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Information about Udora Mall New Capital

Udora Mall New Capital is A new commercial project with a high degree of luxury and sophistication in the New Administrative Capital, The company that developed the project was keen to give it many advantages that make it shine among the rest of the commercial projects in the New Capital. Where it gained a number of advantages related to the location and design, as well as the wonderful view.

ؤ project is the administrative capital fourth commercial project implemented by Home Town Real Estate Development Company in the New Administrative Capital, This project comes after the overwhelming success achieved by the previous projects by the developer company in the New Capital. Let it be a new distinguished addition that crowns the company’s previous projects.

Udora Mall New Capital project

Udora Mall New Capital project is located in the administrative capital In a very special area in the heart of the Downtown area of the New Administrative Capital, Specifically, in the picnic and shopping area directly in front of the famous Al-Massa Hotel and the Central Axis, Therefore, it represents the best investment opportunity for you. It guarantees you, through this distinguished site, the highest percentage of visitors throughout the day.

It also features Udora Mall New Capital site Being located near the most important roads and main axes, As well as the most famous neighborhoods in the New Capital, It is located near the following:

  • Udora Mall New Capital is located in a very privileged location on Downtown Square.
  • The Eudora Mall project is located on the main road leading to the government district, the most famous district of the New Capital.
  • The mall is located directly in front of the famous Al Masa Hotel.
  • The mall also enjoys its location in front of the central monorail station.
  • Udora Mall New Capital site is located on the northern axis of Mohammed Bin Zayed, the most famous axes of the New Capital.
  • It is also located near the regional ring road, which is characterized by the highest traffic rate in the Downtown area.
  • Udora Mall New Capital is A very short distance from the most famous projects of the New Capital. like lafayette mall, zaha park mall, and Mizar Tower.
  • Thus, it is only 5 minutes away from both the Gold Market and Masjid Masr.
  • Finally, the location of Eudora Mall is located near the International Conference and Exhibition Center.

The area of Udora Mall New Capital

The area of Udora Mall New Capital is 4.5 acres, Which is equivalent to 14,250 square meters. Where the large area occupied by the project added the ability to increase the entertainment services provided by the mall to its customers, To integrate as a double advantage over the geographical feature that is linked to the privileged location in which the mall is located in the most recreational areas of the New Administrative Capital, It is the picnic and shopping area in the Downtown area.

Enjoy Udora Mall New Capital With an attractive 250-meter commercial frontage on a main road and the famous Al-Massa Hotel, To become the most attractive mall for shoppers and visitors looking for entertainment, and get the most fun, And spend the best of times.

Designed by Udora Mall New Capital

Udora Mall New Capital is made of 6 spacious floors, divided between a ground floor and 5 upper floors, Most of the shops, services, and entertainment activities are in the mall.

Designed by Udora Mall New Capital With a distinctive and professional U-shaped design, all units in the mall enjoy a distinctive and open view of Al-Massa Hotel, And the famous tourist walkway in the New Capital.

As for the distribution of shops and services in the mall, Please as follows:

  • Ground floor: The first floor contains a variety of cafes and restaurants.
  • First, second and third round: The first three floors of the mall include all commercial areas in Eudora Mall.
  • Fourth Floor: The fourth floor of the mall includes a food court.
  • the fifth floor: It also includes a variety of international restaurants and cafes.

Home Town Real Estate Company, the developer of the Eudora Mall project, cooperated With one of the most prominent engineering companies in the design of this new project, To give it the distinctive character that distinguishes it from the rest of the commercial projects implemented in the Downtown area.

The following is the most important information about the engineering company that was used to design this new project.

Engineering Company

Home Town Real Estate Company, in cooperation with DMA Engineering Company (Dar Al Mimar), To design this new project, Due to her tremendous experience and distinguished previous work in various development projects all over Egypt.

DMA works in multidisciplinary fields, She has years of experience in the following fields (Architecture, urban planning, interior and structural design, electrical and mechanical engineering, infrastructure, and supervising implementation).

