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Information about Blue Tree New Cairo

Blue Tree New Cairo It is a new, sophisticated and distinguished project in New Cairo, It was implemented after the developer company achieved a series of repeated successes through its previous projects in both the cities of New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital, has Blue Tree New Cairo Many advantages supporting this new project, To come successively as a new step in the series of repeated successes of the company, Below we show you more details about this new project implemented by Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company.

Blue Tree New Cairo location

Blue Tree New Cairo Compound is located in New Cairo In a very privileged location in New Cairo, Specifically, in the Golden Square, plot B3, in the Northern Clubs area, east of the Lotus neighborhood.

Where the distinguished geographical location of the project comes among the most important advantages that Blue Tree New Cairo enjoys, It is located near many of the main roads and the most famous landmarks in New Cairo.

blue tree new cairo - Blue Tree New Cairo
blue tree new cairo – Blue Tree New Cairo

Among the most important of these geographical advantages enjoyed by the project are the following:

  • Blue Tree New Cairo Compound, New Cairo, is located directly next to Al Ahly Club.
  • The Blue Tree is also located near the Layan New Cairo Compound.
  • The Blue Tree is also located near the most famous compounds in New Cairo. Like Village Garden Katameya Compound, and Villette Sodic New Cairo.
  • The compound’s location is only a few minutes away from North Teseen Street.
  • The compound is only 15 minutes away from the American University.
  • Blue Tree New Cairo is also only 15 minutes away from both Cairo International Airport and the New Administrative Capital.
  • Finally, it is 25 minutes away from Heliopolis and Downtown Katameya.
  • Easy access to Greater Cairo through Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis or Abbas Akkad Axis.
  • Easy access to the central monorail station connected to the New Administrative Capital, Where the compound is located near it.

Blue Tree New Cairo space

The construction of Blue Tree New Cairo has been planned On a large area of more than 50 acres by Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company,

This large area includes comfortable modern living in the heart of the most distinguished places in New Cairo, It is the famous Golden Square area, which includes the finest and most luxurious residential and commercial projects in New Cairo.

The company developing this project has planned with great care, Where only 19% of the total area of the project was allocated for residential units,

The rest of the area includes vast green spaces. And all the services and entertainment activities at Blue Tree New Cairo.

Designed by Blue Tree New Cairo

Blue Tree New Cairo Compound was designed Very carefully by Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Company in cooperation with one of the major engineering companies, JZMK Engineering Company is the winner of many prestigious awards in the field of engineering and architectural design.

Where the compound was designed so that its residents can wake up to a refreshing breath of fresh air filled with the beautiful sounds of birds. It is backed by a wonderful and integrated landscape of wide green spaces, water fountains, and attractive artificial lakes.

The design of Blue Tree New Cairo Compound is in harmony with modern and contemporary lifestyles. To dedicate a quiet life inspired by nature and support it with a modern and contemporary style in architecture in a manner commensurate with different age groups, It also provides many services and facilities that make life easier for the residents of the compound.

Services and benefits in Blue Tree New Cairo

Blue Tree New Cairo Compound With many wonderful features and services that are integrated with the size of this giant project, Which makes it one of the most prominent residential projects in New Cairo, Among the most prominent of these services are the following:

  • A large connected garden spread over 10 acres.
  • The compound includes an entertainment club, Club House, to entertain the residents of the compound.
  • Tracks for walking, running, and cycling.
  • A wonderful and distinctive landscape filled with vast green spaces and beautiful water bodies.
  • The compound includes a recreational social club suitable for all family members.
  • A children’s entertainment area (Kids Area) to play and practice various recreational activities, and develop their various skills.
  • Blue Tree has a wonderful and peaceful garden to practice yoga with a clear mind.
  • Climbing wall.
  • The compound also has an outdoor fitness gym, GYM.
  • Blue Tree New Cairo also has a dedicated reading area.
  • Relaxation area.
  • It also contains an area dedicated to organizing special events. Like birthdays and barbecues.
  • Garage parking to organize cars inside the compound and prevent their accumulation.
  • Double-length entrances to all buildings in the compound contain security personnel and cards designed to allow entry.
  • Electric elevators facilitate movement between floors of buildings within the compound.
  • An advanced firefighting system for emergencies.
  • Rubbish bins are distributed throughout the project, To ensure that the compound is constantly clean.
  • Compound support with all medical services. From medical clinics and pharmacies to deal with all emergencies.
  • Luxurious restaurants and cafes serve delicious local and international food and drinks.
  • 24-hour advanced guard and security system.
  • Surveillance cameras of the highest quality, to monitor all parts of the compound, And access to the highest percentage of security and safety inside.
  • A specialized commercial center for the purchase of all household necessities.

