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Oro Compound New administrative capital

A new residential project that joins the series of businesses established in the New Republic. Ava Mina Real Estate Development Company (Avamina group (AMG) presents Oro Compound New Capital.

The company is offering a new residential edifice in the seventh residential district, the R7. This location is distinguished by its proximity to the British University and the investors’ area.

The compound is built on a plot of land of 38 acres. It includes a range of luxury apartments and duplex units. It also provided multiple spaces in it. As for the prices, it is considered the lowest price per square meter in that region.

The project also provides its customers with special facilities of up to 10 years. Below, we present to you the most important details and information about Oro Compound New Capital.

Oro Compound New Capital location

Oro Compound New Capital is located in the R7 area, plot No. E4 that site is located directly in front of the investors’ neighborhood, the Green River, and the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.

The location of the compound is also distinguished by its proximity to the Opera House, the Diplomatic Quarter, and the International Airport in the New Capital, as well as close to educational places, the monorail, and the regional ring road.

What is the location of Oro New Capital Compound?

The compound is located in a strategic location in the R7, one of the most important residential places in the capital. which received great attention from government agencies, It is also considered one of the places that will be delivered in the first phases of the Administrative Capital City.

Oro, the administrative capital, is located in plot E4, It is surrounded by several important roads and main axes. Among the nearby places of the compound are the following:

  • The project is located directly in front of the investors’ area, It is the closest thing to the Green River in the capital.
  • It is also distinguished by its proximity to the Diplomatic Quarter, the Embassies’ Quarter, and the Opera House.
  • It is also a few minutes away from Al Masa Hotel, the Swedish University and the educational district in the capital.
  • It is also close to the financial and business district, Downtown and Bin Zayed Corridor.
  • One of its most important features is its proximity to the monorail and the regional ring road.

A new city like the new administrative capital, living in it is a step towards a better future and a new life for you and your family, And through Oro Compound, the Administrative Capital, the largest real estate company in Egypt offers you a privileged location that makes you surrounded by everything that is service and entertainment in the capital.

Do not miss the opportunity and call and find out all the information about this edifice, which is located directly on the most important main axes in the New Republic, Oro Compound, the New Administrative Capital.

The space of Oro Compound New Capital

Afamina Real Estate Company announced the start of excavation and implementation works in the compound on an area of 38 acres of land. She also clarified that the residential units are limited to apartments and duplexes, and they are built on 20% of the total area of the compound.

She also indicated that the Oro Compound New Capital, is designed in an innovative and modern style. It includes a group of distinguished services for customers, It also offers residents a view of the landscape and the Crystal Lagoon.

Spaces and prices of Oro Compound New Capital

The sizes of the apartments and duplexes vary in Oro Compound New Capital The unit prices vary according to the space you want, It includes a package of payment facilities extending to 10 years without interest.

oro new capital
oro new capital
  • The areas of the apartments in Oro Compound start from (120 m, 130 m, 134 m, 137 m, 144 m, 196 m, 200 m, 203 m, 210 AD).
  • Duplex spaces start from 375 meters.
  • As for the price per meter, it starts from 16,500 EGP.
  • 15% down payment for reservations and facilities over 8 years.

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Services and facilities in Oro Compound New Capital

The company was keen to present the project as one of the most important residential and service projects in the capital. Therefore, it provided everything that is entertainment and living within Oro Compound the administrative capital, In addition to its location, which makes it close to the most famous shopping malls and the most important landmarks in the capital and its educational places.

  • Land scape.
  • Medical building.
  • Pharmacy and hypermarket.
  • A track for jogging and cycling.
  • Basket courts and feet.
  • Parking for cars.
  • Smart Home.
  • Solar energy.
  • Artificial lakes.
  • swimming pool.
  • Places for barbecue parties.
  • security cameras.
  • It also contracted with a security company to provide the compound with security and guard personnel.

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Project details

Oro Compound, the new administrative capital, was designed on a plot of land of 38 acres. As for the residential units, it occupies only 20% of that area and includes a group of apartments and duplex units with a super lux finishing level.