DMA has a wealth of experience of more than 30 years, It owns a number of experts who contributed to the development of this entity more than 250 engineering experts, And those who, through the services that they provide, serve many local and international markets, as well as large sectors of projects, commercial, residential, educational, and health projects, and administrative.

Features and services in Udora Mall New Capital

Enjoy the Eudora Mall project, the administrative capital With many services and advantages that the developer was keen to highlight in the project, To give it many competitive advantages among other commercial centers located in the Downtown area of the New Administrative Capital.

Among the most prominent of these services and advantages in Eudora Mall are the following:

  • The mall includes entertainment services spread over every corner of it. Which in turn increases the number of visitors throughout the day.
  • The mall has a panoramic facade that completely overlooks Al Masa Hotel. green river, tourist walkway, And many green spaces.
  • A recreational area for children to play and develop skills (kids Area).
  • A dedicated dining area inside the mall, It contains a group of the most famous local and international restaurants.
  • An outdoor area (Outdoor Area) that contains many famous restaurants to eat various cuisines.
  • This new mall is scheduled to include international brands that will be introduced for the first time in the New Administrative Capital.
  • A group of restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious dishes and drinks, It has a wonderful view of the tourist walkway and the Green River (the largest public park in the world that extends from the north of the New Capital to its end).
  • Guarding and security service at the highest level 24 hours a day to secure every place in Eudora Mall.
  • High-quality surveillance cameras are spread throughout the mall to achieve the highest level of security inside the mall.
  • The mall includes a car park and garage consisting of two floors to organize the cars of workers and shoppers in the mall. so that cars are not crowded in the mall, It creates traffic jams.
  • The mall includes a group of elevators and escalators to facilitate movement between all floors of the mall. And work to smooth the shopping process within it.
  • High-speed internet service feeds the entire mall.
  • Electricity generators for the facility to generate electricity in the mall independently without being affected by frequent power outages.
  • Using an environmentally friendly system to generate electricity, with the help of solar panels, is One of the most important sources of clean energy commonly used in environmentally friendly environments.
  • The mall also includes a group of large rooms for business meetings.
  • The mall also includes designated smoking areas.
  • The mall contains automated teller machines distributed inside it, In order to make it easier for visitors to make various payment operations.
  • The commercial units in the mall operate using an automation system at the highest level. To control lighting and temperature through the phone (mobile).

Units Space in Udora Mall New Capital

Home Town Real Estate Company provided the commercial units in Udora Mall New Capital project With a variety of spaces to suit different categories of customers, and various commercial purposes, Where the spaces of the commercial units in the mall are as follows:

  • The commercial units’ spaces in Udora Mall New Capital start from 30 square meters.
  • The spaces allocated for the commercial units in Eudora Mall reach an area of 300 square meters.

Units prices in Udora Mall New Capital

Unit prices vary in Udora Mall New Capital to suit the requirements of different customers, This made it one of the most important advantages of this new project. It offers very competitive prices compared to the size of the various benefits that it provides to its customers through it, from a privileged position, It contains many services and recreational activities. use of clean sources of energy, and other features, Where prices start at Eudora Mall as follows.

  • The prices of commercial units in Eudora Mall start from 4,510,300 pounds. With a down payment of 451,030 pounds only.

Payment systems in Udora Mall New Capital

Home Town presents, through its new project, Udora Mall New Capital very flexible payment systems, It allows all its customers to choose the most suitable among them, while benefiting from a special discount rate granted by the company to its customers for a limited period. The systems provided by the company are as follows:

