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Bosco City, the city of the future

Bosco City, the city of the future It is a wonderful residential project with a high level of luxury and sophistication. It is located in Mostakbal City along New Cairo and near the New Administrative Capital. It was implemented by Misr Italia, one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate development market. The following are the most important details related to this gigantic project.

Bosco City, the city of the future

The Bosco City project is characterized by the city of the future – il bosco cityWith a vital and strategic location that distinguishes it from other projects in Mostakbal City and New Cairo, We can summarize the most important of these advantages as follows:

  • The project is located in a very special location in the heart of Mostakbal City, Which is characterized by its pure atmosphere and low population density.
  • IL Bosco City, the city of the future, is located in the Golden Square area, close to many important main roads, such as the Central Ring Road.
  • Bosco City, the city of the future, is only 5 minutes away from Madinaty.
  • It is also 10 minutes away from the American University and Palm Hills New Cairo.
  • It is also only 10 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

Bosco City, Mostakbal City – il bosco city

The project of Misr Italia Real Estate Company is located in Bosco City, Mostakbal City On an area of 268 acres, Where 30% of the project area contains buildings and residential units, While the remaining 70% includes all facilities, services, green spaces, And artificial lakes in the project.

There are a variety of residential units in IL Bosco City, the city of the future Among the villas, which account for 80% of the project units, And 20% of the residential buildings include a variety of apartments and penthouses. Where each building consists of a ground floor and 7 upper floors.

All residential units in IL IL Bosco City are the city of the future With many features that distinguish it from other units in other projects, Which:

  • Supporting units in the project with a digital and high security system through codes and facial recognition.
  • QR code system to enter guests and visitors.
  • Built-in Sound Systems in the lobby.
  • Motion detection light systems at the highest level.
  • Triple play technology, and CCTV.
  • The space and prices of IL Bosco City units, Mostakbal City

    Bosco City project consists of the city of the future from several different stages, Which units vary in terms of type, areas, prices, We can list these stages as follows:

    • Sila Compound phase.
    • LA NATURA stage.
    • La Valle stage.

    The prices and sizes of the units in the project in its various stages range between the following:

    • The apartments’ spaces in IL Bosco City, Mostakbal City, start from 77 square meters, and the price starts from 1,150,000 pounds.
    • As for the area of the villas in Bosco City It starts from 239 to 257 square meters. With a price starting from 2,600,000 EGP up to 5,800,000 EGP.
    • While the prices of stand-alone villas in the project, whose space starts from 321 square meters, start at 6,500,000 pounds.

    Payment systems in Bosco City, the city of the future

    Misr Italia has provided a comfortable and convenient installment system for all its customers wishing to reserve their own units in the Il Bosco City project, the city of the future , where they can pay only 5% down payment of the total unit value, and pay the rest in the form of installments for a period of up to 9 years.

  • Services and benefits in Bosco City, the city of the future

    It was necessary to provide a range of services and benefits at the highest level in this huge project, To highlight its most important competitive advantages over other projects, Perhaps the most prominent of these services and features are the following:

    • The presence of a commercial center and a large commercial area that includes a group of commercial and administrative units in the Bosco City .
    • Availability of a large green area full of rare trees and private gardens.
    • A large green industrial bridge characterizes the overall design of the project. He goes through the whole project, connects its parts, It provides a wonderful view of it.
    • Allocating a social and sports club and a clubhouse on a large area in the project for entertainment and practicing various sports.
    • health club including gym, health club, and spa.
    • 24-hour guard and security system, To achieve the highest levels of security and safety for the residents of the compound.
    • Children’s area (Kids Area).
    • Nurseries are also available. international schools, And universities.
    • private walking paths, exercise, cycling, In addition to a group of swimming pools and sports fields.
    • A group of medical clinics and pharmacies.
    • Luxurious local and international restaurants and cafes.

    Disadvantages of Bosco City, the city of the future

    Like any other project that contains Bosco City on some defects that annoy a segment of its customers, Which is negligible compared to the size of the advantages provided in this giant project, However, we can limit these shortcomings to the following points:

    • Incomplete finishing: Where the developer explained that the project units will be delivered on red bricks without final finishing until each customer finishes his unit with the finishing that he finds suitable for his taste. However, some may see this as a defect due to their desire to receive the units with the level of super lux finishing.
    • deferred receipt: Where the company announced the delivery of its units by 2025. This is something that some of those who wish to receive their units may find inappropriate immediately.

      Information about the company developing the project

      Misr Italia Properties is one of the pioneers in the Egyptian real estate development market. Which was based on the implementation of many distinguished projects through which the company achieved a high percentage of profits that had the greatest resonance in the real estate development market in Egypt.

      The fields of projects in which Misr Italia are involved vary between residential and commercial projects to meet the different needs of its customers. The company is distinguished when choosing its projects by thinking of the mentality of its customers. Which results in many projects that meet the needs of investors and provide them with the greatest interest and return on investment.

      Misr Italia has many real estate successes that distinguished it among the rest of the competing companies. Which can be summarized in the following numbers:

      • Misr Italia established 11 residential projects in the Egyptian real estate market.
      • It also established a group of the largest 9 huge commercial projects.
      • The company has also delivered 6,000 luxury residential units supported by the best integrated services and modern technologies, through which it keeps pace with global development, to make the owners of its projects feel distinguished.
      • The company operates in 5 different economic sectors, including (real estate, tourism, facilities management, furniture and decoration).
      • The company owns 18 real estate projects so far, divided into 11 residential and coastal projects. and 9 commercial projects, And 5 hotels.

      Misr Italia projects are spreading and penetrating all over the Republic. to include New Cairo, Giza, and the tenth of Ramadan, and Ras Sidr, and Ain Sukhna, the north coast, In addition to the new administrative capital.

Project details

You can contact us at 00201069210222.

Units’ prices in IL Bosco City, Mostakbal City, start from 1,150,000 up to 6,500,000 EGP.

Misr Italia provides you with a very convenient payment system, with a 5% down payment of the unit value. And the rest in installments up to 9 years in equal installments.

Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company.

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