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3 Sides Mega Mall is a new real estate achievement by Nawassy Development Company, which is known by its strong beginnings in the Egyptian real estate development market.

Three Sides Mega Mall project is located on an area of ​​5 acres in El Shorouk City and offers a group of commercial, medical, and administrative units. The project has many features that made it one of the best projects launched in this time. And one of these most important features is its wonderful location in the heart of El Shorouk City, as it is one of the largest and most important shopping centers implemented in El Shorouk City.

Nawassy Development Company is interested in providing all the necessary services within its new project, Three Sides Mega Mall, as the project includes a number of basic and recreational services.

Nawassy Development is characterized by its use of the latest advanced technologies in urban development and modern design, as it realizes that the reason for success in any project lies in the inclusion of both the attractive location and design, and the availability of all services.

And through 3 Sides Mall, the company offers a unique and integrated shopping experience for both customers and investors in the most prestigious areas of El-Shorouk City.

Three Sides Mall El Shorouk location

The developer Company has established 3 Sides Mega Mall in a vital location in El Shorouk city, as it is located on the Suez Road,

3 Sides Mall Mega EL Shorouk nawassy مول ثري سايدس الشروق | طريق السويس
3 Sides Mall Mega EL Shorouk nawassy مول ثري سايدس الشروق | طريق السويس

specifically next to Madinaty Gate, and the following is an overview of the advantages of 3 Sides Mega Mall location:

  • 3 Sides Mega Mall by Nawassy Developments is just 18 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • Three Sides Mega Mall is only 18 minutes away from the Fifth Settlement area.
  • It is also located near Al Rehab, Al-Mostakbal cities and is only 12 minutes away from the New Capital.
  • The mall directly overlooks both Suez Road and Al Horreya Road.
  • 3 Sides Mall is located near many universities, including Badr University, the British University, and the Russian University.
  • The mall is easily accessible via the Ring Road and Ismailia Desert Road.
  • Finally, it is only 22 minutes away from Heliopolis.

​​Three Sides Mall Space

Three Sides Mega Mall was built on an area of ​​5 acres, equivalent to 60,000 square meters. The developer company allocated 60% from total project area for all services, facilities, and a distinctive landscape to provide a wonderful view for all the administrative and commercial units, and the rest area is allocated for all the constructions in the project.

Three Sides Mega Mall Design

Nawassy Real Estate Company made sure that the overall design of this giant mall is wonderful and very distinctive, comparable in beauty to major international projects. 

The following is an overview of 3 Sides Mall’s design:

  • The mall consists of a ground floor and 4 upper floors, in addition to a garage under floor.
  • The mall includes commercial and administrative units with different spaces.
  • Nawassy has cooperated with an international company to operate all the commercial and administrative units.

The mall has two facades on two main axes, the length of the first facade overlooking the Suez Road is 120 meters, while the length of the second facade overlooking Al Horreya Axis is 400 meters.

3 Sides Mall Units’ Space 

3SIDES EL SHOROUK includes units with various spaces, that suit a large group of customers and investors, and the following is an overview of 3 Sides Mall units’ spaces:

  • The commercial and administrative units’ spaces start from 50 square meters.

So, if you want a wonderful investment that will bring you a guaranteed profit, we recommend that you purchase your unit in this unique project with your desired space.

3 Sides Mall Units’ Prices 

Three Sides Mega Mall offers very competitive prices compared to the services and benefits provided in this giant project, as the project is distinguished by its location in a large residential block that exceeds more than 500,000 people, which guarantees the presence of your commercial or administrative unit in a distinct and inhabited area in El Shorouk City,

The following is an overview of 3 Sides Mega Mall unit’s prices:

  • The prices of commercial units start at EGP 89,000 per square meter.
  • Nawassy Development Company provides easy payment systems over many years without any interest.
  • You can reserve your own unit within the project by paying only 50,000 EGP as a seriousness of reservation amount.
  • All the administrative and commercial units in the project will be delivered within a year and a half from the contract year.

Take the initiative to reserve your unit in Three Sides Mega Mall project, just call us at 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will respond to you as soon as possible to provide you with all the details.

3 Sides Mall Payment Plans  

Nawassy Development offers you a golden opportunity through which you can own your unique unit in 3SIDES EL SHOROUK Mall. 

