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New Fustat City is the latest residential project launched by the Saudi Egyptian Company in cooperation with the Urban Communities Authority in New Fustat City, to be the first integrated service residential compound established in downtown Cairo, and in one of the most important historical sites in Egypt in Fustat City. 

The Saudi Egyptian Company presented this new project with competitive prices and payment plans targeting the largest segment of investors and customers and provided a distinguished group of residential units with different spaces that take into account the various requirements of customers and investors.

Below we show you the most important details about the New Fustat City project, which has received the attention of many real estate development experts and investors as the first integrated residential compound implemented in downtown Cairo and one of its most prominent historical neighborhoods, Fustat City.

New Fustat City Location

The great value of the Fustat Compound comes as a result of its distinct and unique geographical location in the heart of Cairo, specifically, as we mentioned before, in one of the most important neighborhoods that carry great historical value in Egypt, which is the Fustat district.

The location of New Fustat City Compound has many strategic and geographical advantages that make it among the most important residential projects implemented in Egypt during the current period. It is located in a very vital area in which all facilities and services are available around it without the need to search for them far away, and these geographical advantages that it enjoys can be limited in the following points:

  • Fustat Compound is located just minutes away from the Museum of Civilizations.
  • The project is also located near the main Salah Salem Road.
  • The compound is located just a few minutes away from the Nile Corniche and Salah El-Din Citadel. 
  • The compound is just 25 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • The compound is also 25 minutes away from the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo City.

For more information about New Fustat City location, you can contact us on 00201011564040, and we will provide you with all the information you need about New Fustat City Compound provided by the Saudi Egyptian Company.

New Fustat City Space

The Saudi Egyptian Company implemented New Fustat City Compound in the heart of the Fustat New Urban City, which the Egyptian state seeks to develop to be a modern residential city in the heart of Old Cairo, extending over an area of 950 acres to include within it a variety of distinguished residential and commercial projects.  

Fustat Compound was implemented on an area of 71 acres to include a variety of residential units with different spaces, in addition to an area of 16 acres that was allocated to be a tourist entertainment area during which the residents spend enjoyable recreational periods. 

New Fustat City Design

The Saudi Egyptian Company designed Al-Fustat Compound in a distinctive way that resembles the Islamic architectural and heritage style. The design of the compound combines the beauty of the Islamic style and modernity in the general design of the compound.

The New Fustat City Compound offers 79 residential buildings, including 1,924 residential apartments designed in the Islamic style. These buildings have external balconies, similar to the style that characterizes the old buildings in the Fustat area. 

Al-Fustat Compound combines four main different areas, that differ among themselves in their structural designs, which are divided into the following:

  • The first area includes residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and 3 upper floors.
  • The second area includes buildings consisting of a ground floor and 4 typical floors.
  • The third area includes buildings consisting of a ground floor and 6 typical floors.
  • Finally, the fourth area in Fustat Compound includes residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and 7 typical floors.

All previous residential buildings in the four areas have in common that each floor contains 4 residential apartments, and each building has an internal elevator for easy movement between the different floors.

New Fustat City Services and Features

New Fustat Compound has a variety of services, facilities, and advantages that make it a service residential complex that aims to provide all modern amenities to its residents and to be one of the most important attraction sources for investors everywhere.

The following are the most important features and services provided in New Fustat City Compound:

  • The New Fustat Compound has a wonderful landscape interspersed with many green spaces that work to support the compound’s residents’ feelings of comfort and reassurance.
  • The compound contains a group of closed and open artistic theaters to serve the village residents.
  • The compound also includes distinguished cinemas that show the latest Egyptian and foreign movies.
  • The compound also includes a distinguished hotel that works to provide a high-quality hotel service to the residents and visitors.
  • New Fustat City also contains a shopping mall that includes the most famous local and international brands. It contains a large underground car parking area that can accommodate more than 1,355 cars.
  • The compound offers a group of distinguished restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious dishes and drinks.
  • Each area contains two buildings, the ground floor of which includes a group of shops serving the area.
  • All residential buildings in the compound have a set of elevators that facilitate moving between the different floors.
  • Each building contains two service centers in which air conditioning devices are installed instead of the outer part of the building, to not affect the beauty of the building’s design inside the compound.
  • The compound provides a distinctive tourist walkway for walking, jogging, and cycling away from car roads.
  • The compound provides a security service at the highest level, provided by a group of well-trained security and guard personnel to secure the compound and its entrances all day.
  • There is also a group of high-quality surveillance cameras distributed throughout Fustat Compound to monitor it throughout the day and impose the greatest amount of protection inside.
  • The compound includes designated parking lots for each area that serve the surrounding buildings to park cars inside and prevent their accumulation and congestion inside.

Seize the opportunity and enjoy this distinctive package of services and benefits that the Saudi Egyptian Company gives you in its new project, New Fustat Compound. Just contact us at 00201011564040, and we will immediately provide you with all the details about the New Fustat City project.  

Al Fustat City Units’ Spaces

New Fustat Compound offers a distinguished group of distinctive residential units with different spaces that suit various customer requirements, starting from an area of 130 square meters. 

