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Information about Lafayette Mall New Capital

Lafayette Mall New Capital is a new and distinguished shopping center in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the Down Town area, It has been implemented to include many features and entertainment activities that guarantee the highest rate of visits inside it throughout the day. Below we show you the most important details related to this new project implemented by Home Town Developments.

Lafayette Mall New Capital location

Among the many advantages of this new project Lafayette Mall New Capital is located in the middle of the new administrative capital, Specifically, in the two regions No. (1, 2) In the shopping and picnic area Downtown, is the most prestigious and important area in the New Capital.

Enjoy the location of the Lafayette Mall New Capital With three main and important destinations in the Downtown area, They are the entrance to Down Town. And the axis of the ministries, next to the financial district and the ministries, And the center of the capital, in front of the famous Al-Massa Hotel. And due to the privileged location of the mall, It is located near the most famous neighborhoods and landmarks of the New Capital. It is located near the following:

  • Mall of Lafayette, the administrative capital, is located just 5 minutes from the Central Monorail Station.
  • The Lafayette Mall New Capital project is only 3 minutes away from the Opera House in the New Capital.
  • Lafayette Mall is only 10 minutes away from the famous government district in the New Capital.
  • Lafayette Mall is located close to the Green River (the largest public park in the world extending from north to south of the New Capital).
  • The project is also separated from the new museum by only 10 minutes.
  • Lafayette Mall New Capital project is also located Close to the most important malls in the Downtown area, Most notably Central Mall 33, and the V Business Tower Mall.

Designed by  Lafayette Mall new capital

The developer company designed Lafayette Mall New Capital in a very distinctive and unique way. Let it be one of the most important features of the project that makes it a source of attraction for many visitors throughout the day, The developer was keen to excel in designing it to be one of the most important sources of attraction for investors to invest in it. And to be able to accommodate all international brands inside it.

In designing the mall, Hometown Real Estate Company made sure that the charming nature prevailed throughout the mall. As well as supporting the mall with all the entertainment services that make it the most lively and entertaining place in the Downtown area without competition.

The mall also contains a wide plaza area that includes a very wonderful landscape, a roman theatre, and recreational games, In addition to a distinctive waterway and a dancing fountain.

The space of Lafayette Mall new capital

Lafayette Mall New Capital on an area of 10 acres, Let its space be sufficient to include the largest number of services and entertainment activities, in addition to the various commercial units with their various and varying sizes that suit various businesses.

Also enjoy Lafayette Mall New Capital With an attractive commercial frontage of 550 meters, To become the most attractive commercial mall for shoppers and those looking for entertainment and spending the best time with their families in the New Administrative Capital.

The size of the Lafayette Mall New Capital is 43,000 square metres, To divide this large area into 3 buildings (Bulging A, Bulging B, Bulging Village) consists of a ground floor and 5 typical floors.

Firstly: Building A (Bulging A)

Enjoy Terminal A at Lafayette Mall With its triple view of both the entrance to Downtown, And the center of the capital, in front of Al-Massa Hotel. And the axis of the ministries next to the financial district and the ministries.

The floors in Building A are divided into the following:

  • Ground floor: It includes a group of pharmacies, restaurants, and cafes. In addition to a dedicated area for skiing (Skating Area).
  • First and second round: They are for shopping. Each of them includes a number of shops.
  • Third round: The third floor includes a number of shops, In addition to a coffee area for rest and drinks.
  • Fourth Floor: It is the role dedicated to serving different foods, Through a group of restaurants serving a number of local and international dishes.
  • the fifth floor: The fifth floor includes a number of shops that offer antiques, souvenirs and rarities. And dubbed shops Khan Khalili.

secondly: Building B (Bulging B)

Building B is characterized by its distinct view of a main street. It is the hub of the capital, in front of the famous Al-Massa Hotel. The division of floors in the building is as follows:

  • Ground floor: It includes a bank, a pharmacy, And a group of restaurants and cafes.
  • First and second round: Each of them is limited to a number of shops.
  • Third round: It contains a number of shops. In addition to a coffee area of 450 square meters.
  • Fourth Floor: The fourth floor includes a food court on an area of 2,600 square meters.
  • the fifth floor: It includes a children’s entertainment area (Kids Area) on an area of 800 square meters.

