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Information about Leaves 6th of October

Leaves 6th of October It is a new project of a high degree of sophistication and luxury. It was implemented in Sheikh Zayed City on, the 6th of October. This new project received wide echoes in the Egyptian real estate development market. It has many advantages Leaves 6th of October Compound, the most prominent of which is its distinguished geographical location in the 6th of October City.

Below we list for you the most important details about this new project, implemented by El Attal Real Estate Company, And the benefits and services provided by El-Attal Company during its new project Leaves 6th of October .

The location of Leaves 6th of October

One of the most important features of Leaves 6th of October October It is located in a very privileged location in the most important new cities that attract the interest of many investors, which is the 6th of October City, Specifically, in Sheikh Zayed City, which includes the most prestigious major residential projects at the level of the Republic.

Leaves 6th of October is located in the Golden Square area Golden square or the eastern expansions are the most distinguished areas in 6th of October City. This is within the framework of the developer’s keenness to choose the most distinguished locations for its new project in 6th of October City. Where the project site is characterized by Compound Leaves 6th of October many geographical advantages, Most notably the following:

    • It is located on Leaves 6th of October In the luxurious housing area on the 6th of October, In which there are many luxurious residential compounds, which are dominated by residential units of the type of villas.
  • It is located in Leaves 6th of October Compound Close to all major axes and roads in 6th of October City, Which facilitates the process of moving between the compound and other places.
  • The compound is only 400 meters away from the 26th of July Corridor. To occupy his second position on the axis.
  • It is also just two minutes away from New Giza, palm hills, and Royal City.
  • Lives Compound Being located in close proximity to many services, hypermarkets, and commercial centers, like hyper1, and Mall of Arabia, And other service centers.
  • It is also located in the Compound Leaves 6th of October Close to many of the most famous upscale clubs, Like the famous hunting club.
  • One of the most important features of the Leafs Compound is that it is located on a main square next to the Khamayel area.
  • The Leafs project is also distinguished by its location in an area that includes many educational services, Where there are international and American schools, In addition to private universities, most notably Misr International University.
  • Finally, the Leafs Compound enjoys its residence on a high-level area in October City, to be distinguished by a luxurious view that distinguishes the project from other projects.

The area of Leaves 6th of October compound

The area of the new project for El Attal Real Estate Company is Leaves 6th of October 28 acres, To include Leaves within it 30 residential buildings, Characterized by:

  • Each building in the project consists of a ground floor and 3 upper floors.
  • Each floor in the building consists of 4 separate apartments.
  • The project contains residential units of independent apartments type.
  • The spaces of the residential units in the project range from 80 square meters, And up to 320 square meters.

Design of Leaves 6th of October Compound

Presented by Leaves 6th of October Compound A unique design concept stemming from the roots of nature, It focuses in its design on delighting your senses through design forms full of light and luxury.

The Leaves project consists of 3 main parts that complement each other. They are as follows:

  • Serviced apartments.
  • Commercial area.
  • Residential area.

Leaves Compound consists of 6 main branches, Where each branch includes different activities and lifestyles from the other, And all these branches gather together in that they are inspired by landscapes, This creates a single, cohesive master design for connectivity and harmony.

Leaves 6th of October project, in its design, contains two main gates that lead to the ring road that surrounds the entire project.

And you can reach all the units of the compound through the roads designated for cars, All buildings in the project have been provided with an underground car park. In order to achieve the utmost privacy in housing.

The design of the Leafs Compound is also distinguished by the presence of an open garden that flows through a main path that connects the residential units of the compound. Through a range of vibrant recreational activities that suit the interests of all residents of the compound.

One of the most important features of the Leafs Compound design is the innovative “V”-shaped building style. which allows maximum privacy, Which also aims for each building to have the greatest possible view of the landscape.

Features and services in Leaves 6th of October Compound

Leaves 6th of October With many services and facilities that distinguish it greatly, It makes many of those interested in investing in the 6th of October City to choose this new and distinguished project compared to the rest of the other projects located in the 6th of October City.

