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Information about Solarium Mall New Cairo

Solarium Mall New Cairo is considered a qualitative shift in the concept of shopping and entertainment in the Fifth Settlement. This wonderful project stands as a symbol of modern life and urban development, as it blends luxury and sustainability in the heart of New Cairo

Solarium Mall enjoys a strategic location that provides easy access to other places inside or outside New Cairo, making it an ideal destination for shopping, entertainment, and investment.

Solarium Mall New Cairo reflects a new vision of urban shopping experiences, where modern designs and precise details are in harmony with a sophisticated urban concept.

Below we’ll give you more details about Solarium Mall New Cairo project.

Solarium New Cairo Location 

Explore the marvels of Solarium Business Mall in the Fifth Settlement, where it embodies the features of exceptional luxury and beauty.

A wonderful geographical location has been carefully chosen specifically to fulfill your dreams and aspirations towards a brilliant and successful future. Solarium Fifth Settlement project launched by Manage Development Company, offers a distinguished investment opportunity in a strategic location.

Below are the most important geographical advantages enjoyed by Solarium Mall New Cairo:

  • The mall is two minutes away from Al Rehab City.
  • The American University can be reached from Solarium Mall in just 3 minutes.
  • It is about 5 minutes away from Golden Square.
  • The mall is also 10 minutes away from the New Capital City.
  • The distance between the mall and Cairo Airport is just about 15 minutes.
  • The mall is featured by its proximity to Saada Compound and Cinco Mall.

Reserve your unit now and be part of this elegant edifice in the heart of New Cairo. Enjoy the atmosphere of luxury and nature in the heart of the Fifth Settlement with Solarium Mall, please contact us on 00201011564040.

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Solarium Mall New Cairo Space

Solarium Business Mall Fifth Settlement is considered a unique place, as it was built on an area of 4,266 square meters. Only 35% of this area was used to build the mall and the rest was allocated to the landscape and open recreational areas.

The mall provides distinguished services, green areas, and stunning views, which provide all units with a wonderful view and create a distinctive atmosphere that enhances the work environment and encourages innovation and creativity.

Solarium Business Mall has a direct facade on 90th Street with a length of 30 meters, while the back facade of the mall overlooks another main street with a width of 70 meters.

The mall consists of a ground floor and 6 upper floors, which have been divided variously to meet different needs, as it comes as follows:

  • Raised ground floor: designed for diverse and commercial uses.
  • Commercial ground floor: designated for commercial activities and services.
  • First floor to the fourth floor: designed only for administrative offices and business spaces.
  • Fifth floor: dedicated to real estate units, and medical clinics, in addition to a waiting area.
  • Basement floors were allocated to the garage, as the developer company allocated 2 underground floors to accommodate the largest number of cars.

The mall is distinguished by its unique design and optimal use of space to ensure providing a unique and comfortable experience for investors and customers alike.  

Solarium New Cairo Mall Design

The engineering consultant of Solarium Mall New Cairo was chosen with great care, as the engineer Hani Saad sits at the top of the list of leading designers in the real estate market.

Architect Hani Saad is famous for his dazzling architectural style in interior and exterior designs, and luxurious decorations, which appears in his wonderful work record.

Mr. Hani Saad has extensive experience in the field of engineering design, and his previous works have demonstrated the extent of his innovation and creativity.

Among the projects led by engineer Hani Saad are Vinci Compound New Capital, East Side Mall Fifth Settlement, and 31 North Tower Mall New Capital.

MANAJ Development Company has cooperated with the best engineering cadres specialized in the field of construction and contracting.

The mall’s design is expected to be unique and distinctive, reflecting the spirit of the creator Hani Saad, as it raises the standard of business life.

Solarium Mall Fifth Settlement prices

The prices of Solarium Mall units are very competitive and are considered the ideal choice in New Cairo and the 5th Settlement area. This project is considered an unparalleled opportunity for investors, as they can reserve their units with an EOI starting from 50,000 Egyptian pounds up to 100,000 Egyptian pounds. 

This investment opportunity opens the door for many investors to benefit from the various offers and build their position in this distinguished project. You can now define your needs and choose the unit that suits you, whether it is commercial, administrative, or medical to expand the scope of your business.

Do not miss this unique investment opportunity, as you can now be part of Solarium Mall community, enjoying the competitive advantages provided in this giant project.

