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31 North Tower New Capital
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31 North Tower New Capital is an investment edifice launched by the Nile and Al-Ahram Company, in the most vital location in Downtown, A skyscraper consisting of 30 upper floors and includes many different and varied units (shops, administrative offices, medical clinics, and a group of hotel apartments), North Tower Mall, complete finishes, distinctive designs, and a view on the largest main streets and the northern axis of Bin Zayed, A real opportunity for everyone who wants a safe and secure investment and a quick return in the most privileged location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, Below we review together the most important information about that edifice.

Mall 31 North Tower, New Administrative Capital

The company that owns the project announced that it will be built in the Downtown area of the New Administrative Capital. She also explained that the mall enjoys a view of the Green River and the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed. It is located directly in front of Talaat Mostafa.

The company added that the tower is located close to the Ring Road and Manorial, It is also a few minutes away from the financial and business district, the ministries complex, and the government district in the New Administrative Capital.

Mall area 31 North Tower, the new administrative capital

The area of 31 North Tower New Capital is about 4.5, As for its height, it reaches 131 meters. The mall consists of 30 upper floors and 4 basement floors. The project includes more than one investment category, such as shops, administrative offices, and medical clinics. And luxury hotel apartments.

The engineering designs in the project, it is implemented by SSE, one of the well-known engineering companies in Dubai and the UAE.

Spaces and prices of 31 North Tower Mall

The Nile and Al-Ahram Company, the company that owns the project, has provided a large number of spaces in each type of unit within the tower, Prices vary according to the space and type of unit required and start as follows:

  • The spaces in the commercial units start from 30 square meters. At a meter price, it starts from 100,000 pounds.
  • The administrative and medical units start from 45 square meters. The price per meter starts from 35,000 pounds.
  • Hotel apartments are also available, starting from 60 m. And their prices start from 45 thousand pounds per meter.

Payment and payment methods at 31 North Tower Mall

31 North Tower New Capital has a package of different payment systems that reach 10 years without interest. Among these systems available in Mall 31 North Tower, the administrative capital, are the following:

  • 10% down payment and major facilities for up to 10 years.

For more details about:

Nile Business City, the new administrative capital

Project details

The spaces available in the tower vary, whether in the commercial, administrative, or medical sectors, or even in the luxurious hotel apartments located in the mall. Each unit among them is characterized by a creative and distinctive design and a stunning and charming view. The spaces in North Towers Mall start as follows:

  • The spaces in the shops start from 30 meters.
  • As for the spaces of administrative offices and medical clinics, they start from 45 meters.
  • The hotel apartments in 31 North Tower New Capital start from 60 meters.

Choose from among the suitable spaces, and start now and realize your dream in a new edifice in the most vital location in the capital, Own a furnished apartment or a new headquarters and invest in a skyscraper that will be launched with European and international designs in Down Town, 31 North Tower New Capital

The company has provided a range of important services and facilities in the mall, I was also able to create a range of recreational activities with it as well. Among those services are surveillance cameras, guard and security personnel, and electronic gates in the mall.

The project also includes a restaurants and cafes area to open branches of major well-known restaurants. In addition to halls designed for meetings in the tower and important conferences, The company also provides 4-storey parking for cars, a number of panoramic elevators, and green spaces surrounding each unit in the mall.

The services did not end, but also provided fast Wi-Fi, central air conditioning and display screens. Besides the fire fighting system and self-extinguishing, It also provided a service for cleaning and sterilizing the entire mall and its front facades. There is also a special unit for garbage collection and periodic cleaning.

Words and lines will not suffice us to describe the services that the 31 North Tower New Capital enjoys. But make sure that everything you want and need will be found in front of you in an elegant and distinctive way. So take advantage of the opportunity and reserve your place in the largest integrated tower offered by the Nile and Pyramids Company in Down Town, the New Administrative Capital, which is Nile 31 North Tower New Capital.

Any investor and businessman is looking for a project that provides him with a vital and strategic location at the lowest possible price. This difficult equation was rarely available, especially after the high prices circulating in those days in the real estate market, especially in the city of the New Administrative Capital, due to the development it sees, as it is now the home of investment in Egypt.

After a full study of the prices offered by the competitors, the Nile and Al-Ahram Company stormed the Down Town area and presented the largest skyscraper in it at the lowest prices and with huge facilities of up to 10 years without interest.

  • The price per meter in commercial shops starts from 100,000 EGP.
  • The price per square meter in the administrative offices and medical clinics in the mall starts from 35,000 pounds.
  • As for the price per meter in the hotel apartments, it starts from 45,000 pounds.

The advantages of the Festival Tower project, the new administrative capital, were not limited to its prices, which are within the reach of most customers. Rather, the company has provided a range of different payment systems that are appropriate to the financial circumstances of customers. And through these huge methods and facilities, you can easily reserve your private place in an integrated tower in a vital and important location in Downtown, the New Administrative Capital. Among the available systems are the following:

  • 10% down payment and installments over 7 years without interest.
  • 15% down payment and equal installments over 8 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest over 9 years.
  • 30% down payment and the rest over 10 years without interest.

We have already mentioned that the company that is designing 31 North Tower New Capital  is SSE, For those who do not know this company, here is some information about it:

It is an engineering company established in 1987. Since its inception, this company has made many achievements in more than one sector in the United Arab Emirates, such as designing industrial works, retail, residential, government, educational, hospitality, healthcare, and development services.

These achievements were carried out by the company headed by Eng. Dr. Asaad Salameh. Who was able to create a huge entity that designs projects at the level of the Arab world, It has more than 150 employees, and 65 structural engineers, It also has a large selection of architects and more than 30 specialists in electrical and mechanical engineering.

The Nile and Al-Ahram Company was not satisfied with the help of a large and international company like that company. Rather, it has also cooperated with a big name and a company of its size in the real estate market to operate and manage the complete facilities in 31 North Tower New Capital which is CFM, a branch of the well-known Orascom company.

After implementing and designing more than 100 projects, Nile Tower Company presents a new launch bearing its name in Downtown,31 North Tower New Capital

The success of that company is due to two of the 1 businessmen who were able to make their own Munir Road and achieve huge sales in more than one project as soon as the company announced it, delusion :

  • M / Mahmoud Taher.
  • M / Muhammad Taher.

The Nile and Al-Ahram Company is considered one of the Nile companies that was established in 2000 AD and which has carried out many projects to this day. As for Al-Ahram Company, it was also able to serve a large group of customers through the various projects it carried out in more than one location, such as Beit Al-Watan – Lotus – Al-Andalus – New Narges – North House – North Al-Rehab – South of the Academy).

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