Blue Tree Compound Units, New Cairo

It includes Blue Tree New Cairo A large number of residential units, which are located in only 19% of the total area of the project, Which number 1300 units of the type of residential apartments only.

blue tree new cairo - Blue Tree New Cairo
blue tree new cairo – Blue Tree New Cairo

Sky Abu Dhabi provided the units of this project with different and varied spaces to suit all customers’ requirements and their various financial capabilities. The unit spaces in the project are as follows:

  • The area of the two-room apartments is 115 square meters.
  • While the area of the 3-room apartments ranges between 150 square meters and 195 square meters.
  • As for the duplex apartments in Blue Tree New Cairo, their area is 235 square meters.
  • Finally, the area of the 4-bedroom apartments is 290 square meters.

All ground residential units in Blue Tree New Cairo feature a private garden, The units located on the roof of each building within the compound contain 4 rooms.

Units prices in Blue Tree New Cairo

Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Company presented the units of its new project, Blue Tree New Cairo at competitive prices that are suitable for its customers. And compared the size of the benefits and services provided in this new project, Which greatly distinguished it from other projects in New Cairo.

The prices of the residential units start in Blue Tree New Cairo from a price of 3,3,000 Egyptian pounds, and it will be received at the semi-finished level. The following amounts are also paid upon contracting:

  • 50,000 Egyptian pounds as a confirmation of the seriousness of the reservation.
  • 180,000 pounds for allocating a place for the car in the garage.
  • 8% or 10% for maintenance service.

Payment systems in Blue Tree New Cairo

And within the framework of intensifying the advantages offered during the Blue Tree Compound project, New Cairo, Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate offers its clients a very convenient payment system, To make the payment process as easy as possible, The presented system is as follows:

  • The customer pays 10% down payment of the total value of the purchased unit. Then the rest of the amount will be paid over 8 years in the form of equal installments.

Information about the consulting company

As we mentioned earlier, Sky Abu Dhabi hired one of the major international engineering companies to design Blue Tree New Cairo. It is the world-famous American company JZMK, whose urban designs have received the approval of many architecture experts, It distinguished itself from other engineering companies.

JZMK Engineering Company is known for its unique architectural designs in its various projects. and its clear endeavor towards developing environmentally friendly technical solutions, She became famous in the Arab world after assuming the design of the Saadiyat Beach incision. Which simulates in its design all the arts of Arab, Mediterranean, and contemporary architecture, It was also distinguished by the quality of its construction works and equipment.

Information about the developer company

Sky Abu Dhabi is a subsidiary of the Emirati Diamond Group, which is considered one of the largest companies in the real estate development market in the Middle East.

The board of directors of Sky Abu Dhabi is chaired by Sheikh Saleh Mohammed bin Nasra Al Ameri, the former ambassador of the UAE to Qatar. Who owns the well-known diamond group with extensive experience in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Saleh has a huge experience in the real estate market estimated at more than 20 years, He achieved many professional achievements, most notably:

  • The companies he headed implemented more than 17 projects. They include more than 15 thousand housing units.
  • In addition to implementing commercial buildings, and establishing clubs, and schools in the UAE, And also undertook the establishment of Al-Rabeh Educational Academy.
  • The Sky Abu Dhabi Administrative Capital project was classified as the most powerful residential project in the New Capital.
  • Sheikh Saleh is also a distinguished partner in First Abu Dhabi Bank. And a partner in the Emirati Royal Company.

The most prominent works of Abu Dhabi Sky Company and its most important projects

Sky Abu Dhabi has implemented a large number of real estate projects, Which makes it your best choice if you want to buy a residential or commercial unit from a reputable real estate developer, Among its most important works are:

