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Stoda Sheraton Compound

Stoda Sheraton Compound is a new and integrated residential project implemented by Il Cazar Development to be a new residential and service compound located in the middle of the most prestigious districts of the Egyptian capital, Sheraton district.

Stoda Sheraton Compound was designed to include a variety of residential units with various s[paces that suit different tastes and customer requirements and is supported by the greatest amount of services and facilities that work to meet the diverse needs of residents without the need to go outside the compound searching for them.

Below we present to you the most important details about Stoda Sheraton project, and the most important advantages and facilities it enjoys so that it will be the first choice for many investors and customers. 

Stoda Sheraton Compound Location

Stoda Sheraton Compound is located in a very special location in the heart of the upscale Sheraton district, as it is located specifically in front of the famous Isola Sheraton Compound. 

It is characterized by many geographical advantages that distinguish it from other recently implemented residential projects in the Sheraton area and the following are the most important advantages that the compound’s location enjoys are the following:

  • The compound is located directly on Suez Road, Al-Nasr Road, and many important axes that connect various areas with other Egyptian cities.
  • Stoda Sheraton Compound is located close to many prominent landmarks and the most important vital and central destinations in Cairo.
  • The compound is located near the most important sports clubs in Cairo, such as Al-Ahly Club and Al-Shams Sports Club.
  • It is also located near the most important commercial centers such as Sun City Mall and City Stars Mall.
  • The compound is located next to one of the most famous restaurants that has become famous recently in Egypt, which is Hagouga Restaurant.

Reserve your residential unit now in one of the most prominent residential compounds being implemented in the upscale Sheraton area, Stoda Sheraton Compound.

Just contact us on 00201011564040, and we will immediately provide you with all the details and informations and help you reserve your residential unit in Stoda Sheraton Compound.

كمبوند استودا شيراتون

Stoda Sheraton Compound Space

Il Cazar Development has allocated a large area to establish its new residential project in the Sheraton area. The area of the compound is approximately 113 acres, which has been allocated to include a large number of residential units and beautiful landscapes that support all the compound units with the best natural views.

This large area of Stoda Sheraton was divided unfairly between residential buildings, services, and landscapes, so that the services, facilities, and landscapes in the Compound occupy the largest proportion of the project space, equivalent to 80% of the total area, while the residential buildings in the compound occupy the rest of the area, which is only 20% of the total area, so that all residents of the compound enjoy the biggest amount of privacy and residential luxury compared to the urban congestion common in city life.

Stoda Sheraton Compound Design

Il Cazar Development Company took care of the design of Stoda Sheraton Compound to be brilliantly done so that the Compound would be an icon of beauty in the heart of the upscale Sheraton area. 

In the context of that, Il Cazar Company was keen to cooperate with major engineering consulting offices to ensure that the design of the compound meets the highest international quality standards comparable to the largest residential projects in the world.

During the design process, the developer was keen to take into account the ideal division of the compound’s area between the landscapes, construction spaces, services and facilities provided in the compound, and recreational activities, to support the compound’s residents with the greatest amount of residential luxury.

Enjoy luxurious life in the heart of Cairo’s most upscale neighborhood, the Sheraton District, and in one of the most important residential projects, Stoda Sheraton Compound.

Contact us on 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will immediately respond to you to provide you with all the details and information and help you reserve your residential unit in Stoda Sheraton Compound.

Stoda Sheraton Services and Facilities

Stoda Sheraton project includes a distinctive package of services, facilities, and features that provide a distinctive residential experience for its residents and support them with the highest levels of residential luxury. Among the most important of these advantages that Stoda Sheraton Compound offers to its customers are the following:

  • Stoda Sheraton Compound has a distinct landscape, interspersed with many green spaces and beautiful water fountains that support the compound’s units with the best views.
  • One of the most prominent advantages offered by Stoda Sheraton Compound is the advanced infrastructure, as the compound contains a variety of residential units, ranging from small apartments to luxury villas, which allow its residents to choose the residential unit that suits their needs and lifestyle.
  • The compound includes areas designated for reading, entertainment, relaxation, and outdoor sports.
  • The compound contains swimming pools suitable for all ages, available in various sizes and depths.
  • The compound includes a group of restaurants and cafes that offer customers the best local and international dishes and beverages.
  • The compound offers its residents a commercial area that includes a group of shops and shopping centers including a group of prominent local and international brands.
  • Stoda Sheraton has a sports club that includes a group of sports fields for practicing various sports, such as football, handball, tennis, and other sports.
  • The compound also has a health club that includes a gym, spa, and jacuzzi to take care of fitness and physical health.
  • The compound is secured by a group of security and guard staff trained to the highest level, to guard the compound and secure its entrances 24 hours a day.
  • A group of high-quality surveillance cameras are distributed throughout Stoda Sheraton, monitoring the compound 24 hours a day to reduce potential crimes.
  • There is also designated parking to organize cars inside the compound and prevent their accumulation and congestion.

