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State Compound New Cairo
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State Compound New Cairo

Landmark Sabbour Compound stands as a symbol of luxury and distinction in the real estate development world, leaping to the forefront with its sophisticated designs and exceptional projects.

Landmark Sabbour Compound takes us on an enchanting journey into a world of innovation and refined architectural arts, where each project shines with unparalleled uniqueness and allure. In this context, Landmark Sabbour Compound in front of Al Rehab emerges as one of the latest and most prominent initiatives launched by the company, loaded with exceptional features that embody an advanced investment vision and a commitment to meeting the comprehensive needs of customers and investors seeking comfort, sophistication, and luxury.

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Stei8ht new cairo كمبوند ستيت القاهرة الجديدة

State Compound Location

State Compound in New Cairo boasts a prime location, situated in front of Gate 17 in Al Rehab, extending along the Youssef El Sebai axis branching off from the Mohamed Naguib axis.

This compound serves as a vital hub in the Fifth Settlement, stretching from Gate 16 to Gate 20 and neighboring the Swan Lake Residence project.

Thanks to its strategic location, the State Compound offers easy access to several key destinations in the Fifth Settlement. Waterway Compound can be reached within 5 minutes, and the American University is only a 10-minute drive away.

State Compound is strategically positioned near Rehab City and Swan Lake Compound, facilitating accessibility to other areas such as Nasr City and Heliopolis.

Furthermore, the Central Ring Road is in close proximity, simplifying travel throughout Cairo with ease. Experience comfort and luxury by contacting us to reserve a villa in the State Compound in New Cairo.

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State compound Space

Landmark Sabour Real Estate Development Company has decided to allocate a vast area for the establishment of State Compound in the Fifth Settlement.

The company has designated an expansive 550-acre space, providing ample opportunities to fully realize its plans in the most effective manner possible.

In striving for an ideal balance, the company has devoted the majority of this space to green areas and landscape coordination.

Additionally, a significant portion has been allocated for recreational facilities, with these green spaces and amenities constituting approximately 80% of the total project area.

This deliberate planning creates a high level of privacy and ensures an exceptional recreational experience.

The company has reserved only 20% of the space for infrastructure and buildings, thereby minimizing population density in the New Cairo State Compound.

This approach contributes to the provision of open spaces and comfortable areas for residents, emphasizing the company’s commitment to creating a harmonious and enjoyable living environment.

Stei8ht new cairo

The state Compound’ Spaces

State Landmark Sabbour project stands out for consisting of luxurious villa units, and offering a significant diversity in sizes and designs to cater to the preferences and needs of customers. Below are the key types of villas available:

  • Twin House units starting from 220 square meters.
  • Detached Twin House units with areas starting from 260 square meters.
  • Standalone Villas with areas starting from 280 square meters.

This diverse array of units reflects uniqueness and meets the varied needs of customers, giving the Stei8ht New Cairo Compound a distinctive and exceptional character. It is worth mentioning that all villas in the compound have been constructed, and each one enjoys views of a distinctive and highly attractive landscape.

This varied selection of units showcases the project’s commitment to providing a unique and personalized living experience, making Stei8ht New Cairo Compound a standout destination for those seeking exclusivity and luxury in their residences.

State Compound design

State Compound in New Cairo stands out with its modern designs that meet the expectations and refined tastes of discerning customers. The project’s design was a collaborative effort involving a team of elite consulting engineers.

The designs of State Compound in the Fifth Settlement boast ample green spaces, complemented by artificial lakes and elegantly designed swimming pools. The units within the compound have been meticulously designed using the latest European techniques by Engineer Yasser El Beltagy. This design reflects innovation and luxury, creating a distinctive living environment for the compound’s residents. What sets the compound apart is that all villas enjoy breathtaking and distinctive views of the landscaped surroundings.

State Compound not only prioritizes aesthetic appeal but also emphasizes functionality and comfort, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a contemporary and luxurious lifestyle in New Cairo.

