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Mall Jeval New Capital
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Mall Jeval New Capital project

Wealth Development and Real Estate Investment Company presents a new success story that bears its name in the heart of the Administrative Capital, which is Mall Jeval New Capital.

The company offers an investment Mall Jeval New Capital tower of 12 upper floors, It includes many different sectors, including commercial, administrative, hotel, and tourist accommodation.

Mall Jeval New Capital chose the Down Town area to construct this edifice. She also explained that the spaces are available in a variety of ways and at reasonable prices for all. In addition to a package of installment systems without a down payment, with facilities up to 12 years. The followings are the most important details and information about the Gefal New Administrative Capital project.

The site of Mall Jeval New Capital project

Mall Jeval New Capital is located in the Downtown area, on plot MU4-70. It was designed with a façade on the main streets with a width of 70 meters.

Jeval mall new capital
جيفال العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة Mall Jeval New Capital

It is also located close to the monorail and the financial and business district and overlooks the central axis with a view of 90 meters.

Space and design of Mall Jeval New Capital

Excavation and construction works have started in Gifal, the new administrative capital, on a land area 2455 square meters, This space was built to include a 12-storey tower that includes several sectors, including commercial, administrative and hotel accommodation.

Jeval mall new capital 3
جيفال العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة Mall Jeval New Capital

In its design, the company that developed it cooperated with the largest engineering companies, namely ACE Company, by Eng. Moharram Bakhoum, It also cooperated with a company to manage and operate the mall, which is DSC International.

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Prices and areas of Mall Jeval New Capital

The company offers multiple spaces, and prices vary according to the unit type, size, and location in Jifal, the new administrative capital. It also offers a package of installment systems without down payment and facilities over 12 years. The spaces in the mall start as follows:

Jeval mall new capital 2
جيفال العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة Mall Jeval New Capital
  • The administrative office in Gefal Tower, the administrative capital, starts from 23 m, The administrative meter price starts from 26,000 EGP.
  • The commercial store in the mall starts from 23 meters, The meter starts from 60,000 pounds.
  • The hotel apartments in the project start from 59 m. The hotel price per meter starts from 36,000 pounds.
  • 15% down payment and facilities over 7 years, without interest.

Services in Mall Jeval New Capital

Company progress on project Mall Jeval New Capital A wide range of services and entertainment activities to meet all your needs, Thus, you will not need to leave the mall, as all your requirements are presented to you by the company in an elegant and distinctive manner within this edifice, including:

  • Jim.
  • Green spaces.
  • 3 elevators and electric stairs.
  • Garage on 3 levels.
  • Parking spaces on each floor.
  • Entrances for each category in the mall.
  • Fire fighting system.
  • Central air-conditioning.
  • Guard and security.
  • security cameras.
  • A complex of restaurants and cafes.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Conference rooms.

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Project details

The vital and strategic location is an important and pivotal point in the success of any investment project. Therefore, Wealth Real Estate Company presented Mall Jeval New Capital  in the most privileged location in the Downtown area, specifically in plot No. MU4 -70.

Places near the mall:-

  • Mall Jeval New Capital the administrative capital, is located on a facade of 70 m.
  • Mall Jeval New Capital is also located directly, with a width of 90 m, on the central axis of the capital.
  • Steps separate Gival from the government district, the financial and business district, and the ministries complex.
  • All this is besides its proximity to insurance, petroleum, and computer companies established Downtown.

the project has been created Mall Jeval New Capital on a plot of land with an area of 2455 square meters. It is designed with a height of up to 55 meters.

  • Mall Jeval New Capital consists of ground + 12 upper floors + 3 garage levels.
  • The mall includes shops, administrative Offices, and Hotel apartments.
  • Shops are located from the ground floor to the first floor.
  • And from the second floor to the eighth floor there are administrative offices.
  • The hotel apartments were designed on the remaining floors of the tower.

