own a place of their own on the North Coast often feels, A heavy burden in paying the price of that unit due to the high prices circulating in the real estate market and the difficulty of the payment systems offered by more than one project from different companies.

And because Maxim knows very well that problem that confronts most of its customers, You are also aware of the difference in financial capabilities from one client to another. It has provided a full package of huge facilities without any interest to all customers.

In the village of Bo Island, the company offers you the opportunity to stay away from renting a chalet every year, And own your own unit and your place on the beaches of Sidi Abdel Rahman in convenient installments and with payment methods up to 7 years without interest, Below we review some of the systems offered by the company:

  • 5% down payment and payment facilities up to 8 years without interest.

These systems are provided to you by the company so that you can freely choose what suits you best. Take advantage of the opportunity and take advantage of the discounts offered by Maxim in that edifice, and be one of the investors and customers of Bo Island North Coast.

Forget the noise, crowds, and congestion, and live a summer vacation in a unique village, where there is calm, privacy, sophistication, and landscapes capable of spreading psychological comfort to you and a sense of relaxation. A piece of paradise like this was described as the latest edifice launched by Maxim Real Estate Development in the most touristic and service location on the Mediterranean, which is the bo islands north coast village.

Maxim Real Estate Company is considered one of the most important companies in the real estate market that strives to achieve elegant and perfect designs that bear its own imprint alone in all its projects. Indeed, it managed to become one of the strongest and largest leading companies in the field of real estate investment.

The company was able to gain a good reputation among competitors, customers and major investors. The designs she has done in every project to date have been characterized by true creativity, sophistication and innovation.

As for its work in the tourism sector, in particular, Maxim focused on providing the elements of pleasure and entertainment. Through the availability of basic and recreational services in a large size and in a distinguished and elegant style, It seeks to provide integrated cities whose residents do not need to leave for anything or to meet their daily and private needs.

All of this contributed to the company proving its leadership in a short time. The other thing that helped the company to become a successful entity that has its name is the commitment of Maxim Real Estate Company to the dates of receipt, as it always delivers projects on the dates specified for them according to the contracts. This company is also characterized by quality standards that are incomparable with any other company.

As it has a group of engineers with extensive experience in the field of engineering and technical designs, Who make every effort in every new project launched to the real estate market under the name of Maxim Real Estate Company.

Shorouk City project.

  • And the Kempinski Hotel project.
  • She also carried out the New Cairo Maxim project.
  • And the Maxim Residence project.
  • Next to the Royal Maxim Plaza Mall project.
  • And The Canyon project, Fifth Settlement.
  • The Country Club New Cairo project joins them.

As for Bo Island North Coast, it was not its first project on the Mediterranean Sea. Rather, it offered you the village of Bo Sands, which achieved the highest sales rates as soon as the company announced the opening of the reservation door. Its previous work also includes the following:

  • Royal Maxim Palace kempinski project.
  • Maxim country club compound new cairo project.
  • Maxim Residence compound sherouk city

Maxim Company owns more than 1,700 acres in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area. And she drew up a plan for that area in order to build huge residential and tourism projects on it. She wants to be the window through which he sees the beauty and charm of the beaches on the North Coast. Specifically, Sidi Abdel Rahman, known as the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean.

Sidi Abdel Rahman is famous for its white beaches. And the soft sand, much like grains of sugar, Which made it one of the most important areas attracting internal and external tourism in Egypt.

It is characterized by the natural ingredients that it enjoys, It is also distinguished by its geographical location, as it serves as a resting place for all trips going from Alexandria to Siwa and Marsa Matruh.

This region has a beauty that makes it one of the most beautiful parts of the North Coast. It is also located near the city of El Alamein, which is considered the first residential city on the northern coast. This feature makes you guarantee a tourist, residential and service place on the beaches of unparalleled splendor on the North Coast.

Bo Island Sidi Abdel Rahman project

Forget about rent and paying exorbitant sums every year, And book a chalet on the sea or a first-row villa in installments, with super lux finishing, Enjoy a new meaning of joy and moments of happiness. Your place in Bo Island Sidi Abdel Rahman is a step towards clarity of mind and living the spirit of adventure among forests, landscapes and green spaces.

Contact us now and take advantage of the opportunity to invest in the most powerful location in the North Coast, with a 5% down payment and facilities for 8 years. Bo Island North Coast The happiness that awaits you and your family in the beaches of Sidi Abdel Rahman.

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