Third: Lafayette Mall new capital

The third building is Lafayette Mall New Capital enjoys a view of two main streets, They are the entrance to Down Town. And the ministries axis near the financial district and ministries, The building itself is divided into two parts from the inside. They are as follows:

section One

The first section of Lafayette Mall New Capital from the ground floor to the fifth, includes a number of restaurants and cafes with outdoor spaces overlooking the Plaza Mall.

Section two

As for the second section of Lafayette Mall New Capital Village, the division of roles is as follows:

  • Ground floor: It includes a large hypermarket that extends over an area of 2,000 square metres.
  • First, second and third round: Each of them includes a number of shops.
  • Fourth and fifth floor: They have 10 cinema halls (Cinema Complex), Each of them targets a number of spectators up to 120 people, These halls extend over an area of 6,600 square metres.

Fourthly: The Plaza District

The Plaza District of Lafayette Mall It is a distinct recreational area. carried out by the company in Lafayette Mall In order to contain the largest amount of services and recreational activities in the mall, Where the plaza includes all of the following:

  • It contains a large landscape that extends over an area of 25,000 square meters.
  • The plaza area includes a Roman theater with an area of 490 square meters.
  • The plaza includes a games area. and a banquet area spanning 1,300 square metres.
  • The plaza area also includes a dancing fountain. And a waterway with a length of 390 meters.

Services and facilities in  Lafayette Mall new capital

It includes the Lafayette Mall New Capital project’s many services and benefits, Which the developer company paid special attention to give this new mall a competitive advantage among many other commercial centers located in the New Administrative Capital, Among the most prominent of these services and advantages that the project enjoys, are the following

  • There are many services and recreational activities available in all corners of Lafayette Mall New Capital , which aim to entertain the mall’s visitors as much as possible.
  • You can enjoy a unique trip by moving between Lafayette and Lafayette Village, until you reach the largest Outdoor Area in the Down Town area.
  • Enjoy Lafayette Mall New Capital With a fully panoramic facade overlooking a vast area of landscaping and green spaces, Which extends over an area of 25,000 square meters.
  • It includes Lafayette Mall New Capital The largest cinema complex that includes 10 halls with international designs and specifications. It can accommodate more than 1,000 spectators. Under the supervision of the international and Italian designer Claudio Violante, One of the most prominent and famous movie theater designers in the world.
  • The mall contains the first mega hypermarket on an area of 2000 square meters.
  • The mall also includes a ski center.
  • And in order to organize the cars of workers and visitors to the mall, Lafayette has a large 3-story garage to accommodate as many cars as possible.
  • Children’s entertainment area (Kids Area).
  • Lafayette Mall New Capital also includes a part designated under the name Magic Plant.
  • It also contains areas designated for eating local and international food and drinks inside and outside the Out Door & In Door Mall.

Units space in Lafayette Mall, the administrative capital

Hometown has been keen to vary the unit spaces in Lafayette Mall New Capital to suit all commercial activities and different customer requirements, by providing a group of commercial units that start from 40 square meters and reach up to 300 square meters.

The number of commercial units in the Lafayette project is 850 easily accessible commercial units. Through a group of 9 doors scattered throughout the mall.

Units prices in Lafayette Mall

Commercial units in the Mall of Lafayette are available at very competitive prices compared to the size of the advantages included in the project.

Its strategic location in the Down Town area, And many services and recreational activities within it, As well as its distinctive and unique design, which is one of the most important features of the mall at all.

Where the prices of commercial units, which are currently available in Lafayette Mall New Capital start with the lowest space From the price of 6,914,600 Egyptian pounds, It reaches a price of 7,403,300 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems at Lafayette Mall

Hometown Real Estate Company also presented its new project, Lafayette Mall With payment facilities for extended years to suit all customer segments, The company also gives contractors a special and distinctive discount on commercial units in the mall for a limited period.

