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le ciel new capital Compound

le ciel new capital is an integrated city that has been fully built and is now being offered by Bedaya Real Estate Company, Where the company announced a distinguished compound located in the R7 area, overlooking the tourist walkway directly, and the company offers both apartments and villas with a large difference in spaces and prices to suit all tastes,

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كمبوند لوسيال العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

This edifice is also characterized by the availability of a large package of facilities up to 10 years. It includes a range of different services, including a commercial and administrative mall in the heart of the compound to serve all its residents, In addition to the various recreational activities hosted by the New Administrative Capital, Lucial.

L’Oreal New Capital Compound, immediate receipt and in a privileged location, Bidaya Real Estate Development Company offers you an integrated residential edifice in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is L’Oreal New Capital CompoundThe company offers a mini-residential city in the R7 area on the tourist walkway branching from the Green River, in which it also offers a wide range of residential units that range from apartments to villas, and the company also offers a commercial and administrative mall located within the compound to serve all its customers, and offers all that With a variety of spaces, reasonable prices, and installments up to 10 years, without interest.

The location of Le Ciel Compound, the administrative capital

Le Ciel New Administrative Capital is located in the R7 area, on the tourist walkway branching from the Green River.

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كمبوند لوسيال العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

Specifically, it is located in Plot No. F4, which is one of the distinguished plots in the R7 region, as it is located near services and the largest gathering of commercial and entertainment centers, clubs, hospitals, and schools in the capital.

Places near the Compound Le Ciel, the administrative capital

  • The compound is located in the New Administrative Capital, close to the Diplomatic Quarter, the Sefarat Quarter, and the Opera House.
  • It is also located close to the complex of schools and universities and the monorail.
  • Minutes away from the regional ring road, Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and the Green River.
  • It is also close to People’s Square, the Grand Mosque, the Cathedral, and Al-Massa Hotel.
  • Among its advantages is its proximity to Downtown, the government district, and all vital and important places in the New Administrative Capital.

The space of Le Ciel Compound, the administrative capital

Le Ciel New Capital is being built on a huge area, The project is an entire building, and that space has been divided to include a group of residential towers with a luxurious and distinguished design.

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LE CIEL New Capital – لوسيال العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

Where the compound has various apartments and villas, What is distinctive here is the availability of a commercial and administrative mall located in the heart of the compound and includes many shops and administrative offices with different and varied spaces, specifically with more than 100 shops.

Luceal compound prices, the administrative capital

One of the most important features within the Luceal New Administrative Capital project is the variety of units in it to suit all the needs of customers, as it has luxury apartments of various sizes, in addition to townhouse villas, twin houses, and stand alone, All of these units are designed with a view, with direct views of green spaces and stunning landscapes.

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كمبوند لوسيال العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

As for the prices of Le Ciel New Capital, it is an opportunity to live and invest together. Where the company offers the lowest real estate prices, and the spaces within the compound vary according to the unit type, location, and unit area. Despite this difference, they are distinguished prices. In addition to payment facilities of up to 10 years without interest.

Firstly: Residential apartments

  • The spaces of the apartments in the New Capital, Luceal, start from 81 up to 222 meters.
  • Apartment prices in the compound also start from 1,134,450 EGP.

secondly: Villas

  • The villas’ space in Luceal, the New Capital, starts from 270 up to 540 meters.
  • The price of villas in Luceal, the administrative capital, starts from 4,900,000 EGP.

Reservation and payment methods in Lusial, the administrative capital

Bedaya Real Estate Company offers very competitive facilities, Where the company was keen to reach the largest number of customers and investors within this edifice, Which made it offer the compound with the lowest down payment, with installment systems up to 10 years and without interest.

Residential apartments

  • 20% down payment and installments over 10 years (equal installments).


  • 20% down payment and installments over 6 years (the first installment after a year).
  • Services in Le Ciel Compound, the administrative capital

    One of the most important elements that must be available for residential projects is public services and utilities. Here, the owner company provided everything that is service and entertainment in the compound,

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كمبوند لوسيال العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة
  • The compound also includes a commercial and administrative mall to serve all residents of the compound.
    • The compound includes a group of restaurants and cafes
    • Cinemas complex.
    • Mosque.
    • Hypermarket.
    • A commercial and administrative mall with 100 stores.
    • Kids Area.
    • Electronic entries.
    • Modern architectural facades.
    • Guard and security.
    • Swimming pool and gym.
    • Tourist walkway.
    • Green spaces.
    • Artificial lakes.

    Information about Bedaya Real Estate Development Company

    It is one of the joint stock real estate companies that brings together a group of businessmen and big investors known in the real estate market. And that company was able to gain a long experience in the field of real estate so that it was able to present a large series of distinguished achievements bearing its name, Among the important names and owners of Bedaya Real Estate Company are:

    • Major General / Emad Al-Morshidi.
    • Major General / Ahmed Al Morshedi.
    • Major General / Ali Siddik.

    These names achieved many successes until they became a distinctive mark and a unique imprint in the world of real estate. And she chose different locations for all her previous work and projects. In view of the development that the New Administrative Capital city is witnessing, it has left its mark through a residential project in which it offers a level of quality and real sophistication.

    The company’s previous business:

    • The company has built a group of residential buildings in Alexandria Governorate.
    • It also established a large number of buildings also in Tanta Governorate.
    • Among its previous works is an integrated residential compound in Hurghada.
    • It also built a hotel in Alexandria Governorate.

    And after all these achievements, it announces today a completely built building in the heart of the new administrative capital city on the tourist walkway and the Green River, Apartments and villas with unique designs and a very strategic location offered by the company at the lowest possible price and in comfortable installments up to 10 years without any interest, which is Le Ciel New Capital.

    To learn about the latest projects of the Administrative Capital:

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Project details

Prices start at 1,134,450 apartments. 4,900,000 villas.

20% down payment and facilities up to 10 years.

R7 on the tourist walk.


Bedaya Real Estate Investment Company.

There are apartments and villas.

The compound is completely built and received immediately.

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