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Manaj Real Estate Development Company is one of the companies that has made a significant impact on the Egyptian real estate market, attributed to its excellent reputation and meticulous project execution. The company believes that its role extends beyond mere construction of real estate projects to creating unique havens that transform into sources of tranquility in a world filled with bustling life.

The management of Manaj Real Estate Development emphasizes that properties are not just buildings; they are spaces that host life and become integral parts of memories and significant moments.

In every project they undertake, the company reflects a vision to make it more than just a place to reside but a perfect space for families, individuals, and investors.

For inquiries or to reserve a unit in Mall Solarium, the latest project in the Fifth Settlement, contact us at +20 106 9210 222.

The expertise of Manaj Real Estate Development’s management and staff lies in understanding the diverse needs of their clients, whether seeking splendid living spaces or distinctive investment opportunities. The company places a strong emphasis on attention to detail and quality, designing each project to be a unique landmark in the real estate world.

One of the notable projects by Manaj Real Estate Development is Solarium Mall in the Fifth Settlement. Located along the main North 90 Road, the mall offers commercial and administrative units for sale at competitive prices and highly favorable payment plans

Who is the owner of Manaj Real Estate Company?

The owners of Manaj Real Estate Development Company include distinguished engineers in the field of construction and technicians, Engineer Mohamed Hussein and Engineer Abdel Moneim Guita.

Engineer Mohamed Hussein is distinguished by his point of view on quality and adherence to international standards in every project he supervises.

He started in 2013 and led several leading companies in the construction field, and contributed to the preparation of many huge projects, making him responsible for ensuring their quality.

On the other hand, Abdel Moneim Guita has witnessed his contribution in proving and integrating development elements into every project in which he participates.

It began its journey in 2013 and established many leading companies, and led to the establishment of many huge projects that represent importance in the regions in which it is located.

With eight years of experience and dedication to work, both engineers apply high standards of comprehensive quality in every project they undertake.

 To obtain information about the Holm Compound, Fifth Settlement, which is the latest project of Manaj Real Estate Development Company, and to book one of the company’s projects, please contact the following phone number: 00201069210222.

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