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Talah New administrative capital

New Plan Real Estate Development Company owns your unit in the best residential projects in the capital. To know the full details of Talah New Capital project (prices – spaces – down payment – payment methods), contact us for inquiries and book your unit now.

The Talah New Capital project is considered the most prestigious residential neighborhood in the New Administrative Capital. And on a huge area and includes all the basic, recreational, and educational services that made it an integrated urban community that gives its residents the greatest amount of comfort and luxury amidst green spaces, artificial lakes, and picturesque landscapes.

Tallah New Capital

The new Capital is the latest project of New Plan Real Estate Company. By offering a variety of units with full finishes and the highest quality available for sale at very competitive prices, In addition to offering great facilities to own your unit in the project easily and without any additional benefits, talah new capital.

The site of Talah New Capital

The New Plan Real Estate Investment and Development Company granted many advantages to the Talah New Capital Compound, the administrative capital, which qualifies it to compete strongly among the best projects in the administrative capital. It is ideally located in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the capital. Next to the service area of R7, It is also close to the most important places and roads in the Administrative Capital.


The places adjacent to the compound

  • Next to the service area of the R7.
  • The Compound of the Administrative Capital is located near the Al-Massa Hotel and the Medical District.
  • It is located near the Abdel-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
  • And near the Diplomatic Quarter, the Opera House and the Capital International Airport.
  • It is surrounded by some of the important and main roads, including the regional ring road and the southern axis of Bin Zayed, through which the monorail passes.

A new city like the new administrative capital, living in it is a step towards a better future and a new life for you and your family, And through the Compound of the Administrative Capital, the largest real estate company in Egypt offers you a privileged location that makes you surrounded by everything that is service and entertainment in the New Capital.

The units’ spaces in Talah New Capital

New Plan Real Estate Company has been interested in the project of the new capital, providing various types of residential units. In each category, there is a wide range of small and large spaces. These are the most important types offered by the Compound of the New Administrative Capital.

Tallah Apartments, the Administrative Capital

  • The two-room apartments start from 125 square meters. And its price starts from 2,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • There is an apartment with 3 bedrooms in Tala, with an area of 156 square meters. It is available from a price of 4,200,000 pounds.
  • It also enjoys a view of large spaces and 4-room units, the area of which starts from 220 m duplexes, And the price starts from 8,800,000 pounds.
  • All units are fully finished, super lux with the kitchen.
Alto Casa units

They are units provided by Neoplan Company in Tala , and they are duplexes with a private swimming pool and a garden of various sizes. Each building with these units consists of 5 upper floors, As for the total units, it has 12 units.

  • Al Tawa Casa spaces start from 210 square meters up to 350 square meters.
  • As for the prices, they start from 5,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Super Lux finishing level in the kitchen.

Verde Casa units

Among the units in Talaa are the Verde Casa units, which are duplexes and enjoy a private garden with a private swimming pool. As for the buildings that include these units, they have 6 upper floors, and the total number of units in each building, including 23 housing units.

  • The spaces in Verdi Casa start from 189 square meters up to 200 square meters.
  • And the price for sale starts from 6,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Ultra Super Lux finishing in the kitchen.

Apartment prices in Talah New Capital

Previously, some prices of the units that New Plan Real Estate Company put forward in the Compound of the New Administrative Capital were presented. These prices are suitable for everyone, compared to all the advantages in the compound, these prices are a real opportunity that will not be repeated. In addition to the prices, there are many installment systems that make you own your unit with the lowest down payment and without interest only in the New Administrative Capital.

Apartment prices start from 3,000,000 pounds

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Reservation and payment systems in Talah New Capital

The company developing the new administrative capital, Tallah, has been interested in providing many facilities to customers, Where it offered a large number of different installment systems up to 10 years without interest, All this in order to reach all social levels and to make it easier for you to buy your unit in the Administrative Capital , and among the available systems are the following:

  • 10% down payment and installments over a year (22% discount).
  • 10% down payment and installments up to two years (18% discount).
  • 10% reservation down payment and the rest over 3 years (15% discount).
  • 10% down payment and the rest over 4 years (12% discount).
  • 10% down payment and the rest over 5 years (10% discount).
  • 10% down payment and installments up to 6 years (5% discount).
  • 10% down payment and equal installments over 7 years .
  • 15% down payment and installments up to 8 years .
  • 10% down payment, 10% payment after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 10 years .
  • There is also a 30% cash discount .
  • 8% maintenance deposit.
  • Units will be received within 4 years.