Among the most prominent services provided by the Leafs Compound are the following:

  • A distinctive landscape that contains an abundance of wonderful landscapes.
  • attractive water fountains, And many beautiful watercolor designs and shapes.
  • Leaves Compound includes an open central garden.
  • The compound also includes a barbecue area for holding barbecue parties for family and friends.
  • The compound also includes a paddling area.
  • An entertainment social area for family gatherings and groups of friends.
  • The developer of the Leaves project took into account the distribution of baskets throughout the compound.
  • The Leafs project also includes a wonderful petting zoo.
  • Kids area for entertainment and skills development (Kids Area).
  • Security service at the highest level continues throughout the day.
  • High-quality surveillance cameras are distributed throughout the compound to ensure the highest levels of security.
  • A large commercial complex that contains all the commercial services that the residents of the compound may constantly need.
  • There are many medical services in Leaves 6th of October that residents may need. From pharmacies to buy medical supplies, And clinics to treat various emergency cases.
  • It has also taken into account the provision of many educational services within the Leafs Compound so that its residents do not need to go outside the walls of the compound.
  • Scheduled periodic maintenance services for the maintenance of all compound units.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes and depths to suit all age groups.
  • Covered swimming pools for ladies.
  • A track dedicated to walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Finally, the compound includes some social and sports clubs.
Units Space in Leaves 6th of October

The residential units in the Leaves 6th of October Compound project vary between apartments and penthouses, All units in the project have a high degree of privacy, as they are independent apartments. It has a triple view and a terrace of 3 meters * 3 meters.

As mentioned previously, all buildings consist of a ground floor and 3 upper floors. With a variety of spaces to suit the largest number of customers with different capabilities, The units’ spaces in Leaves Compound are as follows:

  • The one-room units in Leaves Compound start from 80 square meters.
  • The two-bedroom units in the project start from 125 square meters.
  • While the three-room units start from 145 square meters.
  • As for penthouses and duplexes in Leaves October, they start from 250 square meters. It reaches an area of 320 square meters.
Units’ prices in Leaves 6th of October

Leaves 6th of October Compound provides its clients with housing units at varying prices to suit the largest segment of customers. They are very competitive prices compared to the size of the advantages offered by the developer in this large project. The prices in Leaves October Compound are as follows:

  • The price of one-room units in Leaves October starts from 2,050,000 EGP.
  • Two-room units’ prices start from 3,150,000 pounds.
  • As for the prices of 3-room units, it starts from 3,650,000 pounds.
  • The prices of penthouses and duplexes in the compound start from 6,250,000 pounds. And up to 7,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
The payment system in Leaves 6th of October Compound

In its new project Leaves 6th of October El Attal Real Estate Company offers several flexible payment systems to suit all those interested in investing in this new project. Where customers can choose from the following systems:

  • 10% down payment of the total value of the housing unit. And the remaining installments over 8 years.
  • 15% down payment of the total value, And then the rest in installments over a period of 9 years.

The developer stated that the units will be delivered within 4 years from the date of the contract to purchase the unit. The customer will also be obligated to pay a maintenance deposit of 8% only.

Information about the developer company

Al-Attal Real Estate Company is one of the pioneers and oldest real estate development companies in Egypt. Where it started its activity in 1948, So far, 13 companies covering all types of contracting have been included under it.

El-Attal Company is famous for its clear vision in all the companies it includes. And its ability to provide innovative solutions in its various projects, blending the present and the past on its way to creating more dynamic societies, And providing innovative and attractive architectural designs.

As a result of the company’s clear vision and its follow-up of the latest innovative designs in its projects, Al-Attal Real Estate Company achieved huge sales, which in one of its projects amounted to 12 billion pounds. This is what most supports the presence of El Attal Company among the pioneers of the real estate industry in the Egyptian market.

During its career, El-Attal Company has used many successful partnerships to achieve leadership in the Egyptian real estate development market. which led it in its path toward excellence and development, These successful partnerships are represented in the use of major design and construction companies in the implementation of their various projects. Until El-Attal Real Estate Company became one of the largest real estate development companies in Egypt.

The previous work of Al-Attal Real Estate Company

Al-Attal Real Estate Development Company has a record of successes achieved through a group of projects it has implemented in Egypt since its inception, the most prominent of which are as follows:

  • The construction of most foreign embassies in Egypt, such as the embassy of Malaysia, Angola, Qatar, and Bahrain.
  • Carrying out the construction of many residential towers in Nasr City.
  • He undertook the establishment of several residential cities in Heliopolis.
  • As well as undertaking the construction of several residential towers in the Garden City neighborhood.
  • Participation in the infrastructure works of the High Dam in Aswan Governorate.
  • founding many schools, Most notably, Manaret Heliopolis International School.
  • Executing many towers in the 6th of October area, Of which the stature tower.
The most famous projects of Al-Attal Real Estate Company
  • Compound Park Lane New Capital

It is one of the most famous projects implemented by Al-Attal Real Estate Company. Since it is located within the largest development project at the local level and the Middle East, which is (the new administrative capital).