Get ready for a unique experience at Solarium Mall Fifth Settlement, and call us now on 00201011564040 for reservations and to obtain more information. 

solarium Mall new Cairo مول سولاريوم التجمع الخامس

Solarium Mall Payment Plans

Payment Plans provided at Solarium Mall are flexible and diverse, as they target a wide category of investors and customers seeking to purchase their unit in Solarium Business Mall

Thanks to these flexible payment plans, investors can choose the payment options that suit their needs and financial capabilities.

Whether you prefer a small down payment with easy monthly installments, or you have specific preferences in payment methods, Solarium Mall offers various options to meet all those needs. 

Enjoy the best investment opportunity at Solarium Mall Fifth Settlement, and reserve one of the provided luxury units to benefit from luxury and comfort. For communication and reservations, please call us at 00201011564040.

Solarium Business Mall Services and Facilities

Solarium Mall is considered a unique and integrated project by MANAJ Development Company, where attention has been paid to providing a variety of services and facilities to meet all customers’ needs. 

Here is a deeper look at some of the distinctive services and facilities provided by Solarium:

  • Providing reception and rest spaces on all floors for more luxury and comfort.
  • The mall features modern designs and distinct decorations that reflect the spirit of the place and create an exceptional experience for visitors.
  • Ensuring the continuity of electrical supply through generators in the event of a power outage to enhance business stability and ensure the availability of services at all times.
  • Providing dedicated basement floors for the garage that achieve ease of access for customer comfort ensures the protection of all vehicles and improves the visitor’s experience.
  • An integrated security system that includes guard services at all doors in addition to surveillance cameras that ensure a safe environment for everyone.
  • Adopting advanced systems to deal with emergencies situations to enhance preparedness and ensure rapid and effective response in the event of any emergency.
  • Providing central air conditioning that ensures effective fresh air distribution, which achieves visitor comfort throughout the mall.
  • Providing 3 entrances to the mall and 4 elevators that serve all customer’s movement inside the mall.
  • Providing 12 bathrooms on each floor.
  • Central Internet Service that serves all units and visitors inside the mall.
  • Constant attention to cleanliness around the clock.
  • There are a group of cafés and restaurants that provide an integrated experience for visitors.

Solarium New Cairo project embodies MANAJ’s vision to provide an integrated and distinguished environment, where luxury, safety, and unique services come together in one place, to meet all customer needs and provide a distinctive shopping and recreation experience.

Features of Solarium Mall New Cairo

Solarium Mall has many advantages that make it a distinctive destination for customers, as it offers a unique shopping and recreational experience, among these features are:

  • The mall features a unique architectural design and modern decorations, creating an attractive atmosphere for visitors.
  • The project provides green spaces and comfortable seating, allowing visitors to enjoy nature and relax.
  • Providing electrical generators to ensure continuity of services, in addition to advanced safety systems to protect visitors and stores alike.
  • The mall is located in a vital and central area in the Fifth Settlement, making it a convenient and desirable destination for visitors.
  • A large percentage of the space is allocated to services and facilities, ensuring an integrated customer experience.
  • The mall has exceptional views that add to its appeal and make visitors’ experience more enjoyable.
  • The mall offers a variety of prices to meet the needs of different customers.
  • The project offers flexible installment options that contribute to making the units available to a wide range of investors.

Your investment in an administrative or commercial unit in this project is a strategic step towards success and prosperity in a unique commercial environment.

Discover luxury and nature at Solarium Mall, and call us on 00201011564040 for reservations and more details.

About MANAJ Development

solarium new Cairo   سولاريوم التجمع الخامس

MANAJ Developments is one of the leading companies in the urban development field, as it is distinguished by providing sophisticated designs and competitive prices, with a focus on choosing strategic locations for its projects. 

MANAJ Developments is striving to build projects that are not limited to physical structure only but extend to creating new visions and standards in the world of real estate development.

MANAJ Developments is keen on customer comfort in all its projects, as it ensures the provision of comfortable and integrated environments for living and working. 

The company’s vision is rolling around building a new future beyond the limits of imagination, as it combines high quality and innovation in every step it takes. 

MANAJ Developments is considered not only a real estate developer but a creator of exceptional life experiences by reflecting beauty and comfort in every detail of its designs.

Reserve your unit now in one of Solarium Mall’s units and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in Fifth Settlement. For additional information and to arrange your reservation, please contact us at 00201011564040.

Project details

Solarium Mall project is located in New Cairo City, directly on North 90 Street. 

The space of Solarium Mall is approximately 4,266 SQM.

Solarium Fifth Settlement offers a group of commercial, administrative, and medical units.

The owner company of Solarium Project is MANAJ Development. 

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