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Information about 9 Yards New Cairo

9 Yards New Cairo is one of the most important projects of Make place Real Estate Development Company, Where the developer company announced that it is preparing to launch a commercial project that comes within the framework of its targeting of new cities. The developer took into account that the geographical location of its new project is very distinct, She also noted that the unit prices in the project will be competitive and suitable for a large audience. Through the following, we will inform you of the most important details of the project.

9 Yards New Cairo project site

The developer was keen to choose a prime location for the 9 Yards New Cairo  project, with the aim of attracting investors easily, as the location of this project is characterized by the following:

  • The project is located near the Kempinski Royal Maxim Hotel, near the First Settlement. In the city of New Cairo.
  • The 9 Yards New Cairo is only 15 minutes away by car from Cairo International Airport. It is only about 45 minutes away from the city center.

The area of the 9 Yards New Cairo t is 7000 square meters. The project consists of 3 separate buildings, The project was designed to include a number of commercial, administrative, and medical units. Including the possibility of licensing a hospital as well during this new project.

The developer took into account that the project design is of the highest quality. And to combine sophistication and high-class style, Which in its beauty matches the splendor of European buildings, It is followed by all projects of Make Plus Real Estate Development Company.

9 Yards New Cairo project unit prices

As for the unit prices in the 9 Yards New Cairo The developer has announced that it will be announced soon. The company indicated that the unit prices in the 9 Yards project will be very competitive. It is also suitable for a variety of different categories of investors.

Advantages and services of 9 Yards New Cairo

The 9 Yards New Cairo includes many features and services that make it a special sparkle among the rest of the projects implemented in New Cairo. Among the most prominent of these services and benefits provided during it are the following:

  • The 9 Yards New Cairo is characterized by its very privileged location, Where the proximity to the main roads and axes, And also from vital areas.
  • The units in the project are perfectly designed. Which makes it suitable for a number of commercial projects, administrative, medical.
  • The project has a garage for cars inside, This is to avoid any crowding or traffic density.
  • The project includes a group of automated teller machines distributed throughout the project.
  • 9 Yards New Cairo includes advanced emergency firefighting systems distributed throughout the project.
  • There is a highly qualified and trained security and guard system. In addition to providing surveillance cameras of the highest quality.

9 Yards New Cairo Payment  systems

Make Plus Real Estate Company has been interested in providing payment and payment systems that suit a large segment of clients wishing to invest, The company announced that it will offer commercial and administrative units in the 9 Yards New Cairo, with a down payment starting from 15% only, and the remaining amount will be paid over 4 years.

About the developer company

The foundation of Make Plus Real Estate Company was carried out by Eng. Khaled Saeed. He is one of the owners of the “Lake Yard” project, Hacienda Bay”, The developer specialized in developing new cities in various residential, commercial, and commercial sectors. and administrative.

Make Plus Real Estate Development Company is also considered one of the companies that were able to prove its success and well-deserved presence in the real estate market in Egypt. It has implemented a number of investment projects that have generated positive resonance and great success.

Noteworthy precedent

Make Plus Real Estate Company has developed many successful projects that became famous in the real estate development market in Egypt, Below we talk about one of the most prominent of these projects.

Lake Yard Project

We also mentioned that Eng. Khaled Saeed is one of the owners of the “Lake Yard” project. It is one of the strongest distinguished projects in the North Coast. This project is characterized by having a very privileged location, The project was established on an area of 4.5 acres. The Lake Yard also contains a number of very special commercial units.

The Lake Yard project has many geographical advantages that made it occupy a privileged place among other projects. Among the most important of these advantages are the following:

  • The Lake Yard project occupies a very privileged geographical location, Specifically, at kilo 124 of Alexandria Matrouh Road.
  • The project is 104 km from Burj Al Arab Airport.
  • It is only 132 km away from Alexandria.
  • The project is located 45 km from El Alamein Airport.
  • The project is 166 km away from Marsa Matrouh.
  • The project is located at a distance of 281 km from Cairo.

The developer company provided the project with payment systems suitable for all categories. Where it is possible to pay a 10% downpayment of the amount and the remaining via installments over 5 years. The units in the project are also received fully finished.

Hacienda Bay North Coast

Engineer Khaled Saeed is one of the owners of the Hacienda Bay North Coast project. It is one of the most beautiful coastal villages. which includes a large number of services and features, This is in addition to the village’s distinguished location.

The village of Hacienda Bay, North Coast, has all basic and recreational services. making it one of the best coastal villages, It has become the interface for lovers of sophistication and distinction. Among the most important services that Hacienda Bay enjoys are the following.

  • The village has a large number of swimming pools of different sizes and depths. Which is suitable for all ages.
  • Green spaces occupy a very large area of the village. providing fresh healthy air, In addition to the artificial lakes, which make the view from the chalets in the village very impressive.
  • The village has trained and qualified security and guard personnel. In addition to the availability of surveillance cameras covering all parts of the project.
  • Hacienda Bay Village includes a large number of restaurants, cafes, and entertainment areas that suit all age groups.
  • There is a golf course in the village. It occupies an area of 672 thousand square meters.
  • The village has jogging paths for cycling away from the car traffic areas.
  • The village has a social club with a number of playgrounds that are suitable for most types of sports.
  • Hacienda Bay includes a number of gyms equipped with the highest level.

The following is a group of the most important projects implemented by Make Plus:

  • Cloud nine.
  • Agora Mall.
  • Hill Town.
  • Golf Central.
  • VKG.
  • V90.
  • nine yard
  • And that lane.
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