Cooperation took place in Mall Jeval New Capital, the new administrative capital, with the engineering consultant ACE Company, by Eng. Moharram Bakhoum. It is the largest multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm in more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The owner company also cooperated with one of the names specializing in project management, DSC International, which has more than 20 years of experience in design innovation and performance in Egypt, the Middle East in general, and Africa.

All of these names contributed to building a huge investment tower offered to you by the largest real estate companies in Egypt and the Arab world. Mall Jeval New Capital is the address for investment and guaranteed return in the New Republic.

The company offers a range of multiple spaces in each of the categories that Mall Jeval New Capital embraces. The units are also delivered with a distinctive view of the green spaces and landscapes. As for the level of finishes, it is different in each sector.

For example, hotel apartments are received fully furnished, finishes, and adaptations. As for the administrative offices, they are available at the Super Lux level with air conditioning. Finally, the shops, which are delivered semi-finished, for the freedom to choose the finishing of your own shop as you like and desire.

  • The spaces for shops and administrative offices in the mall start from 31 meters.
  • The hotel apartment space starts from 59 square meters.

The company was interested in facilitating the purchase order for its customers by offering reasonable prices to all social segments. It also offered a package of different installment systems up to 12 years without down payment or interest. Among those systems are the following:

  • The administrative meter price in Mall Jeval New Capital, after a 15% discount, starts at 23,050 pounds.
  • The price per commercial meter on the ground floor, after the discount, starts from 122,000 pounds to 132,000 pounds.
  • As for the prices of commercial meters in the first countries, they start from 81,000 pounds to 91,500 pounds.
  • It also includes hotel apartments and the hotel price per meter is 36,000 pounds and reaches 38,000 Egyptian pounds.

Choose the space that suits you and invest in the most vital location in the capital at the lowest price per square meter and in convenient installments with Wealth Real Estate Development Company in Jeval Tower, the New Administrative Capital.

Without down payment and installments up to 12 years, the company opens the door for reservations in the Jeval New Capital project, The company offers its clients a set of easy systems that help you own your own place in the new republic without down payment and with the longest repayment period, and these are some of the available systems:

  • 0% down payment, installments over 5 years.
  • 10% down payment and installments over 6 years.
  • 10% down payment and the rest of the unit price up to 5 years.
  • 10% down payment and the remaining over 6 years.
  • 15% downpayment and installments up to 6 years.
  • 15% reservation down payment and installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest up to 7 years.
  • 25% downpayment and installments over 8 years.
  • 35% down payment and installments over 7 years (first installment after receipt).
  • 45% down payment and installments up to 8 years (first installment after receipt).
  • 35% down payment and the rest over 9 years.
  • 40% down payment, installments over 12 years.

Wealth Real Estate Development Company carried out Mall Jeval New Capital after a series of successful and distinguished projects in the real estate market, It is considered one of the most important old companies with long experience in the field of real estate.

Wealth Real Estate was established in 2002, With an investment size of 6 billion pounds, it was famous for its achievements over the past years in Egypt and the UAE. Here are some of her previous works:

  • The Rixos Resort compound located in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, in partnership with Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi.
  • Hotel apartment towers in Dubai.
  • It also owns a series of residential projects with the (R) Fund in the Industrial Area.
  • Mall Jeval New Capital participated with the Saudi Holding Company, which established a group of medical towers in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Professional unions also participated in 2 housing projects in October City.
  • And it cooperated with the Urban Communities Authority to establish a project in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Building 90,000 units with the Engineering Authority in North Sinai, The company was honored in 2016 and 2017 by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.
  • Building Nour Mubarak University with an investment of 42 million dollars in Kazakhstan, with the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf.
  • Amr Abbasi Hospital in the Mohandessin area and Al Safwa Hospital in October.
  • A series of projects in the sports city built on Ain Sokhna Road, including a 5-star hotel, a car showroom, event halls, and a sports medicine hospital. Side finishing interior facades of administrative buildings.
  • And it operated the tourist walkway in Al-Massa Hotel in the Administrative Capital, with a 15-year usufruct right.
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