  • Establishing a residential tower in Danet Abu Dhabi, Its area is 39,000 square meters.
  • Construction of a residential tower located in Rawdat Abu Dhabi, With an area of 14,200 square meters.
  • Building a residential tower located in Saraya Abu Dhabi, It is located on an area of 41,210 square meters. The value of this project is 300 million dirhams.
  • Sky Abu Dhabi is the building of the famous Al Rabeeh Academy.
  • Al Ain Cromwell Hospital is also one of the most important projects implemented by Sky Abu Dhabi. It contains 51 rooms. It covers an area of 25,000 square meters.
  • Building Al Rabeeh Secondary School, Which is located on Al Reem Island in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • The Abu Dhabi Star residential building is one of the most important projects implemented by Sky Abu Dhabi. Which is located on an area of 89,440 square meters.
  • The company also established the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club. Which is located on an area of 89,440 square meters, The club includes an Olympic-size swimming pool and tennis courts.
  • The company implemented Al Mushrif Club on an area of 80,000 square meters.
  • She co-founded Al Ain Ladies Club, It is one of the largest projects implemented in the Emirate of Al Ain.
  • Currently, the company is carrying out a commercial, administrative project, Medical in the heart of the new administrative capital, which is Capital Avenue Mall in the eighth district of the capital, R8.
Capital Avenue Mall, New Administrative Capital

Capital Avenue Mall is one of the most important projects of Sky Abu Dhabi in the New Capital, and the following are the most important details about this project:

  • Capital Avenue Mall is located in Al Sefarat District. It is an administrative, commercial, and medical mall. It has an area of 21,876 square meters. It consists of a ground floor and 3 upper floors. It includes 90 administrative units. and 30 medical units, and 84 administrative units, Its units are available in sizes starting from 30 square meters.
  • The mall contributes to serving about 1,000 individuals through the housing units it offers in the New Administrative Capital.
  • The unit prices in the mall are very reasonable. The serious amounts of reservation and contracting start from 30,000 pounds. With a down payment of 11%.
  • Those wishing to purchase can pay the remaining amount over 8 years. The delivery systems vary in the Capital Avenue project, between delivery on red bricks, delivery by Felix system, or fully finished units.
The administrative group of Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company

Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company is managed by a group of experts in the real estate market. They have experience and a successful CV, Which contributed to making Sky Abu Dhabi one of the most important and successful real estate companies.

Professor Mustafa Salahuddin

  • Mr. Mustafa Salah El Din is the Chief Commercial Officer of the Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Company. And who assumed the position of CEO of the commercial sector of Iskan Misr in 2019.
  • Mostafa Salah El-Din has 21 years of experience in marketing and sales. He also obtained many certificates in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Spain, France, and Lebanon. and Italy.
  • He started his career at MTI Motors and spent about 10 years there.
  • He contributed to the development of many strategies that enabled him to excel and achieve the best sales throughout his years of work in the company.
  • Mr. Mustafa joined SODIC in 2010, And within 4 years he became head of the sales department, It achieved sales of more than 3 billion Egyptian pounds.

Engineer Abdul Rahman Ajami

  • Engineer Abdul Rahman Ajami is considered one of the most important success partners for Sky Abu Dhabi, the administrative capital.
  • Eng. Abdul Rahman Al-Ajmi supervised the management of many companies and projects. He has an experience of 25 years, Since he studied civil engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University.
  • He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Business School of the American University of Sharjah.

Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy

  • Engineer Yasser El-Beltagy, with 26 years of experience, is among the elite that manages Sky Abu Dhabi, the administrative capital. As it is considered one of the most important real estate developers in the new cities, Such as the Administrative Capital and El Alamein.
  • Al-Beltagy has extensive experience. Therefore, Sky Abu Dhabi hired him to provide the finest international designs in its various projects.

Finally, Sky Abu Dhabi occupies a huge range of expertise, owned by its partners and founders, Which made the company one of the largest and most important real estate companies in Egypt.

Invest now in one of the most prestigious residential compounds in New Cairo Blue Tree New Cairo And enjoy a residential unit that enjoys the greatest degree of luxury and sophistication in the most distinguished locations in New Cairo, Specifically in the famous Golden Square area.

Contact us now at No. One of our sales officials will respond to you as soon as possible to provide you with all the details and information about the new Sky Abu Dhabi project Blue Tree New Cairo.

Project details

Blue Tree New Cairo is exactly located at Plot B3 in the golden square, In the Northern Clubs area, east of the Lotus neighborhood in New Cairo.

The space of Blue Tree New Cairo is approximately 50 acres.

Only residential units of the apartment type are available in Blue Tree New Cairo Available in different sizes.

The price per meter in Blue Tree New Cairo starts from 33,000 EGP per meter.

Units spaces in Blue Tree New Cairo start from 115 square meters.

The company that owns the Blue Tree New Cairo is Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Company.

To book your unit in Blue Tree New Cairo call us at 00201069210222.

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