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Podia Tower new capital
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Podia Tower new capital project

PODIA Tower New Capital is the latest project of Manassas Real Estate Investment Company in the New Administrative Capital. It was launched by the company in one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the New Capital, which is the hotel-tourist district. Despite the many advantages provided by the developer company in this project,

PODIA Tower New Capital offered the project units at very competitive prices that make it a place of competition for many investors wishing to transfer their projects or expand within the New Capital. Here are the most important details about this new project.

PODIA Tower New Capital location

PODIA Tower New Capital is located Specifically, in the tourist towers strip in the hotel-tourist district, near the most important main axes and important landmarks in the New Capital, Among the most prominent, are the following:

  • PODIA Tower New Capital is located directly in front of the northern bin Zayed axis.
  • It is also located at the main eastern entrance to Downtown.
  • Boudia Tower is also located on the side of the Green River (the largest green area in the New Capital).
  • PODIA Tower New Capital is also located next to the most famous landmark of the capital, Masr Mosque. And the gold market.
  • One of the most important geographical advantages of Podia Tower is that it is located next to the monorail station.

The size of the PODIA Tower New Capital project

The total area of the PODIA Tower New Capital is 19,782 square meters, which is equivalent to approximately 4.7 acres, The project details are as follows:

  • The height of the tower is approximately 111 meters.
  • The tower consists of 25 floors.
  • The tower also contains a large garage (hydraulic parking) consisting of 3 floors.
  • Boudia Tower, the new administrative capital

PODIA Tower New Capital project units

This huge project includes PODIA Tower New Capital on different types of units to suit the needs of different customers, Where the units provided by the tower vary between commercial, medical, and administrative, With a variety of spaces starting from only 20 square meters.

Spaces and prices

As for the unit prices in PODIA Tower New Capital They differ according to the type of unit, its area, and its location in the tower, Where we can classify unit prices as follows:

  • Ground floor: The price per meter starts from 216,000 pounds up to 276,000 pounds. Spaces are available starting from 26 square meters.
  • First round: Prices per square meter on the first floor of Podia Tower range between 135 thousand pounds and 218 thousand pounds. The spaces start from 33 square meters.
  • the second floor: As for the price of a commercial meter on the second floor, it starts from 152 thousand pounds to 177 thousand pounds. With spaces starting from 28 square meters.
  • As for the administrative units in the project, they start from 60,000 pounds and reach 89,000 pounds. It is available in areas starting from 42 square meters.
  • While the price per meter of medical units starts from 60,000 pounds and reaches 78,000 pounds, with areas starting from 60 square meters.

Payment systems in PODIA Tower new capital

Manassat Real Estate Investment Company provides very flexible payment systems to all its clients, with a down payment starting from 15% and up to 35%, These systems are divided into the following:

  • The first system: 15% down payment of the unit value. And the rest in installments over 5 years.
  • The second system: 20% down payment of the unit value. And pay the rest over 6 years.
  • The third system: 25% down payment of the total value, And pay the rest over 7 years.
  • The fourth system: Pay 35% of the unit value. The rest of the value is paid over 8 years.
  • Cash installment system: It is for cash customers. Where the cash can be installed over 4 years. There are two systems under this system that you can choose between, They are as follows:


This system gives a special discount to cash-paying customers 30%. The customer pays only a 20% down payment. And the rest of the cash in installments over 4 years.


This system gives its customers a 35% discount on the unit value. Then the customer pays only a 30% down payment. And then the rest of the cash is paid in installments over 4 years.

In addition to these main systems, Manassat Real Estate Company provides many installment facilities of up to 15 years. And a special discount on units of 15% for all customers of the company.

Book your unit now in Boudia Tower, the latest platform for real estate investment in the New Administrative Capital. And invest in one of the best projects in the New Capital, which has a very wonderful strategic location and sophisticated modern designs.

Information about the developer company

MENASSAT Development is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt. And one of the most important competitors in the Egyptian real estate market, Where the company has a huge experience in the field of real estate extending for several years, Through a group of investment projects through which the company was able to meet the needs of its investors and all its customers.

The great experience gained by the company reaches more than 130 years in the field of real estate, contracting, and real estate development, As a result, the company gained the confidence of many investors in the real estate market in Egypt and the Arab world. Manassat Real Estate Investment Company has also obtained many certificates. Of which, undoubtedly, the most prominent are the ISO 45001 9001-14001 certificates.

Board of Directors

Platforms for Real Estate Investment includes a group of the most important names in the world of investment in Egypt and abroad. Among those big names are:

  • Representative Amin Masoud.
  • Engineer / Sherif Selim.
  • Engineer / Adly Al-Qabai.
  • Engineer / Sherif Selim.

Contact us now at 00201011564040, One of our sales managers will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with all information about PODIA Tower New Capital.

Project details


The price of units in Boudia Tower starts from 60,000 pounds. And up to 276 thousand pounds.

It starts from a 15% down payment and extends to 15 years.

Platforms Real Estate Investment Company.

The Boudia Tower project covers an area of 19,782 square meters. That is, approximately 4.7 acres.

Boudia Tower provides units for the commercial, medical, and administrative.

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