The Avamina real estate company, Avamina group, also indicated that the engineering design was based on the classic style. It is held in cooperation with a group of experts and consultants in this field. She also added that the largest percentage of the total area of the compound was offered for the implementation of landscapes and crystal lagoon, which guarantees you a distinctive and attractive look for your new home in Oro, the New Administrative Capital.

The residential units within the compound were limited to a group of apartments and duplexes. The company also took care to provide green spaces between the buildings in the compound to enjoy complete privacy. It was also keen to provide a large number of different spaces in a way that helps you find the right space for you and your family in Oro Compound, the New Administrative Capital.

  • The apartment spaces start in Oro Compound, the new administrative capital From (120 pm, 130 pm, 134 pm, 137 pm, 144 pm, 196m, 200m, 203m, 210 square metres).
  • The duplex spaces in the compound start from 375 meters.

If you are looking for an opportunity to live and invest together, this is the opportunity. Where Afamina Real Estate Development Company offers you your apartment and your new home in Oro New Administrative Capital at the lowest price per square meter with payment methods up to 10 years without interest.

  • The price per meter in Oro Compound apartments, the new administrative capital, starts from 11,000 EGP.

Choose the right space for you and own it at the lowest price per square meter in the Administrative Capital. Contract now on a unique unit overlooking the green spaces and landscapes, and move away from what is traditional, boring, and crowded in Greater Cairo.

Ava Mina offers you a life opportunity at competitive prices with facilities up to ten years. Compound Oro, the new administrative capital, luxury in the fullest way.

With a down payment starting from 10% and facilities up to 10 years. Ava Mina Real Estate Investment Company presents Oro, the new administrative capital Oro New Capital .

The company offers customers a package of different installment systems in order to find the appropriate system for you according to your financial circumstances. Among the systems available in the project are the following:

  • 10% down payment and installments over 8 years.
  • 15% reservation down payment and the rest up to 9 years.
  • 20% down payment of the unit and the rest in equal installments up to 10 years.
  • The maintenance deposit is 8%.

It is one of the old joint-stock companies in the real estate market, which was established in 1994. This was done by a group of well-known businessmen in this field, and they are:

  • Mr. Ashraf Awad Naguib.
  • Mr. Ehab Awad Naguib.
  • Mrs. Nadia Habib Silwans.

Among the most important founders of the company are Mr. Ashraf Awad and Mr. Ihab Awad, And those who established another company called BFB Real Estate Development, It is a company established with a capital of 60 million pounds.

This company has made many achievements, including a new project that it is presenting on an area of 27.8 acres in the Fifth District in Obour City.

Their success did not end there, but they established another company called Olive Tree Contracting and Real Estate Development, It is a real estate entity established with an investment volume of 240 million pounds. Among his works is a commercial and investment mall that he is presenting in the Downtown area of the New Republic, which he announced only a few days ago.

This is an overview of the names of the Ava Mina Real Estate Development Company, As for its previous achievements, they are numerous, because it has presented everything new and distinguished for more than twenty-five years.

Afamina Group’s previous works: –

  • Mina Towers, which are towers that have been implemented in separate locations such as Helmeyet El Zaytoun, El Matareya, Kobri El Qobba, and Heliopolis.
  • Tabarak malls located in the Abbasiya district in Cairo and Kobri Al-Qobba.
  • A group of towers that she made in the Andalus neighborhood, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.
  • Malak Towers, which are residential towers located in the downtown area and Toson Square in Shubra.
  • Beit Al-Watan buildings, which she carried out in the Fifth Settlement
  • She also built several buildings in separate places such as the Nasser Tower in Heliopolis, The Habib Tower in Helmeyet El Zaytoun, and the El Minya El Serg Tower in Shubra. And Nasr City Tower.

Now, the company is presenting a new project that it will launch in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is the Oro New Capital Compound.

Through it, the company offers residential units in a strategic and distinctive location with attractive views of the landscape and landscape. It also offers a range of hotel services that meet all your living and entertainment needs and requirements together.

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