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Midtown Sky new capital project

Better Home is launching its third project ( Midtown Sky new capital ) in the New Administrative Capital, A new residential city owned by the company in an upscale and distinguished location in R7,

It is launched on a vast area of about 122 acres of land. Midtown Sky luxury apartments and villas with international designs, green spaces, and landscapes, A complete life offered by the company in a new edifice that includes all your living, educational, and entertainment needs.

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Seize the opportunity and live in an elegant and distinguished neighborhood and enjoy a better future for you and your children in Midtown Sky Compound, the address of sophistication in the Administrative Capital.

Midtown Sky new capital Location

Midtown Sky new capital occupies a piece of land in the R7 area, especially plot G3. It is a site carefully chosen by the company, as it is close to the southern axis of Bin Zayed and the Exhibition City. Steps separate it from the most important landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, such as the Green River, Al-Massa Hotel, the Opera House, and the diplomatic area in the Administrative Capital.

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Among the advantages of the site is its proximity to various roads such as the Ring Road and the Axis of Hope. It is also located near the new monorail train in the capital, the educational district, and international universities such as British and Canadian universities.

The space and design of Midtown Sky new capital

This city is built on an area of approximately 122 acres. This space includes residential units ranging from (luxury apartments and various villas such as townhouses, twin houses, and stand-alone villas), It occupies only 18% of the project.

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There are also services and facilities, including basic, educational and recreational facilities. Next to landscapes and artificial lakes, which occupy the rest of the total area of the compound.

As for the residential units, they are delivered with super lux finishing on the key. The company also guarantees you a full view of the landscapes and green spaces in the Midtown Sky New Administrative Capital.

Spaces and prices of Midtown Sky new capital

Midtown Sky new capital  serves different segments of customers, as some are looking for apartments at a low and distinctive price. Others are looking for villas in an upscale and quiet location at a competitive price.

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This is what has been implemented in the compound, where the spaces and prices start as follows:

  • Midtown Sky spaces start from 90 meters.
  • And Midtown Sky Compound prices start from 1,100,000 EGP.

Payment and payment methods in Midtown Sky new capital

Better Home Real Estate Development and Investment Company, which is the owner of Midtown Sky Compound, also offers several different systems, In order to ensure that each customer finds what suits him, these systems include the following:

  • 10% down payment for your unit and the rest in equal installments over 7 years without interest.
  • The period of receipt is 3 years.
  • Super Lux finishing.

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Choose the system that suits you and book your unit in the New Administrative Capital with the lowest down payment and great facilities. There are also offers and discounts offered by the company during the opening period of Midtown Sky New Administrative Capital.

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Project details

Midtown Sky new capital is located in an exceptional location in the R7 area in plot G3, Directly in front of the exhibition city and overlooking the southern axis of Bin Zayed.

Places near the compound:

  • Midtown Sky is located close to the Diplomatic Quarter, the Diplomatic Quarter and the Ministries Complex.
  • It is also close to the Presidential Palace, the central area, the Opera House and the Grand Mosque in the Administrative Capital.
  • Among the advantages of its location is its proximity to the monorail train, the ring road, the medical district, and the Green River, the lifeline of the New Capital.
  • In addition to the short distance separating it from the Capital Airport, the Canadian and British universities, and the educational area in the Administrative Capital City, It is also distinguished by its proximity to the largest residential projects established in the R7.

The relative importance of the new administrative capital city has increased, especially after the transfer of most ministries, agencies and banks. and designing its own road and transportation network, Where the state agencies were keen to make that city one of the most beautiful cities of the fourth generation.

This made companies rush to reserve their places in light of the strong demand for them. Among these companies is a large company that was able to present 3 projects on the land of the Capital City, It achieved the largest sales rates in the capital, which is Better Home Real Estate Development and Investment Company.

The company presents a new project that joins its series of works in the Capital City, which is Midtown Sky Compound, A residential city in an upscale and distinguished location, View of the Green River, Al-Massa Hotel and Al Sefarat Neighborhood. The company offers it to you at the lowest prices and with different and varied payment methods to enjoy your new life with your family in Midtown Sky New Capital.

Midtown Sky new capital  announced the start of excavation and implementation works in the Midtown Sky Compound, with a plot of land of 122 acres, equivalent to approximately 493,716 square meters. 25 square meters.

The area offered for the project was designed in cooperation with the largest engineering companies and a large group of skilled engineers and technicians. The area was divided among residential units, which occupy only about 18%. Facilities, services and green spaces, which is the rest of the compound area.

The compound includes a range of different residential units such as apartments, stand-alone villas, townhouses, and twin houses. With unique designs that combine modernity, modernity, and Arab originality and distinction, Each unit, among them, enjoys an open view of the landscape, the Crystal Lagoon, and the scenic landscapes.

As for the materials, they take up a large amount of space in the engineering design of the compound. Where the project enjoys educational, living and recreational services, In a way that makes you do not need to leave the compound for any reason, as all your requirements will be found in front of you in Midtown Sky New Administrative Capital.

The company provides you with several different models in the compound, whether apartments or villas of different types, She also explained that every unit in Midtown Sky will overlook trees, green spaces, and artificial lakes. Which guarantees you a comfortable and attractive view of your unit in the compound.

So choose the space you want and book your apartment with full finishing and international design in an elegant and strategic location in the R7, And enjoy complete privacy, tranquility, and a charming view every morning or after a hard day’s work in Midtown Sky New Administrative Capital.

  • The spaces of Midtown Sky, the Administrative Capital, start from 90 square meters.

Through the Midtown Sky new capital  the company offers an opportunity for everyone looking for sophistication, tranquility, and luxury housing, A new life for those who want to be away from crowds, overcrowding and noise. Enjoy the dream that you have always dreamed of and book your place in an integrated edifice in the most prestigious residential compound in the New Administrative Capital City.