Do not miss this unique opportunity and invest in one of the most distinguished residential projects in Sheraton district, implemented by Il Cazar Development.

Contact us now on 00201011564040, to find out more details and information and to request assistance in reserving your residential unit in Stoda Sheraton project.

Stoda Sheraton Units’ Spaces 

Stoda Sheraton Compound offers its residents a distinct group of residential units with different types and spaces that suit the requirements of the largest segment of customers. Whatever you are looking for in your desired residential unit, you can easily find it in Stoda Sheraton Compound.

  • The residential units in Stoda Sheraton Compound vary between residential apartments with various spaces and room numbers to suit different tastes. 
  • The residential apartments in Stoda Sheraton Compound start from an area of 70 square meters and gradually increase to meet various desires.
Stoda Sheraton project prices

Il Cazar Development Company was keen to provide all the residential units in Stoda Sheraton Compound at distinctive and very competitive prices that are not equal to the amount of features and services provided in this integrated residential complex in the heart of the Sheraton area.

Stoda Compound prices can be described as truly competitive prices when compared with other residential projects. These prices vary according to the space of each residential unit in the project, its location within the compound, as well as the uniqueness of its view.

To find out more details about Stoda Sheraton units’ prices, contact us on 00201011564040, and we will provide you with all the details about the prices and help you reserve your residential unit in Stoda Sheraton Compound.

كمبوند استودا شيراتون

Stoda Sheraton Payment Plan

Il Cazar Development offers a distinctive payment plan that will make it easier for customers to reserve their residential units in Stoda Compound, where it is possible to pay a small advance of the unit price and then pay the remainder in installments over extended years. The payment systems provided in the project are as follows:

  • The customer pays a down payment of only 10% of the total unit value and then pays the rest over 7 years in equal installments.
  • All the residential units in the Stoda Project will be delivered one year after the date of contracting for the residential unit.
  • All units will be delivered with a fully finished level. 

Enjoy your residential unit now in the heart of Sheraton neighborhood, and in one of its most important residential projects at present, Stoda Sheraton Compound.

Contact us now on 00201011564040, to obtain more details and request assistance in reserving your residential unit in Stoda Sheraton Compound.

Information about Il Cazar Development

Il Cazar Development Company is one of the leading companies that has a long history in the field of real estate in Egypt, as the company has a strong reputation and a long history of success in implementing various high-quality residential, commercial, and administrative projects.

Il Cazar Development was established to provide projects characterized by design excellence of its projects with innovative architectural designs that combine elegance and practical functionality, in addition to using the best modern technology in construction and finishing, which made it one of the pioneering companies in the real estate sector.

Il Cazar Development is characterized by innovation and continuous development in the field of the real estate industry, as it always seeks to provide projects that meet the various aspirations and needs of customers, whether for family housing or commercial investment.

The integrated residential complexes that Il Cazar Company is implementing are distinguished by the availability of all necessary amenities and services for residents, such as green spaces, swimming pools, fitness halls, and other recreational facilities. 

The company is also distinguished by providing its residential projects with luxurious finishing levels that meet customer expectations in terms of quality and elegance.

Il Cazar Company is also distinguished by the development of integrated commercial and administrative complexes, which provide a suitable environment for business and commerce. These projects are also distinguished by their strategic location and modern design that meet the needs of companies and institutions alike.

Il Cazar is one of the companies that pays great attention to quality and customer service, as it always strives to reach the satisfaction of its customers and meet all their expectations. 

كمبوند استودا شيراتون

Il Cazar’s Previous work
Il Cazar Development is distinguished by its implementation of a distinguished group of distinctive real estate projects that have received the best response in the Egyptian real estate development market, and for which the company has gained the respectable reputation that it has today. Below we present three of the most prominent projects that the company has implemented:

  • Nord New Alamein Village.
  • Go Heliopolis Compound.
  • Creek Town New Cairo Compound.

Reserve your residential unit now in one of the most prominent residential projects in the luxurious Sheraton neighborhood, and enjoy distinguished housing that meets all the standards of residential luxury.

Just contact us on 00201011564040, and we will immediately undertake the duty of providing you with all the details and information and helping you reserve your residential unit in Stoda Sheraton project.

Project details

You can reserve your residential unit in Stoda Sheraton Compound by contacting us on 00201011564040.

Stoda Sheraton project is located in the Sheraton Neighborhood, close to the most important services, main roads and axes, and the most important vital areas.

Residential units in Stoda Compound are available at special and very competitive prices.

The spaces in Stoda Sheraton start from 70 square meters and gradually increase to suit the various desires of customers.

The developer company of Stoda Sheraton Compound is Il Cazar Development Company.

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