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Radium Mall New Cairo
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Information about Radium Mall New Cairo

Radium Mall New Cairo is the latest distinctive real estate project that is being implemented in the city of New Cairo in a very vital and distinctive location, This huge project is set to include a variety of commercial, administrative, and medical units. To be one of the most comprehensive commercial centers in New Cairo, Which fits the size of this huge and new project implemented by MakePlace Development.

Below we show you the most important details related to this new project, prices, areas, And the most important advantages that distinguish it from the various other commercial projects located in New Cairo.

Radium Mall New Cairo location

Enjoy Radium Mall New Cairo project With many geographical advantages that it enjoys in the city of New Cairo, Where its privileged location is one of the most important advantages that the mall radium project includes, if not the most important one at all.

Among the most important of these aforementioned geographical advantages are the following:

  • Radium Mall New Cairo is located Directly in front of Al Rehab City, Specifically, in front of Gate 23 of the city.
  • Easy access to Radium Mall New Cairo from the main hub.
  • The mall is located just 10 minutes away from Madinaty.
  • It is also 10 minutes away from Teseen Street.
  • Radium Mall New Cairo is also located 10 minutes from the American University.
  • Radium Mall is 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • While it is located 20 minutes away from the most important development projects in Egypt currently, It is the new administrative capital.
  • The mall is also far from both Nasr City, And Heliopolis is only 20 minutes away.

The area of Radium Mall New Cairo

The area of the Radium Mall New Cairo is 18,500 square meters, It is a very large and sufficient space for the mall to include a variety of commercial, administrative, and medical units, as well as all basic and recreational facilities and services.

It also has a load on Radium Mall 25% of the total area, Which supports the mall’s perfect symmetry and design.

Radium Mall New Cairo is a lively commercial center that contains a variety of administrative and commercial units, and medical facilities in a variety of areas and are suitable for all commercial and administrative purposes.

Where this new entity offers spacious units that serve all doctors perfectly, As well as shop owners, pharmacists, companies, and Investors vary in the size of their investments.

Designed by Radium Mall New Cairo

Designed by Radium Mall To represent a travel destination for all beneficiaries, He is close to everything. And designed to suit all age groups.

Radium Mall New Cairo - radium mall new cairo
Radium Mall New Cairo – radium mall new cairo

Among the most important reasons that directed Make Plus Real Estate Company to implement this large project, It is keen on establishing a large commercial building that aims to meet one’s needs, And provide the best experience for everyone in a location that can benefit the largest group of people in New Cairo, Rehab, It is located close to some other important cities in Egypt.

Services and benefits in Radium Mall New Cairo

Radium Mall offers an integrated set of services and benefits to its customers, which they may specifically look for during their search for the best investment opportunities in various commercial projects.

Among the most prominent of these services that Radium Mall provides to its customers are the following:

  • Radium Mall contains two floors, an underground basement, with approximately 700 ventilation openings.
  • The mall includes a group of elevators to facilitate movement between the floors of the mall. There are 8 elevators.
  • The mall has a set of escalators, which are integrated with a set of electric elevators to reduce crowding inside the mall.
  • The mall has a 200-meter frontage overlooking a main street.
  • The mall also includes gyms to maintain physical fitness.
  • There are many exhibitions inside the mall that serve all commercial activities.
  • A wide range of cafes and restaurants, Which offers the most delicious dishes and the most delicious local and international drinks.
  • Radium Mall also has a bowling alley to entertain visitors and customers.
  • It also includes a large team space for various commercial and administrative activities.
  • The mall has 24-hour security and guarding services at the highest level.
  • The mall is provided with high-quality surveillance cameras. To monitor the entire building and achieve the highest level of safety inside it.
  • The mall is operated using an intelligent control system in the facility at the highest level.
  • There are separate bathrooms for both men and women throughout the mall.
  • The mall fully supports an audio and video system at the highest level.
  • The entire mall has super fast internet.
  • widespread automated teller machines, To facilitate shopping and business management within the facility.
  • An advanced firefighting system at the mall level.
  • The mall has a backup water storage to avoid water interruption in the mall under any circumstances.