The division of apartments within the project varies according to the floor on which the unit is located, as the apartments within the compound are divided into:

  • Ground floor: It contains 4 residential apartments with an area of 130 square meters.
  • First, second, and third floor: It contains 4 apartments consisting of 3 rooms, available in areas of 170, 152, and 164 square meters.
  • Fourth and fifth floor: Each of them contains 4 apartments consisting of 3 rooms including a panorama room, and is available in areas of 170, 152, and 164 square meters.
  • Sixth floor: It contains 4 apartments consisting of two rooms with a large terrace instead of the third room, and they are available in the same previous spaces.

Contact us now on 00201011564040 to reserve your own unit in New Fustat City Compound, and our sales representative will help you nominate the best option in New Fustat Compound according to your special requirements.

Fustat Compound Units’ Prices

The Saudi Egyptian Company provided residential units in New Fustat Compound project at very special prices, which attracted the attention of many people interested in investing in this distinguished archaeological and vital area, as the prices offered by the company are competitive compared to the volume of services and features that the company provided during this distinguished project.

Unit prices in New Fustat Compound come as follows:

  • The price per square meter in Fustat Compound starts at 24,000 EGP, which is equivalent to 3,200,000 Egyptian pounds for a residential unit with an area of 130 square meters.

New Fustat City Payment Plan

New Fustat Compound has an easy payment plan that the company provides to its customers to make it easier for them to own their own unit during the project. 

The payment plan offered in the Fustat Compound is as follows:

  • The customer pays only a 10% down payment of the total unit value and pays the rest in equal installments for up to 7 years.
  • The customer initially needs to pay an EOI of 50,000 EGP to reserve his own units in the compound.
  • The units are scheduled to be delivered in June 2024.

Information about the Saudi Egyptian Company

The Saudi Egyptian Company is one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt and the oldest in the field. It was established in 1975 as an Egyptian joint stock company under a joint international agreement between the Egyptian and Saudi governments.

The Saudi Egyptian Company has a long history of achievements and huge projects that it has implemented in various parts of Egypt, where it has established several integrated residential neighborhoods that include various facilities and services in the cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, and Assiut, in addition to implementing some villas and chalets in Al-Ajami and the city of Marsa Matrouh.  

The Saudi Egyptian Company enjoys a high degree of reliability and credibility among its clients and is distinguished by its professional selection of sites on which it implements its various projects, and its constant keenness to conduct market studies that result in detailed knowledge of its clients’ actual needs, resulting in implementing projects that correctly target the clients’ needs.

The company has a huge financial capability and a huge investment volume in the Egyptian real estate market. In 2007, the company invested about 75 million Egyptian pounds through implementing some projects in several Egyptian governorates.

The Saudi Egyptian Company always seeks to keep pace with the latest developments in the real estate market to meet the needs of customers in the best way, and the company is currently working on implementing new projects targeting people of all social levels.

Saudi Egyptian Company Previous Projects

The Saudi Egyptian Company has implemented a successful group of prominent residential projects that have received the best response in the Egyptian real estate development market. The most prominent of these projects are the following: 

  • Lake Dream Compound 6 October. 
  • Riyadh Secon New Cairo.
  • Nile Towers Maadi.
  • Zahra El Maadi project.
  • Residence Alexandria project.
  • Dorra New Assiut project.
  • Hilton Hotel New Damietta.
  • Bleu Vert New Capital Compound.
  • Jayd New Cairo Compound.
  • Sawary Compound Alexandria.
  • The Latin District New Alamein City.

Information about Al Fustat New City

Al Fustat New City is one of the new cities that the Egyptian state is paying clear attention to in the current period. It is located along Al Fustat area, the capital of ancient Egypt. This new city was developed by one of the best development companies in Egypt, Maadi Development and Construction Company.

Many real estate experts expected an increase in demand for Al Fustat New City in the coming periods due to the government’s clear direction towards developing it.

Al Fustat New City extends over an area of ​​approximately 950 acres. The developer company allocated 40% of that area to include all the services and green spaces in the project.

New Fustat City is distinguished by its distinctive geographical location, as it is located 5 kilometers away from the center of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and 20 minutes away from the main Salah Salem Street, as well as only 15 minutes from the Ring Road, and 25 minutes from the Nile Corniche.

Seize the opportunity and reserve your own residential unit in the heart of Cairo city and in one of the important heritage neighborhoods, New Fustat City. Contact us on 00201011564040, and our sales representative will respond to you immediately to provide you with all the details and information about New Fustat City.

Project details

New Fustat City project is located in Cairo City, specifically in the Fustat heritage neighborhood.

The space of New Fustat City is approximately 71 acres.

New Fustat City offers two- & three-bedroom apartments.

Unit spaces in El Fustat Compound start from 130 SQM and reach up to 170 SQM.

The price per square meter in New Fustat project starts from 24,000 EGP.

New Fustat Compound provides a distinctive payment system by paying a 10% down payment and then paying the rest in equal installments for up to 7 years.

The owner company of New Fustat project is the Saudi Egyptian Development and Investment Company.

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