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Gaia JASMINE North Coast project

Gaia JASMINE North Coast is one of the most important achievements provided by Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company. This stage is distinguished by a group of chalets surrounded by the sea with a charming panoramic view. It was designed to be the most beautiful and best North Coast project. It has collected all the features that every customer desires.

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أسعار قرية جاسمين جايا الساحل الشمالي

Starting from the strategic location at Kilo 194 Ras El Hikma Bay North Coast, And the diversity in spaces and prices, leading to the integrated services, which made it superior to other projects. In this article, we will discuss all the important details and information related to Gaia JASMINE North Coast .

Jasmine Gaia North Coast Location:

Gaia JASMINE North Coast the third phase of the Gaia Sabbour project is located at kilometer 194 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road in the Ras Al-Hikma Bay area, and it is only 55 kilometers from Amwaj village, which is owned by the company.

Gaia JASMINE North Coast is also distinguished by its proximity to about 88 km from Alexandria. It is only steps away from the exit of the new Fouka Road (which connects Greater Cairo with the northern coast, as it includes 4 exits, one of which is directly on the Ras al-Hikma Bay area).

Space and design of Jasmine Gaia, North Coast:

designed Gaia JASMINE North Coast to be the most beautiful project of the North Coast, helped by its complete location on the sea, It achieved perfect harmony between the landscape and the construction buildings and offers the residents of Jasmine gaia North Coast a unique and distinctive lifestyle.

The total area of the project is 300 acres, and the Jasmine phase is built on a huge area to accommodate countless services and benefits. In addition to the wide green spaces and the Crystal Lagoon, which add an aesthetic view to the village and increase the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Prices and areas of Jasmine Gaia North Coast:

Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company offers many options in both the prices and spaces of the units of Gaia JASMINE North Coast, through which it satisfies all the different tastes and conditions of customers, and therefore it is an irreplaceable opportunity that will not be offered by any other place, and it came as follows:

  • Prices starting from: 2,700,000 pounds.
  • Spaces starting from: 103 square meters.

Installment systems, Jasmine Gaia, North Coast:

Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company was not satisfied with offering Gaia JASMINE North Coast units competitive price, Rather, it provided the best installment systems and made them more flexible and very convenient to suit most customers by paying the lowest reservation down payment and paying the unit price over the longest possible repayment period. Among those systems are the following:

  • 5% down payment and equal installments over 9 years without interest

Jasmine Gaia North Coast Location:

Own a compound Gaia JASMINE North Coast An ideal location that is one of the most important features of the project, in Ras Al-Hikma Bay, along with all the important services that this area enjoys, as it is one of the areas close to heritage and cultural landmarks, which made it a front for tourism investment, and it is surrounded by all important roads from every side, such as the new Fouka Road, Al-Dabaa, and others. .

Gaia JASMINE North Coast  is located on the North Coast, specifically at kilo 194 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. The stage closest to the sea is considered the previous stage. Here are some places near the village:

  • 70 km from the village of Marassi, North Coast.
  • Gaia JASMINE North Coast is only 20 km away from the new Fouka Road exit.
  • The village of Gaya is only 55 km from Amwaj village.
  • As for the distance between it and the city of Alexandria, it is about 88 km.
  • Gaia JASMINE North Coast is also considered one of the projects very close to the new city of El Alamein, El Alamein Airport, and the Arab Airport.

Units Spaces in Jasmine North Coast:

The units of the village of Gaia JASMINE North Coast are characterized by the diversity of their areas to suit all the needs of customers and investors, as they include chalets, for example, with more than one space, It starts with two-bedroom chalets with spaces starting from 103 square meters. All units are marked (Jasmine) that which has a charming view of the sea and stunning natural scenery, and it is delivered with full finishing.

The areas of the Jasmine Jaya units on the North Coast are as follows:

  • Two- and three-room chalets with areas ranging from 103 square meters to 147 square meters.

Jasmine North Coast Units Prices:

It is always known for Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company in all its work to provide the finest, most distinguished, and creative projects worthy of its name, and to provide units of the best possible quality at competitive and ideal prices that are worthy of the aspirations of all investors, and this matter was very clear in the prices that it provided in the project and is considered the best among All previous phases of the project were as follows.

  • Starting prices: 2,700,000 Egyptian pounds.

The installment system in Jasmine North Coast:

With these special prices, Al-Ahly Sabbour Company has provided a group of convenient, easy, and varied booking and installment systems. This is to ensure the comfort of its customers and facilitate their access to summer units in the village, By paying a simple down payment and installing the unit price over many years. Among these systems are the following.

  • 5% down payment and equal installments over 9 years.

Jasmine North Coast services:

Services, entertainment and fun in Gaia JASMINE North Coast are among the most important factors of competition between all the villages of the North Coast, and among the important criteria for the success of any tourism project. The previous experience of Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company contributed to the full knowledge of all the markets and requirements that customers desire and wish for.

This is what distinguishes the Jasmine Gaia stage in the North Coast Where each unit enjoys a set of different services that surround it, So own your chalet and reserve your place now in the largest service and entertainment city offered to you by Tatweer Misr on the best beaches of the North Coast.

Among the most important services that the village enjoys are the following:

  • The village of the third phase of Gaia JASMINE North Coast contains huge green spaces, amounting to 88% of the total area of the village.
  • Swimming pools are distributed throughout the village, including those designated for women, as well as pools with special areas for children and the Kids Area.
  • Health clubs, pharmacies, and health clinics as well as social and sports clubs.
  • Also a luxurious group of restaurants and cafes.
  • Also, gymnasiums, ping pong and billiards. There is also a theme park and a range of recreational activities to spend the most wonderful time in Gaia JASMINE North Coast Village North Coast.
  • Cinemas, cafeterias, and a beach screen.
  • A hotel at the highest level in hotel service for visitors to the village.
  • Morsi for fishing and yachts.
  • Center and firefighting vehicles are equipped at the highest level.

Information about Al-Ahly Sabbour Company:

The story of Al-Ahly Sabbour began in 1994 at the hands of a well-known businessman, Engineer Hussein Sabbour. During her career, Al-Ahly Sabbour achieved many distinguished achievements. And managed to become the largest competitor in the real estate market, It occupies the first place with its distinctive designs, competitive prices, and the experience it enjoys, which contributed to that success.

As soon as the company announces any new building, customers rush to reserve their places in it. This is due to their confidence in the company and knowledge of the quality, designs, and advantages that the name Al-Ahly Sabbour enjoys in the real estate market. The company also launched one of its largest projects in the 6th of October City, Keeva 6th of October Compound. The following are some of the company’s previous works.

  • Layan Compound in New Cairo City.
  • Piacera village located in Ain Sokhna.
  • And Green Square Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  • L’Aventur New Cairo.
  • Amwaj North Coast Village.
  • City Of Odyssia

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The units’ price in Gaia JASMINE North Coast starts from 2,700,000 pounds.

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