The following is an overview of the easy payment and plan systems:

  • You can pay a 15% down payment and the rest amount over 5 years.
  • You can also own a unit by paying a 20% downpayment and the rest in installments over 6 years.
3 Sides Mega Mall Services and Features

3 Sides Mall contains many exclusive and entertainment services to provide the best shopping experience and spending enjoyable times within the project:

  • 3 Sides has a wonderful landscape that includes green spaces to keep this project unique than others.
  • The mall has a large gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • The project provides the highest-level security and guarding services within the mall.
  • There are surveillance cameras distributed throughout the mall to monitor all the areas inside.
  • There is a car garage with an area of ​​22 thousand square meters, to prevent the accumulation and crowding of cars around the mall.
  • The mall provides a children’s area “Kids Area” for entertaining children and developing their abilities and skills.
  • A pharmacy and a hypermarket are available inside the mall.
  • The mall provides internet connection and central air conditioning for all units that work efficiently over the time.
  • A food court includes a group of restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious international and local dishes and beverages.
  • The mall contracted with a company that works throughout the day to keep the mall clean.
  • There are a group of banks and (ATMs) that serve mall visitors all day.


Investment advantages of 3 Sides Mega Mall 

3 Sides Mega Mall by Nawassy Developments, is one of the most recent real estate projects implemented in El Shorouk City. It is characterized by the availability of a number of commercial units with various spaces suitable for all investment activities. 

And the following is an overview of the most prominent advantages of the mall:

  • There is a variety of services, amenities, and luxury in 3 Sides Mall that distinguish it from other projects.
  • The project provides investors with flexible payment plans, as they can pay only 5% down payment and the rest in installments for up to 6 years, which makes it a great investment opportunity for a wide segment of clients.
  • All mall units finishing is done by using best building materials, besides panoramic elevators were provided.
  • The mall is characterized by a variety of spaces, elegant designs, and luxurious and exquisite exterior and interior architectural designs in the European architectural style.
  • Nawassy offers all units at competitive prices to suit a large segment of customers.
  • The mall has a privileged location near many areas, roads and main axes that facilitate access to and from it.

About the developer Company

Nawassy Real Estate Development Company is one of the largest growing real estate companies in Egypt, and it is a major partner in the implementation and development of Three Sides Mega Mall project.

The company is developing and constructing several major real estate projects in Egypt, including El Shorouk City, Mostakbal City, and New Alamein City.

Nawassy Development is distinguished by its extensive experience in the field of real estate development since its establishment 20 years ago.

Nawassy cooperated with two of the largest construction companies to launch its new project in El Shorouk City, 3 Sides Mega Mall, and these companies are:

  • Inco Misr Construction Company.
  • Hassan Allam Holding Company.

The company enjoys the trust of many clients and investors who trust the quality of the projects it offers and its experience in designing and developing various real estate projects in Egypt.

The company’s board of directors is chaired by some prominent names in the real estate industry, who possess extensive experience in the field, which was the reason for the success of Nawassy in the Egyptian real estate development market. And among the company’s owners are the following businessmen:

  • Hossam Suleiman.
  • Ahmed Sherif.

Previous projects by Nawassy Development

Nawassy Development Company has implemented a number of very distinguished projects, and is always keen to gain the trust of its customers. 

The following are a group of the most prominent projects implemented by the company:

  • 3 Gates New Capital.
  • Salman University in Sharm El-Sheikh city.
  • A commercial center in the New Capital.
  • The House of Qur’an in the New Capital.

Take advantage now of this unique project by Nawassy Development and reserve your own unit in 3 Sides Mega Mall project, just contact us on 00201011564040, and one of our sales representatives will respond to you as soon as possible to provide you with all the details and answer all your inquiries about Three Sides Mega Mall project.

Project details

You can reserve your unit in Three Sides Mega Mall by contacting us on 00201011564040.

Nawassy Development Company is the owner company of 3SIDES EL SHOROUK.

The prices in 3 Sides Mega Mall by Nawassy Developments start from only 5,000,000 EGP.

The payment system in 3 Sides Mall starts with paying a 15% down payment, and the rest in installments up to 6 years without any interest.

3SIDES EL SHOROUK includes different unit types and spaces starting from 50 SQM, to suit all the customer’s desires.

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