Units spaces in Radium Mall New Cairo

Make Plus Real Estate Company provided a variety of commercial, administrative, and medical units, It has been appropriately distributed inside the mall. It is available in different sizes to suit all customer requirements and the size of their business. The distribution of these units and their areas is as follows:

Radium Mall New Cairo - radium mall new cairo
Radium Mall New Cairo – radium mall new cairo
  • Ground floor: The units’ spaces on the ground floor start from 89 square meters. It includes a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops.
  • First round: The spaces on the first floor start from 44 square meters. It also includes a variety of shops, cafes, And local and international restaurants.
  • the second floor: The second round of radium A mall , as it includes all the administrative and medical units in the project, which are available with an area starting from 41 square meters.

Radium Mall New Cairo  project unit prices

Prices offered at Radium Mall vary large size from one unit to another, This is due to the type of unit and its location in the mall, as well as the space it includes. Thus, Make Plus offers unit prices that suit the requirements of different customers during this new project.

The unit prices in Radium Mall are as follows:

  • Shops: Shop prices start at Radium Mall From the price of 5,505,794 Egyptian pounds, For a commercial unit of 44.37 square meters, It reaches a price of 29,880,683 pounds, For a unit of 171,99 square meters.
  • Banks: Available in Radium Mall Large unit dedicated to a bank with an area of 181.70 square meters, And the price is 31,547,890 Egyptian pounds.
  • Administrative offices: The administrative units are in Radium Mall Their prices start from 3,869,682 Egyptian pounds. This is for an administrative unit with an area of 46.79 square meters. It reaches a price of 7,703,358 pounds, For an administrative unit with an area of 97.01 square meters.
  • Medical units: While the prices of medical clinics range from 3,610,916 EGP for a medical unit of 43.02 square meters, Up to 7,657,120 pounds for a medical unit with an area of 96.40 square meters.

Payment systems in Radium Mall New Cairo

The company developed the Radium Mall project An easy payment system for all its customers who wish to pay the unit price of the project in installments. Where this system came as follows:

  • The customer pays 10% down payment of the total value of his unit. And then the rest in equal installments up to 6 years.
  • Pay 8% maintenance for each unit.
  • The developer confirmed that the Radium Mall units will be delivered after 3 years.

Beneficiary customers at Radium Mall New Cairo

Make Place Real Estate Company welcomes many investors to invest in this new and huge project in New Cairo, The company is targeting a variety of clients to invest in Radium mall and cooperate with it, Specifically, the following business activities:

  • Administrative offices

Make Plus has designed units for administrative offices in a way that suits different clients and their administrative activities. To provide a suitable work environment supported by the most important facilities and amenities.

  • banks

Make Plus targets a group of local and international banks that are interested in investing in Radium Mall , and welcomes opening their own branches in Radium Mall.

  • Restaurants and cafes

The developer aims to provide all commercial units that suit the different tastes of customers. This is to ensure that every restaurant and café has the right space and place for it in Radium Mall .

  • Medical clinics

You can choose a new location or branch for your medical clinic to expand your business, with a variety of areas starting from 35 square meters, With a design suitable for all medical purposes, So whatever medical care you provide, You will surely find what you are looking for at Radium Mall .

  • pharmacies

Radium Mall aims to provide doctors and pharmacy owners with a variety of units suitable for any pharmacy to establish its own brands.

  • Shops

Through the range of commercial units available, Radium presents mall A golden opportunity for investors and business owners to amplify their own business by booking their unit in this new and exceptional project. It provides radium mall a bunch of big stores, retail units, which fit the general idea of implementing the project, It is to be a comprehensive center that includes various industries such as; jewelry stores, cosmetics, beauty salons, As well as to be a convenient place to buy home accessories, pieces of furniture, and many other business activities.