These are some of the important details about the largest residential building that New Plan Real Estate Development Company is now building in the heart of the New Republic, Contact us and learn more about the Talah New Capital Compound, and enjoy a style of luxury, pleasure, and privacy in an integrated edifice in the heart of the New Republic.

Space and design of the Administrative Capital

The administrative capital, Tallah, covers an area of approximately 30 acres. That total area was divided between a proportion of buildings and constructions, It represents the lowest construction rate in the capital at 17%. And the rest of the compound’s space has been worked on to become landscapes, services, and public facilities.

The residential buildings in Tallah range from apartments, duplexes, Alto Casa and Verde Casa. The spaces vary in each of these categories. All units have been finished with a super lux finishing. It is also received with air conditioners and kitchens.

As for the services and amenities, they were designed on an area of 70% of the total area of the Tallah project. Care was taken in the engineering design work so that each residential unit enjoys a view and a distinctive view of the landscape and landscapes. The services inside also vary so that you do not need to leave the New Administrative Capital .

Services of Tallat Administrative Capital Compound

Among all the projects in the Administrative Capital, the Talah New Capital project is undisputedly ranked first Because it contains all the factors that the customer is looking for and wishing for when purchasing his residential unit, Where the company was keen to give the residents of the compound a unique and unique life, and for all its customers to enjoy unparalleled accommodation and integrated services that do not lack anything.

Here are some of the services provided to you by the New Administrative Capital :

Green spaces and artificial lakes spread throughout the compound and give psychological comfort to the client.

  • Restaurants and cafes for outings, evening parties, and spending quality time inside the Compound of the Administrative Capital
  • Full guarding of the entire compound through the strongest security guard teams and the best camera equipment 24 hours a day.
  • International schools.
  • Wifi .
  • There are also sports fields for practicing all sports activities.
  • The administrative capital, Tallet Compound, also contains garages for cars.
  • The compound includes many swimming pools for different ages and others for women for more privacy.
  • A commercial area and a hypermarket that meets all your family’s needs.
  • Kids Aria.
  • Tallah compound overlooks 30 acres of landscape.
  • New Plan Real Estate Development Company

    It is one of the most important and largest joint stock companies in Egypt and the Arab world. As it owns a series of distinguished projects in Egypt, Dubai and several different countries, and has left a unique imprint in every edifice that bears its name, leading to its latest launch in the Capital City, which is the look of the New Administrative Capital, Below we present to you a simplified overview of New Plan Real Estate Company and its latest projects.

    New Plan Real Estate Company

    The success of the company is due to its founder and a large group of businessmen who were keen to create and build a huge entity that offers the best projects in all Arab countries, and among those names are:

    • Mr. Mohammed Rashid.
    • Mr. Youssef Siddik.
    • Engineer / Walid Khalil Al-Mansoub

    He is considered the founder of the Saudi Al-Rashed Company. He also holds the position of actual Chairman of the Board of Directors, in addition to being the owner of Al-Khalil Company.

    • Engineer / Hussein Hammam.

    He is the owner and founder of Almarai Company and also owns Al Rashideen Company.

    • Prof. Dr. Walid Khalil.

    He holds the position of Executive Director with over 24 years of experience envisioning modern lifestyles in the heart of the New Capital at the peak of Egypt’s current achievements in the field of real estate development.

    The most important projects of New Plan Real Estate Development Company

    The company has a huge investment volume that it invests every year in a group of distinctive and unique achievements, whether in Egypt or abroad. In each of their projects, the company was keen to provide a level of sophistication and luxury, to use the best building materials, and to maintain the distinctive mark that it was famous for over the past years of high design and high quality.

    The company is now offering a new residential edifice in the New Administrative Capital, called the New Plan Capital City project. As for the rest of its previous works, these are the most important and prominent works of New Plan Real Estate Company:

    • New Plan Real Estate Company has built a large number of tourist hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh.
    • It also managed to establish and build a large group of oil companies.
    • In addition, it has provided some investment business in Dubai.
    • New Plan has also built and built a group of cargo boats

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Project details

New Plan Real Estate Development Company.

01069210222 Sales number of the administrative capital

Tallah compound is located in the seventh district, residential R7, the administrative capital

The area of Talat Administrative Capital is 30 acres

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