El Attal Real Estate Company chose the location of Park Lane Compound in a very special location in the New Capital, Specifically, in the seventh residential neighborhood, R7, one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital. Al-Attal Company distinguished this project with a distinctive and unique design inspired by the Dutch classic style. Hence the reason for naming the project.

Park Lane Compound is divided into 3 recreational and residential areas, commercial, located on an area of 26 acres, and a width of up to 450 meters, Where 20% of the project area has been allocated to residential units. The rest of the space includes all the services and facilities in the compound. As well as for green spaces and landscapes.

The Park Lane project, the administrative capital, is characterized by the various areas of the residential units included in the compound. Where the spaces start from 80 square meters. The company provided it at very competitive prices compared to the size of the advantages provided by the developer during this large project. The company also provided very flexible reservation and payment systems, starting with a down payment of 7% of the total unit value. And pay the rest up to 8 years.

Finally, this large project includes a distinguished shopping center, It is the Pavilion Mall, the new administrative capital. To include within it a group of commercial, medical, and administrative units, The developer stated that the units will be delivered to this distinguished project by 2025.

Members of the Board of Directors of Al-Attal Real Estate Company

The presence of a group of the most prominent cadres in the real estate development market on its leadership contributed to the success of Al-Attal Real Estate Company. Which in turn contributed to the brilliance of the company and its achievement of the highest unprecedented sales rates in the Egyptian real estate development market. This success was led by the following names:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors: Engineer / Ahmed Al-Attal.
  • CEO of El Attal: Engineer / Mohamed Al-Attal.

An overview of the stages of development of El Attal Company

Since its inception, El-Attal Company has gone through many stages and developments. until it got to where it is today, This transformation in the history of the company can be highlighted through the first stages of development that the company has gone through since its inception:

  • 1948: Al-Attal Company started its activity under the name “Khulusi Al-Attal Company” for textiles. Which was led by Mr. (Hussein Awni), who was running a business specializing in importing and supporting electrical appliances.
  • 1949: The two companies were merged together under the name “Attal Brothers”. Which is one of the first companies specialized in supplying and installing all types of switches for the construction of the High Dam, This is under the specifications of the Egyptian government.
  • 1967: The Attal Brothers Company was given permission by the Ministry of Military Efforts. To supply and install electrical panels made of fiberglass, wire lights, searchlight, A siren for all military imports.
  • 1972: The company established the first factory in the Middle East operating under the name (Arabic Electronic Office), Which specialized in manufacturing and marketing lighting and sound systems in both Egypt and the Middle East.
  • 1975: Al-Attal Company established a new company, which is (Nasser Company for Trade and Industry), Which was the first company specialized in industrial and preventive security in Egypt.
  • 1983: A new company was established under the name (Egyptians Contracting, Construction and Engineering Consultancy).
  • 1985-2019: The company established many companies, Engaging in many new activities in a variety of fields, such as furniture manufacturing, construction, and restoration, retail, kitchen manufacturing, and food supply, In addition to establishing an office for preaching and advertising, The company even specialized in the field of real estate development, which distinguished it strongly in the Egyptian real estate development market.

And now, after learning about this long history of successes achieved by El Attal Company from the beginning, We strongly advise you to invest in the company’s latest projects Leaves 6th of October Compound, which the company offers to the fullest, supported by many advantages and services, that distinguish it among the rest of the residential projects in the 6th of October City.

Contact us now at 00201011564040, And one of our sales officials will reply to you to provide you with all the details and information about Compound Leaves 6th of October 

Project details

Units prices start in Leaves Compound From the price of 2,050,000 pounds, It reaches a price of 7,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

The company that owns the project is El Attal Real Estate Development Company.

It is available within the Leafs Compound project Two payment systems starting from paying a 10% down payment of the total unit value. And the remaining installments up to 9 years.

Leaves 6 October Compound is located in the 6th of October City on an area of 28 acres.

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