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Mabany Edris Development is one of the leading real estate companies that have a good reputation in the Egyptian real estate Market.

Mabany Edris started its journey over 20 years ago. And over these years, its goals have matured and its ambitions have grown, in the time that its vision remains steadfast in it.

Mabany Edris used to be a visionary pioneer in its field and emerge as a trusted and diverse developer of sustainable projects that deliver extraordinary benefits to all its clients.

The company includes a group of experienced and skilled workers. Since its inception, Mabany Edris has relied on advanced methods and technologies to achieve sustainable development.

It also has a qualified and professional team of engineers, designers, and professionals and cooperated with the most skilled contracting, design, management, and operation companies to achieve success in its residential, commercial, and medical projects.

The company is interested in designing real estate projects in a way that guarantees comfort and happiness for the residents and meets their various needs, which led to its today success and distinction in the real estate market. Therefore, Mabany Edris has become one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, as it has extensive experience and high technical skills.

Mabany Edris is keen to develop its projects based on the needs of customers and the requirements of the real estate market, with the aim of achieving the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence through all its projects.

It is also distinguished by focusing on providing the best services and quality to clients and investors and maintaining its good reputation in the market by adhering to project delivery dates, offering project units at competitive prices, with multiple flexible payment systems, and offering value for a large segment of customers and investors.


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