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Akam Al-Rajhi Real Estate Development Company Akam Al-Rajhi In a step that confirms the strength and development of the Egyptian economy and its ability to attract many foreign and Arab investments, both the Akam Real Estate Investment Company and the Saudi Al-Rajhi Group launched a large investment company called Akam Al-Rajhi Real Estate.

Akam Al-Rajhi Real Estate Development Company. This company carries important names and investors in the Egyptian and Saudi real estate markets. In a press interview that was attended by the businessman, envoys of the Saudi embassy, and senior media professionals in Egypt, Al-Rajhi Group stated that it is interested in expanding in Egypt, especially the real estate sector.

Akam Al-Rajhi Real Estate Development Engineer Abdel-Wahhab Saleh Al-Rajhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Al-Rajhi Group, explained that the decision to invest in Egypt came in light of the tremendous development that it is witnessing now, especially the development of new cities such as the new administrative capital city and others, and indicated that it is considered a magnet for all different nationalities.

Over the past years, the Saudi Al-Rajhi Group has been famous for several different investments, including in the agricultural field and foodstuffs, at the level of the Arab world. Now, it is announcing its entry into the real estate arena in Egypt, as it forms an alliance with Akam, one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt.

Akam Real Estate Development Company

Akam Real Estate Company is a joint stock company, as it is a partnership between 4 companies, each of which has long experience in the real estate field. This company includes a partnership with:

  • Residence Real Estate Company.
  • Saudi Handles Company.
  • Benayat Investment and Real Estate Development Company.
  • Faisal Bank.

These companies cooperated with major companies and established many projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy. It was famous for providing a level of sophistication and competitive prices in order to gain different segments of customers.

Among the most important works of Akam Al Rajhi Real Estate Development, the former Scenario Compound, the Administrative Capital, The Seine Seven project, and the new administrative capital, Now, it is announcing the start of a tourism project on the northern coast, directly on the sea, that it will present in an alliance that brings it together with the Saudi Al-Rajhi Group.

Akam Al-Rajhi This was an overview of the largest real estate entity that is now being established, which is Akam Al-Rajhi Real Estate Development, During the coming days, the Akam Al-Rajhi project, North Coast, and all information about this edifice will be announced.

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