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Kai Ain Sokhna kai ain sokhna

kai sokhna is one of the projects of Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company, Among the very special projects that won the award for the future residential project, Where Misr Italia Properties distinguished this project with many features that caught the attention of many investors and experts in the real estate development market in Egypt, Starting from the design and passing through the diversity of the units and their areas, And down to the payment systems and competitive prices set by the company for the various units of the project.


kai ain sokhna location 

Among the most important features that qualified the kai sokhna project The award for the future residential project is the location of the project near many vital cities and the New Administrative Capital, This will enable the residents of the village to enjoy the services of the New Administrative Capital and services Kai Ain Sokhna together.

One of the most important geographical advantages that Kai Sokhna enjoys is its proximity to the following:

  • From Galala Road, only 3 kilometers away.
  • Close to Zaafarana Road, 15 km away.
  • It is also close to the main Ain Sokhna road, at a distance of 20 km.
  • And from the city of Hurghada, a distance of 120 minutes.
  • From Maadi area only 90 minutes.
  • From Heliopolis, a distance of 95 minutes.
  • From downtown Cairo, it is only 180 kilometers away.
  • Kai Sokhna is located after La Vista 4.
  • Kai Sokhna is located near the new Galala Road.
  • Facing the village of Caye is a group of windmills. Which makes you enjoy the wonderful fresh air all year round.

The area of Kai Ain Sokhna village

total area kai sokhna 147 thousand square meters, and the area of the village was divided in a very convenient way that reflects the calm and tranquility of its residents, as the construction area of the project is only 20% of the total allocated area so that the rest of the area contains services, utilities, green spaces, and recreational services so that the residents of the village spend the best time there. and create their best memories.

Prices and payment systems for Kai Ain Sokhna units

Misr Italia took into account during its project kai sokhna To diversify unit categories, prices, spaces, and payment systems to suit the largest segment of the company’s customers. The unit prices and payment systems are as follows:

  • Units prices in kai sokhna start from 1,400,000 EGP for chalets whose space starts from 64 square meters. It reaches up to 12,000,000 EGP for standalone villas with an area of 270 square meters.
  • As for the payment system offered by the company that owns the project, A 5% down payment of the total unit value is paid. And the rest in installments up to 8 years in the form of equal installments.
  • The units are received with a super lux finishing level.
  • The space of the units of Kai Ain Sokhna

    Units vary in kai sokhna between apartments, chalets, and villas, In order to suit the largest category of clients of the developer company, with a variety of areas starting from 64 square meters, The spaces in Kai Sokhna are as follows:

    • The villas’ spaces start from 270 square meters.
    • While the chalet spaces in Kai Sokhna start from 64 to 165 square meters.
    • As for the areas of the separate apartments, they start with different sizes starting from 140 square meters up to 174 square meters.

    It is characterized kai sokhna Individually, all its units have their own swimming pool next to the private beach of the village, which is distinguished by its soft golden sand. It is located at a depth of 1200 meters and a width of 300 meters, So that all units of the village have a direct view of the sea

    The developer took care of all the units overlooking the sea, making the distance between the beach and the first residential unit approximately 150 meters. This gave the rear units the opportunity to have a wonderful view as well.

    The developer was also keen to add aesthetic value and highlight the services in its project. As the percentage of residential units reached only 20% of the total area of the project, And allocate the rest of the space to services and wonderful landscaping.

    The residential units are characterized by the Kai Ain Sokhna project falling before the windmills, Which gives it fresh air and mild weather throughout the year.

    Services and features in Kai Ain Sokhna

    Misr Italia provides during its project kai sokhna Many services and benefits that attract customers and families, It gives calm and peace of mind And helps them spend the most beautiful times during their holidays and vacations.


These services and benefits are as follows:

  • A wonderful landscape and vast green spaces, In addition to private gardens for each residential unit.
  • Private and public swimming pools of different depths and sizes. And periodic supervision of cleaning and sterilizing swimming pools.
  • Guarding and security service at the highest level 24 hours a day. In addition to high-quality HD surveillance cameras and electronic gates to increase security.
  • The presence of Hilton kai sokhna , which is considered one of the most prominent hotels in Egypt, especially in the field of providing hotel services.
  • A large commercial center with many major shops.
  • An entertainment area on a large area that combines water games and cafes for electronic games.
  • A theater and a large hall for holding the largest parties in the village and private parties such as weddings and birthdays. And other happy occasions.
  • The children’s entertainment area (Kids Area), consists of a group of simple games and water games.
  • Cinema halls contain the most beautiful and latest Egyptian and international films And halls dedicated to animated films for children.
  • The village includes a sports club for practicing various sports. like football, swimming, tennis, and squash.
  • Provision of golf courses.
  • Restaurants at the highest level serve delicious local and international dishes.
  • Equipped cafes serving delicious drinks.
  • Separate rooms for important meetings.
  • A qualified medical center to provide all medical and health services. It contains a set of specialized departments necessary to maintain the lives of all residents of the village.
  • car garage, And a technical workshop for car maintenance and cleaning based on a group of highly trained engineers and technicians for car repair.
  • Generators to secure electricity continuously in case of interruption.
  • High-speed central internet.
  • Gymnasiums equipped with the best and latest sports equipment. In addition, there are sections designated for women only.
  • A large mosque for performing prayers.
  • Wellness center including jacuzzi, spa, and massage centers.
  • Superior quality elevators.

Marina on the beach of the village.

  • Information about the company developing the project

    Misr Italia Properties is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian real estate development market. And whose projects have received the greatest echoes in the Egyptian market since its establishment in 1998 AD until now. Where the company continues to prove its success in its various projects from its inception until the moment.

    The projects of Misr Italia Properties, which it established, are distinguished by the many services and advantages that it provides to its customers through it, Thus, these projects are unique and unparalleled in the Egyptian real estate development market.

    The company is known to provide many flexible payment systems to its customers. So that every customer can choose the right system for him.

    Also, one of the most important reasons for the success achieved by the company is its ability to combine wonderful residential units of various types, such as apartments, villas, and chalets of various sizes, and support them with the best services and prices, And payment systems that make it easier for customers to pay.

    The board of directors of Misr Italia is chaired by Eng. Hani Al-Assal. In one of his statements, he announced the company’s intention to reach an investment volume of EGP 50 billion over a period of 10 years.

    He also announced the company’s clear intention to establish more real estate projects during the coming period. in many scattered areas throughout the Republic, The most prominent of which are:

    • The new administrative capital.
    • New Cairo.
    • Ain Sokhna.
    • City of the future.

    Book your unit now in the most beautiful villages of kai sokhna village, and have a residential unit that supports you and your family with calm, pleasure, and psychological comfort on the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea.

    Contact us now through our number 00201069210222, One of our sales managers will reply to you as soon as possible to provide you with all information about a project kai sokhna .

Project details

You can contact us through the number 00201069210222.

The prices of Kai Ain Sokhna start from 1,400,000 up to 12,000,000 EGP.

Misr Italia provides you with a convenient payment system by paying 5% down payment of the unit value. And the remaining installments up to 8 years in equal installments.

Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company.

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