Stei8ht new cairo كمبوند ستيت القاهرة الجديدة
Stei8ht new cairo كمبوند ستيت القاهرة الجديدة

State Compound Prices

As is customary with Landmark Sabbour Real Estate, the prices of State Compound in New Cairo are competitive, distinguished, and commensurate with the services and facilities provided within the project. Prices vary within the compound based on the different types of units and their diverse spaces, giving customers the opportunity to choose prices that align with their budget. Here is an overview of the prices for villas in Landmark Sabbour Compound:

  • Townhouses for sale in State Landmark Sabbour start at 17,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • Twin House villas are available at prices starting from 28,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • Prices for standalone villas in Landmark Sabbour Compound start at 39,000,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Engineer Ahmed Hussein Sabbour, the owner of Landmark Sabbour Real Estate, has ensured that all villas in the compound offer distinctive views of enchanting and highly attractive natural landscapes. The compound is designed to cater to a wide range of customers and investors seeking comfort, luxury, and well-being.

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State Compound Payment Plan

Owning a villa in one of Landmark Sabbour Real Estate’s projects has become exceptionally easy, as the company offers highly flexible installment plans for those seeking a luxurious living standard filled with comfort and well-being. Here are the key payment systems available:

You can acquire a villa in Sabbour Compound in front of Al Rehab by paying only a 10% reservation deposit of the total unit value and settling the remaining amount over 7 years.

A new life opportunity awaits you – call and reserve a luxurious villa in State Compound, benefiting from the ideal real estate investment opportunity. Contact us now at 00201011564040 and own a luxurious villa in one of the prominent projects in New Cairo.

 State Compound Services and facilities

As always with Landmark Sabbour Real Estate development, all necessary services and facilities have been provided to meet the residents’ needs in Sabbour Compound in front of Al Rehab. Among these services are:

  • Comprehensive medical center for patient care, including a pharmacy for necessary treatments.
  • International-level schools and nurseries for children.
  • Fully equipped sports club with multiple courts.
  • Social club for recreational activities.
  • Recreational area with various games for children.
  • Hypermarket to meet household needs.
  • Commercial area with various shops.
  • Multiple swimming pools at different levels.
  • Spacious mosque accommodating a large number of worshippers.
  • Dedicated area for restaurants and cafes offering international cuisine.
  • Commercial complex featuring diverse retail stores.

These services constitute a comprehensive mix aimed at making the residents’ lives in Landmark Sabbour Compound comfortable and enjoyable. It reflects a commitment to providing an integrated and diverse urban environment.

 About Landmark Sabbour

Landmark Sabbour, the developer of State Compound in the Fifth Settlement, holds a leading position in the field of construction and real estate development in the Egyptian market. The company was founded in 2005 by Engineer Ahmed Hussein Sabbour and initially specialized in executing projects distinguished by their complete finishes and high-quality execution.

Landmark Sabbour represents a partnership between Engineer Ahmed Hussein Sabbour and the National Bank for Development, with a clear vision to meet the real estate market’s needs with luxurious projects inside and outside Egypt. Some of the company’s previous projects include:

  1. Layan Compound in New Cairo.
  2. Aria Sabbour Landmark Compound.
  3. Zoia Village in the North Coast.

Landmark Sabbour continues to excel through its projects in New Cairo, including Azar Compound, Sarai Compound, and Taj City Compound, in addition to the Fifth Square project in the Fifth Settlement.

These projects are characterized by upscale designs and integrated services, enhancing the company’s position as a leading developer in the real estate industry in Egypt.

Contact us now and reserve a luxurious villa in one of the prominent projects in New Cairo. Don’t miss the opportunity to own your dream home in State Compound in the Fifth Settlement. Call us now at 00201011564040 and secure a luxurious villa that meets all your aspirations.

Project details

Engineer Ahmed Hussein Sabour.


500 acres.

The compound includes only villas with diverse spaces and incredibly charming views.

Villa prices in the compound start from 17,000,000 Egyptian Pounds, offering a fantastic opportunity for living and investing in one of the finest areas of New Cairo.

Engineer Yasser El Beltagy, along with a group of the most skilled and best engineering consultants.

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