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6ixty three New Administrative Capital

6ixty three New Capital is a new integrated administrative mall in the heart of the government district in the New Capital. It was established to include a group of distinctive, fully finished, and air-conditioned administrative offices. This new project consists of a ground floor and 7 upper floors. It enjoys a distinctive view of 4 major streets in the New Capital. Al Burouj Misr Real Estate Development Company has developed this large project to provide it to its customers with the best prices and flexible payment systems that reach up to 8 years without interest. As for the global and distinctive destinations, it is due to Al-Mimar Engineering Company, because it is the engineering consultant for this edifice.

Sixty-three Mall, the Administrative Capital

6ixty three New Capital is located in The first operational area in the new administrative capital. Financial and government district Among all government agencies and ministries in the capital, where Steps separate it from the complex of ministries, the central bank, and the stock exchange.

Just as Al Burouj Egypt excelled in selecting strategic locations in all of its previous works in the capital, The company continues that success through a new administrative edifice that it presents to the public in the heart of the government district in the New Administrative Capital. Specifically, with lot number B3-21.

Where the mall is located near the following:

  • The mall is located next to the ministries. the central bank, the stock market, coinage interest, and bank departments.
  • It is also distinguished by its proximity to the Diplomatic Quarter. embassies district, and the central district.
  • In addition to its proximity to the Green River, and diamond hotel, And the tourist walkway in the capital.
  • The mall is also minutes away from the Grand Mosque, the Cathedral, and the educational district.
  • Among the features of the site is its proximity to the financial and business district, the central axis, And the bin Zayed axis.
  • It is also located close to the ring road. fairgrounds, and the educational district in the capital.

Endless advantages await you at Sixty Three Tower Mall the new administrative capital, It offers you real luxury and sophistication, and the largest return on investment, due to its distinguished geographical location in the New Capital.

It is located near the largest companies and institutions known in the capital, including Allianz Company, which is one of the companies that surround the 6ixty three New Capital from the right.

It is also located in the 6ixty three New Capital The new one is very close to the Union Air company, which faces the project from the left side, In addition to WE, Located specifically behind the Three Sixty Mall, the New Administrative Capital.

Finally, Sixty Three Mall is located near the iconic tower, the highest skyscraper in Egypt and Africa, in the New Administrative Capital.

So take the opportunity now and invest in a vital and exceptional place with a global façade in the government district, owned by the leading companies in the real estate market in Egypt and abroad, at the lowest price per administrative meter. in convenient installments, your investment in Sixty Three Mall is definitely your best investment in the New Capital.

Design and space of 6ixty three new Capital

Sixty-Three Mall, the administrative capital, was built on A vast piece of land for the design and development of an investment building bearing the name of Al Burouj Real Estate Company for the seventh time in a row in the New Administrative Capital, The area of this new mall is 7,416 square meters. They are designed as follows:

  • The mall consists of 3 garage floors. And 7 lofts.
  • The project area contains a wide range of services, facilities, And a number of administrative offices.
  • Units in the mall are delivered fully finished and facilities are equipped with air conditioners.
  • The project load rate is only 25%.

As for the engineering designs, they were entrusted to Memaar Engineering Company, which is one of the huge companies known in the engineering field in the Egyptian real estate market. For the mall to be a distinctive sign of investment in the new capital.

Where the design and development of the Sixty-Three Mall, the new administrative capital, was specifically used by Memaar Engineering Company, Because it is one of the largest engineering design companies well known, Which includes a group of senior engineers and experts in more than one field, During the previous years, it was able to impress everyone with a large number of innovative and modern engineering designs that it offers.

Prices and spaces of Sixty Three Mall, New Administrative Capital

6ixty three New Capital, offers a wide range of different spaces For all administrative units of the project to suit different categories of potential customers, As for the prices With it, it is very suitable and varies according to the touch. The diversity makes you find the right space for you and your mall project.

The company that developed the mall stated that each unit will be fully finished at the Super Lux level with air conditioning. She also indicated that all the administrative units of the project will enjoy a distinctive view and a view of the landscape inside the mall Three Sixty Mall New Capital.

The areas and prices of the units in the project are as follows:

  • Administrative units’ spaces start from 54 square meters up to 2000 square meters.
  • The prices of the Sixty-Three Mall, the New Administrative Capital, start at 78,500 thousand pounds per square meter.

Installment and reservation methods in the Sixty Three project, the New Administrative Capital

Sixty Three Mall presents the administrative capital For customers, a package of different and multiple systems, without any interest or additional payments, Among those systems available in the project are the following:

  • 10% down payment of the total unit value. And the rest in installments over 4 years.
  • 15% down payment of the unit value. And the remaining installments over 5 years.
  • 20% down payment And the remaining installments over a period of 6 years.