    • The first system: 10% down payment of the total unit value. And the remaining installments over 6 years in the form of equal installments. The company gives all beneficiaries of this system a 10% discount.
    • The second system: A 15% down payment of the unit value is paid. And then the rest in installments over 7 years in equal installments. And granting his beneficiaries a 15% discount.
    • The third system is: 20% down payment And the remaining installments in the form of equal installments for a period of 8 years , and the company also gives the beneficiaries of this system a discount of 15%.
    • The fourth system: Advance payment of 25% of the unit value. And repay the remainder in equal installments up to 8 years , and the company gives customers of this system a discount of 5%.
  • Fifth system: As for through this system, its beneficiaries are granted a 5% discount, and the possibility of repayment over 5 full years in equal installments. And without paying any advance.
  • Sixth system: The sixth system includes a down payment of 25% of the total unit value. And the possibility of repayment over 3 years in equal installments, The company gives customers of this system a special discount of 30%.
  • The seventh system: As for the last system that the company offers in Eudora Mall , it is the cash and payment system, in which the customer pays only 60% of the total unit value, as the Hometown Real Estate Company gives him a special discount of 40% of the total unit value.

Finishing and delivery date in Udora Mall New Capital

Home Town Real Estate announced that the commercial units will be delivered in the Udora Mall New Capital with an incomplete finishing system (on red bricks), The units will be delivered at the end of the next year 2024 in December.

The developer also stated that Eudora Mall customers will have to pay a maintenance deposit of only 8% for their commercial units.

About the developer company

Hometown Development is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt. Which has implemented many projects that became famous in the Egyptian real estate development market, Specifically, in the new administrative capital city, the largest development projects that the Egyptian state has given clear attention to in recent years.

Hometown Real Estate Company was established in October 2017 as a company specializing in the field of real estate investment. At the hands of its founder, the engineer/ Diaa El-Din Farag Khalil, Through which the company has implemented more than 15 giant real estate projects in one of the most prominent new cities in Egypt, which is New Cairo, Specifically in the Fifth Settlement area.

The owner of the company, Eng. Diaa El-Din, is known for his extensive investment experience. As it owns a large volume of investments in the import and export sector, especially in the textile sector, It owns a private company that manages these investments and employs more than 5,000 workers in Egypt.

Since the establishment of the Home Town Real Estate Company, it has made a boom in the Egyptian real estate development market. As it has a unique idea in its implementation of various real estate projects, By gaining the most important competitive advantages, that distinguish it from various other projects, It represents a high value for customers and suitable prices and payment systems. It is a difficult equation that the company was able to achieve. This made it a prominent position among the real estate development companies in Egypt.

The previous work of Hometown Real Estate Company

As we mentioned earlier, Home Town Real Estate Company has implemented many prominent projects, which have achieved great success in Egypt, Especially in the new administrative capital, Among the most prominent of these development projects are the following:

  • Zaha Park Mall, the new administrative capital.
  • Lafayette Mall New Capital project.
  • Lafayette Village New Capital project.
  • Executing a mini-compound project in Beit Al-Watan, Fifth Settlement.
  • Some development works along the Narges Residence in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Executing a group of residential units in the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo.

For more information about Eudora Mall , please contact us now at 00201069210222, and one of our sales officials will respond to you as soon as possible, providing you with all the details and responding to all your inquiries.

Project details

  • Where exactly is Eudora Mall located?

Eudora Mall is located in the New Administrative Capital, in the Downtown area. particularly in its most recreational areas, It is a popular picnic and shopping area.

  • What are the spaces of the commercial units in Eudora Mall, the New Administrative Capital ?

Commercial unit spaces start in Eudora Mall of an area of 30 square metres, and up to 300 square metres.

  • What are the unit prices in Eudora Mall ?

The prices of commercial units in Eudora Mall, New Administrative Capital, start from 4,510,300 EGP.

  • Who is the company that owns the Eudora Mall project ?

The company that owns the Eudora Mall project is the famous developer, Hometown Development.

  • What are the payment systems in Eudora Mall New Capital?

Available in Eudora Mall Several payment systems to suit different customers. Which starts with paying a down payment starting from 10% of the total unit value, Flexible and comfortable repayment periods of up to 8 years. The company also gives clients of these systems a special discount for a limited period when booking their commercial units.

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