Amwaj North Coast prices

In this article, we write to you to give you all the information about Amwaj North Coast prices to start reserving your own unit in this distinctive project by Al-Ahly Sabbour Development.

Amwaj North Coast is a very wonderful village located in Sidi Abdel Rahman area that has a huge number of services, facilities, and recreational activities, making it one of the best tourist projects on the North Coast.

Next, we’ll tell you briefly about Amwaj North Coast prices, space, location, unit spaces, and services and features provided in this big project.

Amwaj North Coast project prices

Al-Ahly Sabbour Development Company provides a range of residential units, including chalets with one, two, and three rooms. These units are built on terraces that rise gradually to give you a clear view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Depending on the space you want, you can discover a variety of unit spaces in Amwaj North Coast Chalet.
The rates in the village are typically thought to be fair given the village’s setting and the amenities it offers.

The prices in Amwaj North Coast by Al Ahly Sabbour are very suitable and fair, as it comes as the following;

  • Chalet prices in Amwaj North Coast start from only 3,500,000 EGP.

Amwaj North Coast Space

Amwaj North Coast Village is specifically located on a 200-acre plot of land in Sidi Abdel Rahman area on the North Coast. Amwaj’s beach is 1400 meters wide, with a depth of 1200 meters. 

The developer Company allocated 20% of the total area for the construction of 1,600 units, including a range of tourist apartments and chalets, all of which look out over the sea and are furnished with all the amenities.

There are also some ultra-luxurious residential units and chalets in Amwaj North Coast

Al-Ahly Sabbour allocated the rest area of the village, which occupies about 80% of the village’s total area for other services, facilities, and recreational activities from swimming pools, lakes, and green spaces. 

Amwaj North Coast Location

Amwaj North Coast by Al Ahly Sabbour is located in a very strategic location on the North Coast, specifically in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area. The Village is located at Kilo 136 from Alexandria- Matrouh Road near the most famous Roads, Axes, and Villages on the North Coast.

Next, we’ll mention all these location advantages that Amwaj North Coast Village enjoys:

  • Amwaj North Coast Village is located near Ras El-Hikma Bay that includes a group of the most famous tourist villages in this area.
  • Amwaj North Coast is just steps away from Fouka road, which connects Cairo directly with the North Coast.
  • The Village is just minutes away from El-Dabaa Corridor on the North Coast.
  • Finally, The Village is located near the most popular villages, like La Vista, Marassi, Mountain View, and John Sodic Villages.
Amwaj North Coast Unit Spaces

Amwaj North Coast has a large number of unit types and spaces that suit the different tastes of its clients.

Every residential unit in Amwaj Sahel enjoys a direct view of the Mediterranean Sea and the wonderful landscape of the village.

Amwaj North Coast has a wide variety of chalets that starts from chalets with one bedroom up to three bedrooms. And the following is a brief about unit spaces in Amwaj North Coast Village.

  • Chalets with 2- bedroom start from 126 Meter space.
  • The three bedroom chalets start from 146-meter space.
Services and facilities in Amwaj North coast

Amwaj North Coast by Al Ahly Sabbour has a wide segment of services, facilities, and recreational activities that make it one of the best villages located on the North coast, specifically in Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

And next, we’ll tell you briefly about these services and facilities provided in this distinctive project:

  • Amwaj North Coast includes swimming pools with different spaces and depths that suit all age groups.
  • The village contains 2 big hotels that work to serve all the village visitors.
  • There is a wonderful landscape in Amwaj North Coast that includes vast green spaces and artificial lakes surrounding the village.
  • The Village also contains a commercial area that allows all the residents to shop.
  • A group of restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious dishes and drinks all day.
  • Security Cameras are distributed around the village to ensure safety inside Amwaj Resort.
  • A high-quality security system that works to monitor the village 24 hours a day.
  • There is also a big Hypermarket that provides all everyday necessities.
  • Amwaj North Coast also includes a Kids area to entertain children and develop their own skills.
  • Amwaj Sahel includes a sports club that contains football, tennis, handball, and basketball courts.
  • There is a garage to regulate cars inside the village.
  • Finally, there are dedicated tracks to walk, run, and cycle away from the cars. 

Don’t hesitate and reserve your own unit in Amwaj North Coast. Just contact us on 00201011564040 and one of our sales representatives will respond to you as soon as possible to reply to all your inquiries and give you all the information about Amwaj North Coast Village.


You can reserve your unit at Amwaj North Coast, by contacting us at 00201011564040.

Al-Ahly Sabbour Development Company is the owner company of Amwaj North Coast.

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