Services and facilities of 6ixty three New Capital

It includes Sixty Three Tower The New Administrative Capital is a group of services that the company was keen to fully provide to meet your needs and requirements, Among the services provided to you by Al Burouj in the mall are the following:

  • Green spaces spread across the mall on every side.
  • Providing the mall with five modern elevators for easy movement inside.
  • A modern garage designed on 3 different levels to accommodate the largest number of cars.
  • An electric garage for owners of electric cars, For the possibility of recharging it through the electric charging stations designated for that.
  • A wonderful and distinctive landscape for the mall from the inside.
  • Allocating halls for organizing important meetings and conferences, Carefully designed to provide all amenities and services and equipped with all the necessary tools to help create a productive work environment.
  • A water fountain on the ground floor to create a beautiful and pleasant look inside the mall.
  • Out Door Area Designed to provide a healthy and vibrant work environment.
  • Roof my service to have a good time in it.
  • Surveillance cameras at the highest level distributed inside to increase security within Sixty Three Mall.
  • A 24-hour guard and security team to achieve the highest levels of safety.
  • Central air conditioning for all administrative units to regulate temperatures inside the mall.
  • Ultra-fast WiFi for easy business management.
  • Cleaning unit and periodic maintenance office.
  • Adopt an environmentally friendly approach to generate electricity inside the mall. Through the use of solar energy as a source of electricity in the framework of the prevailing global plan to preserve the planet.
  • An advanced system to control the management of the building and monitor the functioning of everything from electrical and mechanical systems, such as each of the processes (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fire systems, power systems, and protection systems).

About Al Burouj Misr Real Estate Development Company

Al Burouj Misr Real Estate Development Company is one of the companies that has long experience in the real estate field, Which extends for more than 15 years in the field of development and implementation of urban projects.

Al Burouj Company’s mission during the past years was to provide a high quality real estate product at a competitive price that meets the different aspirations of customers. This is to build bridges of trust between the company and the different sectors of the real estate market.

Indeed, it has been able to implement integrated cities and distinguished projects since its establishment, as it was founded in 2003 by a well-known businessman who has a strong influence in the real estate market, and he is the engineer. Hazem Al-Sharif, Until now, it fascinates us with everything new and different in the real estate world.

Al Burouj is the result of the merger of several well-known major companies in Egypt and the Arab world. they are edge holding,

and infinity, and the company of osiris, The company achieved many previous achievements, It is famous in the tourism field. tourism projects in the northern coast, and Ain Sukhna region, As for the Sixty Three project in the New Administrative Capital, this edifice is the seventh project that the company has presented in the capital. Among those previous works of the company are the following:

  • Heaven Hills Village in Ain Sokhna.
  • Heaven Hills Resort, North Coast.
  • Sixty Iconic Tower project , the administrative capital .
  • 3 Point, the new administrative capital.
  • It also carried out the Sixity Business Park 1 project, the Administrative Capital.
  • And Sexity Business Park 2 Mall, the administrative capital.
  • La Capitale Suite Compound.
  • Lagoons, the administrative capital.
  • Entrada project, the new administrative capital.
  • Mall of Verona, the administrative capital
  • It also launched the Marquee Mall project, the Administrative Capital.

These projects were not the end of the company’s journey, but rather present another success story that it owns in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, Sixty Three Mall, the New Administrative Capital.

Where the Sixty Mall is rich A guaranteed investment and a quick return that the company offers to clients in a vital location in the government district, the heart of investment in the capital. Where the company offers through it a group of fully finished administrative offices at the lowest price per square meter with competitive facilities up to 6 years.

Project details

What is the location of Sixty Three Mall, New Administrative Capital?

Sixty Three Mall is located in the financial and government district of the New Capital, specifically with plot No. B3-21.

What is the area of Mall Sixty Three, New Administrative Capital?

Sixty Three Mall, New Capital, covers an area of 7,416 square meters.

Who is the owner company of Sixty Three Mall, New Administrative Capital?

Al Burouj Egypt Real Estate Development Company.

What are the units’ spaces in Sixty Three Mall, New Administrative Capital?

The spaces available in the administrative offices vary within Sixty Three Mall, the New Administrative Capital. The units’ spaces in the mall start from an area 54 square metres .

What are the prices of Sixty Three Mall, New Administrative Capital?

The administrative meter price in the mall starts from 78,500 EGP.

What are the payment and settlement methods in Sixty Three Mall, New Administrative Capital?

The company offers a package of different installment systems, starting with a 10% down payment and facilities up to 6 years without interest, during its project, Sixty-Three Mall, the new administrative capital.

  • 10% down payment and installments over 4 years.
  • 15% down payment and installments over 5 years.
  • 20% down payment and installments over 6 years.

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