Better Home offers that edifice at prices that make you not think twice about taking that step. It is in addition to the opportunity for elegant housing and a privileged location. It is also an opportunity to invest in real estate at the lowest price in the New Administrative Capital, The prices in the compound start as follows:

  • Midtown Sky, the new administrative capital, prices start from 1,100,000 EGP.

And because the company aims to satisfy its customers, And access to all customers, whatever their financial circumstances, They are offered multiple installment systems with the lowest down payment and the longest repayment period without interest. So contract now on your unit and pay the price for it up to 7 years, and own an apartment in a quiet and upscale city with a view of the green spaces in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in Midtown Sky new capital Compound.

  • 10% down payment and facilities over 7 years without interest.

Other than the systems presented to you, the company provides you with discounts and introductory offers. Benefit from these offers and book your home in installments without interest in Midtown Sky Compound and enjoy your new life with your family in the most beautiful residential edifice in R7, the New Administrative Capital.

The design and implementation of Midtown Sky new capital Compound, the new administrative capital, is due to a major company that has a great name in the real estate market and a distinctive mark among the largest competitors in the real estate field, which is Better Home Construction and Development Company.

During the past years, the company was able to implement a series of distinguished projects that managed to attract all the attention of clients and investors. Until today, the name Better Home is a unique imprint that is placed only on what is innovative, modern and different.

Among the advantages that the company gained in its professional career is the trust of its customers. Where it is sufficient for the company to announce the opening of the reservation door in any building it owns, in order to see how the public is quick to take their private places with it.

All this is due to the long experience that the company enjoys. She has been working in the real estate field since 1998. Over the years, it has provided residential, tourism and commercial projects in different strategic locations, especially in the new cities.

Among the elements that contributed to the success of that entity are the engineering designs it puts forward. They always amaze us with designs inspired by European countries and other countries known for their unparalleled designs. It also mixes that image with Arab originality and ancient Pharaonic civilization.

The company is also concerned with quality standards and materials used in construction. It is one of the companies that provide the highest levels of quality and real paper in every statement it has made so far.

Previous Better Home Works:

  • The company owns the Midtown Compound project, New Cairo.
  • And the Midtown New Capital project.
  • In addition to the Midtown Condo Compound, the administrative capital.
  • And the Midtown Solo project, the new capital.
  • It also owns the Midtown Villa project.
  • And High Land Park Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • High Land Park project, 6th of October.
  • Cairo Business Park Mall, one of the major administrative buildings in New Cairo.
  • And Cairo Business Plaza (administrative building) in the Administrative Capital.
  • And the Cairo Business Gate project in New Cairo.
  • And Cairo Medical Center in 6th of October.
  • And the Cityscape Mall project, 6th of October.
  • And Cityscape Mall in Minya.
  • And Midtown Solo Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Midtown Sky Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Midtown Condo Mall, New Capital.

The company continues its work in the New Administrative Capital city through a residential compound that it launches in the R7 area. Midtown Sky, the New Administrative Capital, is a step for anyone who wants to live in a city free from crowds, overcrowding, noise, and environmental pollution. A completely different lifestyle offered by the company and your children in an entertainment and service compound in the finest location in the New Administrative Capital.

Enjoy luxury, luxury and sophistication, and own an apartment with super lux finishing and a view on the gardens and green spaces in Midtown Sky with the lowest down payment and in installments up to 7 years without interest.

A company of that size will definitely not overlook the services that must be available in that edifice. It has allocated more than two-thirds of the project area for these facilities, services and entertainment in the compound.

Among the first services that the company provided are educational services and educational institutions. Where it established international schools and nurseries, It is also located near the British and Canadian Universities in the New Administrative Capital.

Midtown Sky new capital also has administrative services, administrative offices, and branches of major hospitals and multiple medical buildings, in addition to a huge commercial area with many different shops and stores, and displays the largest brands and well-known international brands.

As for recreational activities, they are widely available. Where the compound has a clubhouse that includes several activities to spend quality time with your family among playgrounds and green spaces, And it has a Wi-Fi network.

There is also a health club with a spa, sauna and jacuzzi. There is also a beauty center in the compound. And a fully secured children’s entertainment area.

As for green spaces, landscapes, and artificial lakes, they are available in a way that surrounds all residential units to give you healthy and refreshing air and a wonderful view. In addition to privacy, it provides space between you and other units.

The services that concern many customers are security services and the provision of security and guarding in the compound. The company took care of this part, as it hired a security company to provide a trained guard crew for the compound. It also provided surveillance cameras spread in every part of the compound. Other than the existing electronic gates and the fence that surrounds the project.

And to enjoy your time or your weekly vacation inside the compound, the company offers you a group of great restaurants and cafes with a wonderful view. There is also a track for running, walking and biking away from cars.

Either if you want to hold barbecue parties with your family, The compound has several places for fun barbecue parties, There are also places to read and relax in the midst of the landscapes in Midtown Sky, the new administrative capital.

And the advantages that this city holds for you are not over. Where there are swimming pools spread out in the compound for all ages, and swimming pools for children only, Next to a water fountain in the heart of the compound, And Crystal Lagoon on huge areas.

Words will not help us when we want to describe a city designed in a way that makes it different from others in the New Administrative Capital. A place where you feel like it was designed especially for you. International schools, green spaces and recreational activities, A complete life offered by Better Home Real Estate Development Company in the most privileged location in the capital.

Do not miss this opportunity and book your unit in convenient installments in a unique and elegant compound. Midtown Sky The house you dream of and the life you deserve in a new city such as the New Administrative Capital City, Contact us and book your place now in Midtown Sky New Capital.

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