Information about the developer company

He developed the Radium Mall project MakePlace Development, Inc. It is one of the real estate development companies that has gained a high degree of fame in the recent period through its huge projects that it has implemented in New Cairo.

Make Plus Real Estate Company has a clear vision and an explicit goal to be among the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate development market, By presenting a group of prominent real estate projects and residential communities, Which would give a new concept to the real estate market in Egypt.

Chairman of Board of Directors

The company was founded by MakePlace Developments, Engineer / Khaled Saeed, He is famous for his ownership of the Lake Yard – Hacienda Bay project.

Eng. Khaled Saeed is known for his specialization in the development of new cities in various types of real estate projects. projects (residential, commercial, and administrative), He has a wide financial solvency, He has a different portfolio of land in several new towns.

The company’s previous projects

Engineer / Khaled Saeed has implemented many projects in many new cities, Which caught the attention of many industry experts in the Egyptian real estate development market, Among the most prominent of these projects implemented by the company, or which is still in progress, the following:

Projects that have been implemented

  • Cloud 9 New Cairo project.

Cloud 9 New Cairo project is a commercial and administrative building consisting of three floors, In addition to a double basement, and ground floor, The project, in its design, combines both modernity and sophistication. The area of this project is 4200 square meters. It is located in a very strategic location that can be easily reached in New Cairo.

  • The Lane 6 October project.

The Lane 6th of October project is a commercial mall located in the 6th of October City, It is a luxurious commercial center that was designed in a modern way to have a high degree of luxury and sophistication. It is located in a privileged location on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road on the 26th of July Corridor. Close to the most important residential and commercial areas and projects in 6th of October City, This large project includes a variety of administrative and commercial units.

  • VGK New Cairo project – VGK New Cairo.

It is a residential compound that was launched in New Cairo, It includes a variety of twin house units, waltown house, and standalone villas.

  • Hale Town 6 October project.

It is the first medical complex of its kind in the 6th of October City. It has a very strategic location, It is located in the heart of Palm Hills, 6th of October City, away from the hustle and bustle of city life and its air pollution.

  • Agora New Cairo project.

The Agora Fifth Settlement project is a commercial mall, It is located on Al-Nasr Road in New Cairo, near the New Cairo Club and the American University. The mall offers a full range of services, facilities and recreational activities. It includes a number of shops, administrative offices, and medical clinics.

Projects under construction
  • V 90 New Cairo project – V 90 New Cairo.

V90 Mall is one of the largest malls in New Cairo. It is located in the commercial district of the famous Katameya Hills Compound, specifically on North Teseen Street, To be located on an area of 3500 square meters.

  • Nine-Yards New Cairo project.

The 9 Yards project is one of the giant commercial projects that have been implemented in the 6th of October City on an area of 6,500 square meters. It includes a large number of commercial and administrative units that are suitable for all activities.

  • Urbanium complex in New Cairo (7,230 m) – Urbanium complex New Cairo.
  • Atom New Cairo Mall project.

The area of Atom Mall, New Cairo, is 15,800 square meters. It is located in a very privileged location in New Cairo, next to the American University, And near the most famous areas and landmarks in the city, It has a variety of commercial and administrative units. And medical to be one of the largest commercial centers in New Cairo.

Invest now in the largest mall in New Cairo, And get the highest return on investment from your business unit, or administrative, or medical in radium New Cairo Mall .

Contact us now at 00201011564040, One of our sales officials will reply to you to provide you with all the details. And answer all your inquiries about Radium New Cairo Mall .

Project details

Radium Mall is located in New Cairo, in front of Gate 23 of Al Rehab City.

Radium Mall is located On a large area of 18,500 square metres, To include within it all commercial, administrative, medical, services, utilities, and basic units. and entertainment.

MakePlace Development is the company that owns the Radium Mall project .

The payment system in Radium Mall is a 10% down payment and the remaining installments over 6 years in the form of equal installments.

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