The payment systems available during the Lafayette Mall project can be classified as follows:

  • The first system: 10% advance payment, And the remaining installments over 6 years. With the granting of beneficiaries of this system a special discount of 10%.
  • The second system: 15% down payment of the total unit value. And the remaining installments over 7 years. With a 15% discount for beneficiaries of this system.
  • The third system: 20% advance payment, And the rest in installments up to 8 years. And get a 15% discount for all beneficiaries.

Engineering consultant

Home Town Real Estate Company, in cooperation with one of the major engineering companies, has designed Lafayette Mall New Capital  a company DMA for multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, Which has a huge experience of more than 30 years with more than 250 engineering experts, To serve all local and international markets in all commercial, residential, educational and health projects, and administrative.

DMA company operates in many diverse fields, through which it has become famous, Most notably the following:

  • architecture
  • urban planning
  • Interior and structural design
  • MEP
  • Infrastructure
  • Supervision of implementation

The operating company for the Lafayette Mall project

Within the framework of the excellence sought by Hometown Real Estate Company during its project, Lafayette Mall New Capital, the company has contracted with one of the most prominent operating companies in Egypt, which is Hassan Allam Property Management.

Hassan Allam Project Management and Operations Company is a member of the Hassan Allam Real Estate Group. It is one of the fastest-growing companies of its kind in Egypt. Its activity extends to serving industrial processes. infrastructure and its maintenance, as well as utility and real estate services, energy solutions, And other works.

Among the most prominent companies that used the services of Hassan Allam Project Management Company are the following companies:

  • Emaar Properties.
  • Palm Hills Real Estate Company.
  • Sodic Real Estate Company.
  • Hassan Allam Real Estate Company
  • DHL Shipping Services
  • L’Oreal company
  • HP Technical Corporation
  • Microsoft

Information about the company developing the project

Home Town Real Estate Development Company is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, Which is characterized by its distinctive and unique designs that have impressed many investors around the world.

Home Town Real Estate Company is characterized by its transparency and reliability with many clients through the many projects it has developed in different parts of Egypt. Which made it a sign of real estate development in Egypt.

Home Town Development is keen to offer various units in its projects at very competitive prices. With easy and convenient payment systems that suit the various capabilities of its customers, As well as providing the best services and entertainment activities that ensure that its customers get the greatest amount of luxury and enjoyment.

The company was also distinguished by an advantage that is one of the most important features of the company in the Egyptian real estate development market, Which is its superior ability to choose the best sites for its various projects so that it is close to the most famous places, roads and main axes.

Previous business of the company

Home Town Real Estate Development Company has a record rich in many projects and successful business precedents in Egypt, Which had a major role in distinguishing it from the rest of the competitors, The most prominent of these projects can be monitored through the following points.

  • Udora Mall New Capital.
  • Zaha Park Mall New Capital – Zaha Park Mall New Capital.
  • Beit El Watan compound 5th settlement project.
  • Narges Residence New Cairo Compound.

Still, hesitating? Do not hesitate and invest in the most distinguished commercial centers in the New Administrative Capital Lafayette Mall New Capital, and ensure the highest return on investment by booking your unit in one of the most attractive projects in the New Administrative Capital.

Contact us now at 00201011564040, One of our sales officials will contact you immediately to provide you with all the details and answer all your inquiries about Lafayette Mall New Capital.

Project details

Lafayette Mall New Capital is located In the most prestigious areas of the new administrative capital, Specifically, in pieces No. 1, And 2 in the Downtown area, which is famous for its picnic and shopping area.

Lafayette Mall New Capital  10 acres, That is equivalent to 43,000 square metres.

The units’ spaces range in Lafayette Mall New Capital between 40 square meters and up to 300 square meters.

The prices of the commercial units currently available in Lafayette Mall New Capital range from 6,914,600 EGP up to 7,403,300 EGP.

Available in Lafayette Mall New Capital Various payment systems to suit different segments, It starts from a 10% down payment and payment facilities for up to 8 years.

The company that owns Lafayette Mall New Capital is Hometown Development.

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