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Arabella Development

Arabella for tourism and urban development It is one of the major real estate development companies, Which extends its experience for more than 35 years in each of the fields of real estate, industrial and agricultural development, Which has been able to take advantage of all its years of accumulated experience, And successfully transferring it to the real estate sector and achieving merit in its various real estate projects.

Arabella Group Real Estate Development Company was established In order to achieve a unified goal, It is to provide the finest real estate and tourism projects in accordance with the highest standards of construction quality.

He founded the Arabella Group Engineer Muhammad Khamis Al-Dakhmisi, who heads the management of the Arabella Group, Through his real estate group, he seeks to present a summary of his accumulated experience in the field of project development.

Arabella is keen for tourism and urban development With all its energy to prepare the best means of success in all stages of its various projects, From the planning process to implementation, And thus achieve the greatest benefit and benefit to its customers continuously.

Previous business of the company

Owns Arabella Group Real Estate Development Company a number of successful projects, Which has achieved a good reputation among other real estate projects, What made it stand out and reserve its place at the top of the real estate development companies in Egypt, Among the most famous of these projects implemented by the company are the following:

Direction White is the first coastal project implemented by Arabella Group in North Coast City. Which, in turn, achieved great success, contributing to the group’s desire among the pioneers of coastal projects in the North Coast.

  • The Arabella Plaza project in New Cairo

The Arabella Real Estate Company project in New Cairo, “Arabella Plaza”, achieved great success. This is due to its presence in a very special and unique strategic location. Specifically, in the destination of luxury and high-income residential real estate in New Cairo.

This is in addition to many successful real estate projects that the company has undertaken to implement in many other cities, Which met with great success, which drew the attention of real estate industry experts in the Egyptian real estate development market.

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